There comes a time in every employee’s career growth when he/she has to make the tough and difficult decision of leaving his/her current job either to join  another company or to pursue something else in life.  In such a case, one has to officially resign from the current job position or company, the information of which must be given to the employer Termination Letter or the concerned authorities. Most of the companies make it mandatory for employees to send across a formal resignation letter to the employer at least a few weeks in advance of the actual resigning date.

Free Formal Resignation Letter Template

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Free Resignation Letter Format

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Formal Resignation Letter to Download in Word

Similar to the other official applications, this letter has to be addressed to the manager in chief. Top left corner is meant to have the recipient’s address and designation with the reason of resignation in the content of the letter.

Formal Standard Resignation Letter

This letter starts with addressing the recipient and further informing him about the resignation. The reasons in support to the immediate decision should be clearly stated discussing any contract based facts of the job.

Great resignation letters and formal letters of resignation are vital for people and bosses, so that the procedure of leaving the current job is appropriately and professionally overseen. Associations and people are obligated to dispute if resignation is not taken care of legitimately; formal resignation letters are accordingly basic components for taking care of the resignation and winding up with the current job.


When you choose to proceed forward and decide on another job, the main errand is to send a formal letter of resignation, and also to educate your manager in charge. It is the official document you submit to your senior authorities and HR will set the tone for the following two weeks or one month at the workplace. One should use the formal resignation letter when you are giving your boss a two week notice. The letter gives official notice that you are quitting your job, including the date you will end work and asking for relieving letter.

Download Formal  Teacher Resignation Letter

The advanced template has been specifically designed for teaching profession. Addressed to the head of the institution, the reason for resignation is presented in a polite and proper manner and further communication is fully respected.

Professional Formal Resignation Letter

The template can be used to write a resignation for any kind of profession. Addressed to the person in charge, the letter states the reasons in a very formal manner.

Formal Bank Manager Resignation Letter

With date and designation at the top left corner of the document, the template is specifically designed for a formal resignation letter of a bank manager. All official details should be clearly stated along with other necessary information.


Formal resignation letters should be either hand-written or printed on a headed note-paper. It can also be written on a sheet of paper with the home address on it.


Resignations should be conveyed by post or by hand – refrain yourself from sending by fax, and email is not a decent strategy either on the grounds that these techniques are basically not strong and dependable strategies for making or ending contracts.

If you find that verbal communication is sufficient, then you should affirm the resignation in writing. Neglecting to do as such could abandon you with having no defense against losing certain rights.

If you go ahead to leave your current job without an official notification, you might be asked for an opportunity to either join back the job, on the premise that you had not formally surrendered.

Clarity and straightforwardness are imperative – simply say what is applicable and no more.

Resignation Letter to HR Manager

While most of the organizations accept the formal resignation letter when addressed only to the head of institution, there are some who expect the employee to write one to HR manager. The template is designed keeping in mind all the requisites.

Downloadable Formal Resignation Letter

Short, easy and crisp, the formal letter is addressed to the person in charge and clearly explains the motive of writing the letter in a best possible manner.

How to create formal resignation letter

Most of the companies expect their employees to send across a formal resignation letter at least a few weeks in advance of the actual resigning date to the person in charge.

Sample Formal Executive Resignation Letter PDF

With the address and designation of the employer and employee, the template is the best suited formal resignation letter for all types of organizations.

Formal Resignation Letter Format

Name and address of the employee put up at the top in center, the template is short and precise. Polite and formal resignation would leave the employer with a positive impression of you.

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A basic formal resignation letter is a professionally drafted letter which is written by an employee to formally announce to the employer that he/she is leaving the workplace. A formal resignation letter must use a polite tone as well as a professional structure and should give out the clear reason(medical problem, relocation, emergency) of resigning from the work.

The letter must thank the employer and should give a brief of the experiences that the employee had while working at the job position in the company. These letters help the employers to arrange for the replacement employees so that there is no work lag or gap once the previous employee leaves the workplace..
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