In today’s modern world, as the technology for business advances, so as the technology in video games. The current Video Game Design would be considered impossible back in the 1900s. Video games are an ever increasing market where consumers are literally and figuratively lining up to get the newest and latest games.

Now a video game designer’s work is difficult due to the fact that they must constantly keep up with competing brands and consumer wants of a new game almost yearly. But there are benefits, and these are:

  • great overtime pay,
  • medical benefits,
  • fame in the gaming industry,
  • high salary,
  • tweaking the game however you want, and
  • many other benefits.

Job Description in PDF

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Assistant Video Game Designer

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Video Game Sound Designer

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What Is the Job Description of a Video Game Designer?

  • The amount of experience the video game designer has
    • This is necessary so as to be able to know the capabilities of a video game designer.
    • It determines the “skills” of a video game designer.
  • What kind of platforms the video game designer will be working on
    • As we all may know, there is more than one platform for playing video games:
      • PS3
      • Xbox
      • Playstation
      • Personal computers
      • Smart phones
      • Tablets
    • It is important to list down what platform a video game designer will be working on so as to allow them to “think” if they have the necessary abilities to be able to develop a game on that platform.
  • Even the language they can speak
    • A video game designer who has an extensive vocabulary can be useful in addressing language barriers between countries, allowing for the shipment of games to other nations.

How to Become a Video Game Designer?

To become a video game designer, you would need to be able to meet all the requirements needed by a company. This is so that the moment you are accepted you can begin working on a video game almost immediately, provided that you fully understand the job description and are able to comply with all the requirements. As a recap, a video game designers job description is similar to a Restaurant General Manager Job Description and a School Counselor Job Description in the sense that it will have written down all the necessary duties of the applicant.

Video Game Level Designer

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Video Game Designer

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What Do You Do as a Game Designer?

  • Design Levels
    • Designing the different levels of a video game is needed so as to make players feel that they aren’t just stuck in a simple arcade game.
    • Create a unique scenery.
  • Create AI
    • AI or Artificial Intelligence is also known as NPC or non-playable characters that are used in video games as the “inhabitants” of the video game world you are designing.
    • Script lines and dialogues for both AI characters and the player’s character.
  • Manufacture a Story line
    • This is so that the player will be more immersed into the game and making them more attached to it.


Similar to a Resident Assistant Job Description, as long as you accomplish the agreed upon tasked written in the job description, you are free to do as you please.

What Skills Are Needed to Make a Video Game?

  • Dedication  This is necessary so as to motivate you into finishing the game development.
  • Intelligence – Is basically all the technical “skills” a game designer would need to create a game
  • Morality – Similar to dedication but instead is the reason you want to create the game.
  • Ability – Is the capability to accomplish a task easily.


All these skills needed should be written in the job description you may notice that the skills needed for a game designer are similar to the skills required and listed in a Shift Leader Job Description.

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