A letter of recommendation for graduate school  is a letter that states the letter writer’s support for the applicant. The strengths of the candidate are expressed in descriptive, yet not flowery terms in order to put him or her in the best possible light. A written paper specially penned down by someone where mainly the virtues, features and strong points are documented of an individual, who is recommended for a particular job (especially admissions) is basically known as a letter of recommendation.

Letter of Recommendation for Graduate School Student

Letter of Recommendation for Graduate School Student e-education.psu.edu

Fresh graduates with little or no work experience need a general recommendation letter from their teachers and institutions to be able to stand against the competition against an opening. Here’s what the letter should highlight.

Letter of Recommendation for Academic Graduate School

Letter of Recommendation for Academic Graduate School pace.edu

In this case, the letter of recommendation would offer a student get into an academic  program in the higher education institution of his/her choice.

Letter of Recommendation for Graduate School Admission

Letter of Recommendation for Graduate School Admission unco.edu

This comes from high school teachers/principals and other authorities. This recommendation letter for student is supposed to recommend the particular student for admission into a graduate program.

Letter of Recommendation for Graduation Program

Letter of Recommendation for Graduation Program louisville.edu

A letter of recommendation for Graduation Program is support to convey a request for authorities for a particular student to be entered into the graduation program.

Application Letter of Recommendation for Graduate School

Application Letter of Recommendation for Graduate School udc.edu

Another recommendation letter format for helping students into graduate honors programs; this document highlights the special skills and achievements by a particular student.

Letter of Recommendation for Graduate School from Employer

Letter-of-Recommendation-for-Graduate-School-from-Employer mcnair.ucsb.edu

So, if you are looking for an “Expert” type letter- here it is. This letter talks about the co-worker(colleague) employee and the qualities and proficiency that will help him in his graduate study.

Sample Letter of Recommendation for Graduate School


Another sample letter is here, which a teacher-cum-employer writes about the candidate. It talks about the persona, and achievements of the applicant that makes the student an exact choice for the graduate school.


Reference letters now-a-days plays the role of “Trump Card” in almost every graduation school which decides the admission process of the particular candidate.


Well, basically there are mainly two types of reference letters.

Expert: These types of letters are by and for the ones who work in the same profession and give his comments on whether the applicant will be able to carry on the future project.

Non- Expert: Such letters are written by those who come from the outside world of the candidate’s projected field and are more of a character certificate.

Letter of Recommendation for MBA Sample


Here’s another sample university recommendation letter for MBA where the writer spots out and talk about the traits of the individual with examples. Taking this as consideration one can assure the success of the letter.

Principal Letter of Recommendation for Graduate School Template


A sample letter of reference from the Principal is here for you. This points out as to why the learner is a good competent for the graduate school and helpful too.

Sample Letter of Recommendation for Graduate School from Professor


So, here’s another sample interesting template of reference letter for the viewers where he writes of about how he knows the candidate and also the capabilities on various contexts.

Letter of Recommendation for Master Degree


Need one who can write even after not meeting you? Don’t worry..we also have that for you. A letter whether good or bad depends specifically on the correct contents and how finely it gets fitted into the particular program you are applying for.


A recommended letter assesses the talents, merits and personality of the contender. The substance and the quality of the letter depict the potential and how exactly the person suits for the position.

A letter of recommendation like a Military Letter of Recommendation can come in handy for a student to gain admission into a college. The purpose of this letter is to

  • List the qualifications and skills of the applicant
  • Give a clear example of his abilities by citing real life instances
  • Assuring the college about the credibility of the person

How to create:

Begin with a typical letter writing style, praise the candidate, tell how come you know the person, research and write about the qualities and achievements of the aspirant, end the letter on a positive note.

Once you have agreed to be the mentor of a student and are all set to write a Recommendation Letter to the dean of the respective graduate school, you should be all set to make some efforts such that the letter can lead to an acceptance of the applicant to the school. In case the applicant is a former student, a family member or a peer, you would be well versed with his positive qualities. These should be definitely highlighted in the letter. You should also explain your association with the person and why you think he should be given admission to the school.


A comprehensive, precise, action-targeted words, well- structured and to-the-point contents are the key to the success of a letter of recommendation.

When writing a Character Letter of Recommendation for a person to help him get into a graduate school, it is important that you compose an impressive letter. Listed below are a few tips for writing an impeccable letter.

  • Get a clear idea from the applicant about why he intends to apply to the particular school or the specific course.
  •  It is very important to elaborate on the traits and positive qualities of the applicant. However, just making claims would not be enough. Try to support these with proper instances.  
  • The tone of the letter should be positive and vague words should best be avoided.  
  • Tailor the letter in accordance to the school and the course for which you are writing the recommendation.

How To Ask for A Letter of Recommendation for Graduate School


Timing stands as the most crucial factor to ask for a letter of recommendation. Firstly, try to know about the person’s willingness to write for you and that we have the sample here about how to do that.

Sample Recommendation Letter for Graduate School


A letter template by a Professor who has known the applicant for years, transcripts about the numerous aspects of the student’s aptitudes and how has matured and developed her talents.

Sample Letter of  Recommendation  for Graduate School from Friend


Another simple Recommendation Letter for a Friend where it is kept short, less elaborated, specific and straightforward. It is also good to share as how you know the student and put in words of the time duration you know him/her.

Sample Recommendation Letter for  Graduate School


Here’s for you another letter from the bundle citing the good qualities with the relevant deeds of the candidate and what repo did he earn from that particular assignment.

Samples Letter of  Recommendation for Graduate School from A Coworker


Letter of Recommendation for Graduate School from Employer in Word

Letter of Recommendation for Graduate School from Employer in Word

Letter of Recommendation for Graduate School in Word for Free

Letter of Recommendation for Graduate School in Word for Free

Sample Letter of Recommendation for Graduate School Doc

Sample Letter of Recommendation for Graduate School Doc

Steps for Letter of Recommendation for Graduate School

Steps for Letter of Recommendation for Graduate School

Award Reference Letter

award-reference-letter clemson.edu

Business School Recommendation Letter for Director


Clerkship Letter of Recommendation

clerkship-letter-of-recommendation northeastern.edu

Dean Letter of Recommendation  for Law Graduate School

dean-letter-of-recommendation-for-law-graduate-school bu.edu

Dental School Recommendation Letter


Education Leadership Recommendation Letter

education-leadership-recommendation-letter ipfw.edu

Graduate School Character Letter of Recommendation


Graduate School Letter of Recommendation  for Supervisor

graduate-school-letter-of-recommendation-for-supervisor dlsu.edu.ph

Graduate School Recommendation Letter for PHD


Internship Letter of Recommendation

internship-letter-of-recommendation livecareer.com

Letter of Recommendation for Undergraduate


Letter of Recommendation  for Engineering

letter-of-recommendation-for-engineering sites.uco.edu

Letter of Recommendation  for  Fellowship Graduate School

letter-of-recommendation-for-fellowship-graduate-school boxfreeconcepts.com

Letter of Recommendation  for Nursing Graduate School

letter-of-recommendation-for-nursing-graduate-school nursing.buffalo.edu

Letters of Recommendation for Graduate School For Faculty

letters-of-recommendation-for-graduate-school-for-faculty dickinson.edu

Medical Pharmacy Letter of Recommendation

medical-pharmacy-letter-of-recommendation verimag.imag.fr

If you need some help to write a letter of recommendation to a medical pharmacy or a doctoral medical shop, you can use the aforesaid template to get an idea of the format that should be followed. The template also gives you a clear idea of the sections that should be included in the letter.

Postgraduate Letter of Recommendation


Scholarship Recommendation Letter

scholarship-recommendation-letter nifs.msu.edu

Teacher Recommendation Letter for College


Purpose of letter of recommendation for graduate school

  • It discusses the scholarly capacity of the candidate.
  • It dwells on the personal character of the candidate.

A balance between these two points should be struck. Depending on the type of application, any one factor can be emphasized.

What should be included in a letter of recommendation for graduate school?

  • It should discuss the scholarly ambitions and his or her superlative performance.
  • A letter of recommendation for graduate school can also discuss certain weaknesses of the student or any vague point in the student’s record, if it is deemed suitable.
  • Personal information about the student such as a death in the family or hardships can also be mentioned after discussing with the student.

Free templates for a letter of recommendation for graduate school are available for download and use of print versions. Premium templates may charge a fee.

Wondering how to go about writing a letter of recommendation for graduate school? Go ahead and check out our vast collection of these letter templates that we have to offer. Designed by professionals, these are in sync with the latest industrial specifications, thus enabling you to draft an impressive recommendation letter. Easy to download and customize, coming up with a unique letter of recommendation takes just a matter of a few minutes.

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