In the real estate industry, competition is tough and you want to make sure that you get most the listings that your boss has been eyeing especially the premium ones. This does not only benefit your boss but it also benefits you as well. But how do we get the listing as soon as possible? One good way would be to let the client know that you are thankful for the opportunity of trusting you to sell their house. Coming up with a simple and formal thank-you letter is one way of ensuring that you will be able to seal the deal before the competition gets in the way.

If you need sample thank-you letters for real estate purposes, we will be glad to provide a couple of sample letters for you. We will also be giving you a breakdown of the format that this type of letter should contain. If you are ready to find out more, keep scrolling down!

Thank-You Notes Samples for Real Estate

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Real Estate Thank-You Letter for Consideration

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The Real Estate Letter Format

You may think that writing a letter is now old school especially since everything can now be sent via mobile or email. But think about it this way: which mode of letter-sending gives the impression that you added just a little more effort, a thank-you email or a thank-you letter sent right to your doorstep? Doesn’t the latter seem a little more thoughtful? We are not saying that emails do not seem thoughtful, but nobody really expects letters nowadays, so doing this gives you a better edge against other realtors that may be sending their thank-yous via email.

Need tips on how you can format your letter in a professional manner? Check out this thank-you letter format that will surely help you sell yourself and the property as well.

1. Basics of the Thank-You Letter

Just like any other type of letter, a real estate thank-you letter will have the following basic elements:

  • Your address
  • The date the letter was written
  • The address of the recipient
  • The salutation
  • The body of the letter
  • The closing greeting
  • Your signature
  • Your printed name
  • Enclosure(s) if you have any
  • Reference initials

2. The Basic Format

The basic format of the real estate thank-you letters should look professional and polished. The full block format is a popular choice for professional business letters as it is simple and quite easy on the eyes.

What does a full block format mean? A full block format is a letter format wherein all elements of the letter can be found on the left side and paragraphs are single spaced.

When applying a full block format or whatever letter format that you want to use for your letter, you need to keep track of the margins around your page and make sure that your letter does not go beyond one page. Half a page of content is enough as thank-you letters should be brief and straight to the point. Ensuring all of this will surely give your letter a positive and professional look to it that your clients will surely appreciate. You may also see thank-you letter templates.

Writing the Real Estate Thank-You Letter

Now that you know a couple of basics regarding real estate thank-you letters, it is now time for us to give you a couple of tips on how you can come up with a good one.

1. Think about Your Recipient

You have to have a good grasp of who you are writing your letter to. Make sure you make use of simple language and you should avoid making use of jargon or complicated terms. You may also see sample thank-you letters for appreciation.

2. Ensure Clarity

Clarity can be achieved even if your letter is not that long. Make sure your letter is concise and is straightforward. You have to assume that your audience is busy and does not have a lot of time to go through pages and pages of you thanking them. You may also like sample personal thank-you letters.

3. Provide Your Recipient with Something of Value

Providing something of value can help you in making it easier to have future transactions.

4. Close on a Positive Note

Do not forget to express your genuine thanks to the client.

5. Proofread

Make sure you make your letters free from any grammatical errors and misspellings. You may also ask someone to read your letter and give you suggestions for improvement. You may also check out sample award thank-you letters.

Sample Real Estate Thank-You Letter

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Open House Real Estate Thank-You Letter

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Sending an Email Thank-You Letter

Sometimes, sending an email is the most viable option for you especially if you have little to no time to send a thank-you letter via the mail. It may be a tad bit informal to do so but there are a couple of tips that you can follow in order to ensure that email communication will be effective between you and your client. You may also like sample thank-you for your business letters.

1. Have a Professional Email Address

You want to make sure that your email address is professional sounding. Offbeat email addresses such as is probably not gonna get read by your client compared to an email address is formatted such as

2. Include a Subject

In the subject line of an email, make sure that you include a concise and brief subject to establish what your email is all about.

3. Write the Letter

Make sure that you still follow a professional letter format sans the letterhead. So you still have to make sure that your email letter is still in full block format.

4. Close Properly

Make use of appropriate closing salutation and end with your email signature and contact details.

There you have it! We hope you learned a lot from reading this article and we also hope the sample letters have given you an idea on how you can make your very own real estate thank-you letter.

Want to check out more tips about writing letters? Check out our article on letter writing samples and templates.

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