A personal letter is the one that we write to our family, friends or acquaintances to convey messages of various intensity like jokes, love, farewell, condolence, thank you, get well etc. These letters usually don’t follow any rule but there is a standard format in which it starts with the sender details and ends with a regard message.This letter format allows using informal languages or urban dictionary words including short forms, abbreviations etc. The standard or more common format of a sample personal letter, Sample Personal Business Letter, Etc can be browsed online, but it always leaves a scope for personal customization.

Personal Reference Letter

Personal Reference Letter

Personal Introduction Letter

Personal Introduction Letter

Personal Thank you Letter

Personal Thankyou Letter

Structure of a Personal Letter

Structure of a Personal Letter genedu.msu.ac.th

Preparing a Personal Letter

Preparing a Personal Letter mercury.educ.kent.edu

Sample Personal Letter Format

Sample Personal Letter Format linguistics.hku.hk

Personal Ref Letter Sample

Personal Ref Letter Sample donnastockman.com

Personal Letter Structure

Personal Letter Structure glencoe.com

Format of Personal Letter

Format of Personal Letter arihantbooks.com

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