Arguably, the most important part of a job hunt is that you have to stick it out; giving up won’t do you any good. In other words, you need to follow up, even when it seems like there’s no point, because you never know when something might shake out. A well written and personal follow up letter will get you noticed and make a good impression on your prospective employer, leading to the authorization letter, not to mention that all important job offer letter.

Why You Should Always Send a Follow Up Letter:

– A follow up letter provides you with an opportunity for additional contact, after the interview or initial meeting.
– They may revive your job search by letting you reconnect with a contact you haven’t communicated with in some time.
– A follow up letter shows your appreciation for the initial meeting, your current job search situation, any relevant updates, and any assistance that you might need.

How these Sample Letters Can Help You Out:

– These free templates contain premium content that you can personalize according to your situation.
– You can download these files in either Word or Excel before printing them out for your final use.
– If you’re having trouble with the precise phrasing of your follow up letter or enquiry letter, then these examples may be able to point you in the right direction and make sure that you express your particular situation in the best possible way.
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Follow up Business Letter

Follow up Request Letter

Follow up Letter After No Response

Real Estate Follow up Letter

Follow up Letter After Meeting

Follow up Business  Meeting Letter

Follow up Donation Request Letter

Follow up Interview Letter

Follow up Letter in PDF


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