Thank-you letters, for whatever purpose they may be for, will always be deeply appreciated by people who receive such letters. They are heartwarming in the sense that they make the recipients feel that they are important. It also gives the impression that the writer will always go the extra mile just to say thank you. Since sending letters have now been deemed as a lost art, the recipient will definitely appreciate receiving a letter sent directly to their doorstep or their office.

There are definitely a lot of ways to emphasize the importance of thank-you letters. But, did you ever think that they are also important when it comes to referrals? Yes, they definitely are! Whether you are a professional looking to attain more in terms of your career objectives or if you are fairly new to the working force, maintaining a good working relationship with the people around you will always be a good idea. Here, we would like to let you in on a few tips on how you can come up with a referral thank you letter that will be well-written and will also be professional in tone. Plus, we will also be including some sample thank-you letters that would help you have a better understanding of how this type of thank-you letter looks like. So now, the question is, are you ready to find out more about referral thank you letters? If your answer is “Yes!” then you better sit tight and keep scrolling because we are here to give you all the information that you need to know about referral thank you letters.

Thank You for Customer Referral Template

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Formatting a Referral Thank You Letter

In the business world today, making sure that you have a good network can aid you in advancing your career. Having a good contact who can write a good letter of recommendation for employment for you is going to be a good idea. It can either make or break the chances of you scoring that job that you are aiming for. Because of this, it is essential for you to tell the person who referred you that you are thankful for what he/she did for you and for the effort that he/she has also allotted into writing you that referral letter.

Referral thank you letters are considered to be formal letters. With that being said, it means that this type of thank you letter should remain concise yet professional in tone. A couple of sentences would actually suffice for this type of thank you letter as you would like to assume that your recipient is a busy person, so your letter has to be condensed yet gives out the main purpose as to why you are writing.

To make sure that your letter ends up being a good one, you need to format your letter properly. But how do we format this letter? Check out the thank-you letter format tips that we have here for you.

1. Basic Referral Thank You Letter Format

This basic referral thank you letter format that we would be sharing with you is applicable for both handwritten or typed thank you letters. Here is what it commonly looks like:

  • Your details. This would include the following:
    • Your complete name
    • Your complete address
    • Your contact number
    • Your email address
  • Date (when the letter was written)
  • Recipient details
    • Name of recipient
    • Title/Position
    • Organization
    • Complete address
  • Salutation (e.g., Dear Mr. Hoffman)
  • The body of the letter. This section of the letter is usually divided into three paragraphs:
    • Introductory paragraph
    • Details about why you are writing the letter
    • Concluding paragraph
  • Closing
  • Name and signature

When writing your letter, you have to make sure that you do not forget to give the person a status update on the job that you have applied for and make sure that your thanks are sincere.

Take note: There are times when sending a physical letter to your recipient is not a doable task for certain circumstances. Thank-you emails may not seem as formal as sending a letter but if you are able to communicate what you would like to convey properly, then your email will be just as good as a physical letter. Everything else about formatting an email thank you letter is basically the same as a regular thank you letter except that there is no need for you to include your details, the date, and the recipient’s details. The timestamp on the email will serve as the date. Since there is also a subject line in an email, you have to make sure that you also include a subject that would be the perfect summary of what your email is all about.

Want to know more about writing professional thank-you letters? Check out professional thank-you letter samples.

Referral Thank You Letter Example

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Business Referral Thank You Letter Wording Example

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Simple Tips for Sending a Referral Thank You Letter

1. Send as soon as possible

The sooner you send your thank-you letter, the better. As with any type of thank you letter, you should send it within 24 to 48 hours after the favor has been done. Sending your thank you letter immediately will surely emphasize to your recipient just how grateful and appreciative you are about the favor that he/she has done for you. Plus, sending your letter right away ensures that the details are still fresh in your mind and that you will be able to properly outline these details in the letter without breaking a sweat. You may also see sample business proposal letters

2. Make it personal

The more specific you are in your letter, the better as it will seem more personal. So make sure that you include as much detail as you can and make sure to make it your own. Sure, thank-you letter templates are going to be very handy in helping you get a good head start with your own letter, but make sure that your letter does not end up sounding like a template. Pattern your letter from a template but do not copy what is in the template.

3. Make it brief and concise

There is no need for you to write the whole story about why you are saying thank you. Just make sure that you stick to the important bits and that you write it in a good manner. There is also no need for you to make use of complicated terms. Just stick to simple terms and keep your sentences short. Always remember: Less is more. You may also like free business letter sample

4. Proofread

Make sure that your letter is free of grammatical errors and typos. You want to make sure that it ends up looking professional. Make sure that you also get the name of your recipient right. Double-check for the spelling and make sure that you got the position right. You may also check out letter of support templates

Key Takeaway

One of the main purposes of giving a thank you letter for referral is to make sure that your relationship is maintained in a professional and good manner. It also leaves a good impression as it gives the sense that you would be willing to go the extra mile when it comes to showing your gratitude and it also gives the impression that you give great importance to the job that you want to bag. You may also see appreciation letters in pdf

To give a quick recap of what we have discussed in this article, check out the list that we have below:

1. A referral thank you letter is a great means of keeping good relationships with your colleagues and direct supervisors.

2. A referral thank you letter lets you express how important the referral letter was to you and for the advancement of your career. You may also like sample personal letters

3. A referral thank you letter maintains a professional and formal tone all throughout the letter as they are considered to be formal letters.

4. Handwritten or typed thank you letters that are mailed directly gives a more personal and human touch. The same can be achieved with an emailed thank you letter if you make sure that you are able to communicate your thanks in a proper manner. You may also check out requisition letter samples

5. Referral thank-you letters are brief and concise in nature. It does not need to be long. However, all important details must still be reflected in your letter.

6. A good referral thank you letter is one that is free from typos and grammatical error.

Now that you have a good familiarity with what referral thank you letters are all about, we hope that you will be able to write your letter in the nick of time. Just take your time in writing it and always remember that our sample letters are always ready for your reference.

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