Graduation programs are a necessary guide for students, parents, as well as the faculty of the school. Aside from this, there are still a lot more uses of the program during a graduation. They are also memorable keepsakes for this important milestone in one’s life.

When developing a program, one would need to carefully plan all the things that goes into them. Carefully planning a graduation program often makes the difference between a successful and a smoothly flowing ceremony. The graduation program templates that we offer you below can be easily customized so you have a program designed to fit your ceremony needs.

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Graduation Program For Primary School

Sunnydale Primary School Graduation Ceremony
Class of 2024
June 5, 2024, at 10:00 AM
Sunnydale Primary School Auditorium
123 Education Lane, Sunnydale, CA

Welcome to the Graduation Ceremony of Sunnydale Primary School’s Class of 2024!

Today, we gather to celebrate the achievements and the journey of our young scholars as they complete their primary education and step forward into new academic adventures. We are proud of each student’s growth and accomplishments.

Program Schedule:

10:00 AM – Processional March

  • Graduates enter the auditorium to the traditional graduation march.
  • Audience members are requested to stand.

10:05 AM – National Anthem

  • Performed by the Sunnydale Primary School Choir.

10:10 AM – Welcome Address

  • Mrs. Elena Thompson, Principal of Sunnydale Primary School.

10:20 AM – Student Performance

  • “A Journey Through the Seasons” – A musical performance by the 5th Grade Class.

10:35 AM – Guest Speaker Address

  • Mr. David Lee, Local Author and Sunnydale Primary Alumni.

10:50 AM – Presentation of Certificates

  • Mrs. Elena Thompson and Class Teachers.
  • Students will be called to the stage individually to receive their graduation certificates.

11:20 AM – Valedictorian Speech

  • Emily Harris, Class Valedictorian.

11:30 AM – Closing Remarks

  • Mr. Alan Rodriguez, Chairman of the Parent-Teacher Association.

11:40 AM – Recessional March

  • Graduates exit the auditorium.

11:45 AM – Reception

  • Families and guests are invited to join us in the school garden for refreshments and celebration.

Special Notes:

  • Please ensure your phones are on silent mode during the ceremony to avoid disruptions.
  • Photography is allowed; however, we kindly ask that you remain seated to not obstruct the view of others.
  • A professional photographer will be present to capture the ceremony. Photos will be available for purchase after the event.

Congratulations to all our graduates and their families! Today marks the beginning of a new chapter filled with opportunities and adventures. We wish our students continued success and happiness in their future educational endeavors.

Sunnydale Primary School
“Where Learning Shines Bright”

graduation program for primary school

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Graduation Program For High School

Riverview High School Graduation Ceremony
Class of 2024
June 15, 2024, at 2:00 PM
Riverview High School Football Field
456 River Road, Rivertown, ST 12345

Welcome to the Graduation Ceremony of Riverview High School’s Class of 2024!

Today marks a significant milestone in the lives of our graduates. As they close this chapter of their high school journey, we celebrate their hard work, resilience, and achievements. We look forward with excitement to the paths they will choose next.

Program Schedule:

2:00 PM – Processional

  • Graduates enter the field to “Pomp and Circumstance”.
  • Guests are kindly asked to stand and remain standing until all graduates have taken their seats.

2:10 PM – National Anthem

  • Performed by the Riverview High School Band.

2:15 PM – Welcome and Introduction

  • Mr. Jacob Martinez, Principal of Riverview High School.

2:25 PM – Salutatorian Address

  • Sarah Chen, Class Salutatorian.

2:35 PM – Musical Performance

  • “A New Beginning” by the Riverview High School Choir.

2:45 PM – Valedictorian Address

  • Michael Thompson, Class Valedictorian.

2:55 PM – Keynote Speaker

  • Dr. Lisa Wong, CEO of Tech Innovations Inc. and Alumna of Riverview High School.

3:15 PM – Presentation of Diplomas

  • Graduates will be called to the stage individually by homeroom.
  • Principal Martinez and School Board Members will present diplomas.

4:00 PM – Principal’s Closing Remarks

  • Mr. Jacob Martinez.

4:10 PM – Turning of the Tassels

  • Led by the Class President, Emily Rodriguez.

4:15 PM – Recessional

  • Graduates exit the field to “Celebration” by Kool & The Gang.

4:20 PM – Reception

  • Graduates, families, and guests are invited to the school cafeteria for a celebratory reception.

Important Notes:

  • Please respect the ceremony’s solemnity by silencing mobile devices.
  • While photography is encouraged, we ask that you remain in your seats to ensure that all guests can view the ceremony.
  • A professional photographer will take photos of each graduate receiving their diploma. These will be available for download from the school’s website.

Congratulations to the Riverview High School Class of 2024! Your perseverance and dedication have brought you to this moment, and your future is bright with possibilities. As you embark on new adventures, remember the lessons learned and the friendships made during your time at Riverview. We are immensely proud of each one of you.

Riverview High School
“Excellence in Education, Foundation for the Future”

graduation program for high school

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Kindergarten Graduation Program

Whimsical Woods Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony
Class of 2024
June 10, 2024, at 9:00 AM
Whimsical Woods Elementary School Gymnasium
890 Childhood Lane, Playtown, PL 12345

Welcome to the Graduation Ceremony of Whimsical Woods Elementary School’s Kindergarten Class of 2024!

Today, we gather to celebrate a significant milestone in our youngest learners’ lives. As they step forward from kindergarten to first grade, we commemorate their incredible growth, curiosity, and joy for learning that they have shown throughout the year.

Program Schedule:

9:00 AM – Welcome

  • Ms. Laura Anderson, Kindergarten Teacher.

9:05 AM – Opening Remarks

  • Mr. Henry Carter, Principal of Whimsical Woods Elementary School.

9:15 AM – Kindergarten Choir Performance

  • “What a Wonderful World” and “The Alphabet Song”.

9:25 AM – Student Showcase

  • A slideshow presentation featuring highlights and memories from the school year.

9:35 AM – Graduation Speech

  • Ms. Laura Anderson shares a few words about the class’s journey and achievements.

9:45 AM – Presentation of Certificates

  • Kindergarteners are called one by one to receive their graduation certificates.

10:00 AM – Closing Song

  • Graduates sing “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”.

10:10 AM – Closing Remarks

  • Mr. Henry Carter.

10:15 AM – Graduation March

  • Graduates parade through the gymnasium, celebrating their move to first grade.

10:20 AM – Reception

  • Families and guests are invited to join the graduates in the school courtyard for refreshments and congratulations.

Special Notes:

  • Please ensure your phones are on silent mode to enjoy the ceremony fully.
  • Feel free to take photos, but we kindly ask you to stay seated during the ceremony to ensure that all guests can view the event.
  • Balloons and flowers will be available for purchase at the reception, with proceeds going towards next year’s kindergarten class.

Congratulations to the Whimsical Woods Kindergarten Class of 2024! Today, we celebrate not only what you have learned but also the wonderful individuals you are becoming. Your enthusiasm, creativity, and kindness fill our school with joy. We look forward to seeing all the amazing things you will do in first grade and beyond.

Whimsical Woods Elementary School
“Nurturing Young Minds to Grow and Explore”

kindergarten graduation program

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Graduation Program Flow

1. Prelude or Musical Opening

  • Background music plays as guests arrive and take their seats, setting a celebratory and welcoming atmosphere.

2. Processional

  • Graduates enter the ceremony area, often to the tune of “Pomp and Circumstance,” marking the official start of the event.

3. National Anthem

  • The assembly stands as the national anthem is played or sung, showing respect and patriotism.

4. Welcome Remarks

  • A designated official, often the school principal or a senior administrator, welcomes attendees, introduces the graduation ceremony, and may offer initial congratulatory remarks to the graduates.

5. Invocation or Moment of Reflection

  • An invocation or a brief moment of reflection may be included to acknowledge the significance of the occasion and to offer words of wisdom, hope, or prayer for the graduates’ futures.

6. Commencement Speech

  • A keynote speaker, often an esteemed guest, alumnus, or notable public figure, delivers the commencement speech, offering advice, inspiration, and insights to the graduating class.

7. Valedictorian/Salutatorian Address

  • The valedictorian and possibly the salutatorian give speeches that reflect on their time at the institution, express gratitude, and look forward to the future.

8. Presentation of Graduates

  • Graduates are called individually to receive their diplomas or certificates. This may involve walking across a stage, a handshake with a school official, and a photo opportunity.

9. Conferring of Degrees

  • An academic leader officially confers degrees upon the graduates, marking their transition from students to graduates.

10. Turning of the Tassel

  • A symbolic act where graduates move their tassel from one side of their cap to the other, signifying their new status as graduates.

11. Award Presentations (Optional)

  • Special awards and recognitions for academic excellence, leadership, and other achievements may be presented to distinguished graduates.

12. Closing Remarks

  • Closing words from the school principal or another official, offering final congratulations and well-wishes to the graduates.

13. Recessional

  • Graduates and faculty exit the ceremony area, often to upbeat music, marking the end of the formal ceremony.

14. Reception

  • A casual gathering that allows graduates, faculty, family, and friends to celebrate together with refreshments, photo opportunities, and informal interactions.
graduation program flow

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Browse More Templates On Graduation Program

Graduation Program Template

graduation program template

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Graduation Ceremony Program Template Word

graduation ceremony program template word

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Graduation Program Example

graduation program example

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Graduation Ceremony Poster Template

graduation ceremony poster template

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Size: A3, US


7 Steps to Create a Graduation Program

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  1. Define the Graduation Theme and Objectives: Begin by deciding on a theme that will set the tone for the graduation program. This theme should reflect the values and achievements of the graduating class. Alongside, outline the objectives of the ceremony, such as celebrating achievements, inspiring graduates, and recognizing outstanding contributions.
  2. Form a Planning Committee: Assemble a committee of staff, students, and possibly parents to oversee the sample planning and execution of the graduation program. This committee will be responsible for making key decisions, coordinating tasks, and ensuring the program aligns with the set objectives.
  3. Select the Date, Time, and Venue: Choose a date and time that accommodates the graduates, their families, and the school staff. Select a venue that can comfortably host the expected number of attendees and is equipped with the necessary facilities for a graduation ceremony.
  4. Develop the Program Outline: Create an outline of the graduation ceremony, including the sequence of events. Typical elements include the processional, welcome speech, keynote address, presentation of diplomas or certificates, special awards or recognitions, a speech by a representative of the graduating class, and the recessional. Consider incorporating performances or multimedia presentations that reflect the theme.
  5. Invite Speakers and Guests: Identify and invite speakers who can inspire and resonate with the graduates. This might include educators, alumni, or notable figures in the community. Also, send out invitations to graduates, their families, and special guests, providing all necessary details about the event.
  6. Prepare Materials and Logistics: Design and print graduation programs that outline the ceremony’s order and acknowledge graduates and participants. Arrange for any necessary equipment, such as sound systems, seating, decorations, and refreshments. Plan the setup and breakdown process to ensure the venue is ready on time.
  7. Rehearse and Finalize Details: Schedule a rehearsal with all participants to ensure everyone knows their roles and the flow of the ceremony. Use this opportunity to make any final adjustments to the program or logistics. Confirm details with vendors, speakers, and staff, and ensure that contingency sample plans are in place for potential issues like inclement weather.

Graduation Programs Outline

free graduation programs template

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Graduation Ceremony Program PDF

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What is Included in a Graduation Program?

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  • Processional: The entry of graduates and faculty.
  • Welcome Address: Greetings and opening remarks.
  • National Anthem/Pledge: Patriotic elements.
  • Commencement Speaker: Keynote address.
  • Conferring of Degrees: The official granting of diplomas.
  • Presentation of Graduates: Individuals called to receive their diplomas.
  • Awarding of Honors: Recognition for academic achievements.
  • Valedictory Address: Speech by a top-performing student.
  • Closing Remarks: Final words from a speaker.
  • Recessional: Exit of graduates and faculty.

Preschool Graduation Program Template Free

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How to Write a Graduation Program

Graduations are always a happy time for everyone, especially the graduates. Make sure you keep it special by organizing a remarkable graduation ceremony that is worth remembering. It should not only be the graduation speech but the entire ceremony that is unforgettable for everyone involved. Arranging an organized and orderly ceremony, however, is not easy. Careful planning must be made weeks or months before the event. One of the things that need to be planned is the graduation program. These event program templates will greatly help in crafting a program that does its intended purpose.

When making a graduation program for the first time, you would need to follow a couple of steps to create a graduation program that makes for an organized ceremony. Below are some necessary guidelines in making an effective graduation program. You may also see audit program.

1. Include the school logo and write the school name. Placing the school name and logo immediately on the front would establish your credibility and integrity as an educational institution. You may also see concert programs.

2. Outline the order of events during the ceremony. You may have a two-day graduation ceremony. The program serves as a guide for all attendees during the event, so make sure they can follow by accurately outlining the order of events. You may also see church programs.

3. List the names of graduates. When space permits it, make a list of all the graduates. You may also see obituary program templates.

Kindergarten Graduation Program Template Free

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Graduation Program PDF

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What is the Purpose of Graduation Program?

The purpose of a graduation program is to formally recognize and celebrate the academic achievements of students who have successfully completed their educational requirements. It serves as a pivotal milestone, marking the culmination of years of dedicated study and hard work. Graduation programs  provide a platform to confer degrees or diplomas, acknowledge individual accomplishments, and offer a sense of closure to the academic journey. Beyond the ceremonial aspect, they instill a sense of pride, accomplishment, and signify the transition of graduates into the next phase of their lives, whether it be further education or entry into the professional world.

Graduation Program Template Editable

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Where can I Make a Graduation Program?

To create a graduation program, you can use various software tools. Microsoft Word is a popular choice, offering templates specifically designed for programs. Simply open Word, navigate to the “File” menu, select “New,” and search for “graduation program” in the template gallery. Alternatively, online platforms like Canva provide user-friendly interfaces with customizable templates for graduation programs. Canva allows you to drag and drop elements, add images, and personalize text easily. Additionally, Google Docs offers collaborative features, enabling multiple contributors to work on the program simultaneously. Choose a platform based on your preferences for design, collaboration, and ease of use.

Graduation Program Format

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Tips in Creating the Best Graduation Program

Any event, be it a concert or a graduation, would need a program so there is a smooth flow of events. For the former, you can check out these concert program templates. When creating a graduation program, you can follow these useful tips.

1. Plan the event beforehand. Having an outline of the events that are going to happen during the ceremony will make drafting the graduation program easier. You would also need to have an estimated duration for each section of the ceremony. You may also see wedding programs.

2. Provide a time frame for each section. You can’t exactly follow everything on the program accurately, so providing a time frame for each section would give you an estimated duration for each section. You may also see memorial program templates.

3. Provide all the necessary information. To avoid confusion, be sure to accurately mention when and where the graduation ceremony will be. Provide a list of events and the names of the speakers as well as the graduates. You may also see retirement program.

Organize a memorable graduation ceremony by having an equally memorable graduation program as guide. The templates we provide are easy to use and customize for your convenience. You can also check out these safety program templates.


How Long is a Graduation Program?

The duration of a graduation program varies but typically spans four years for a bachelor’s degree, two years for a master’s, and three to seven years for a doctoral program.

What is the Meaning of Graduation Event?

A graduation event is a ceremonial occasion marking the successful completion of an academic program. It typically involves the conferral of degrees, speeches, and the recognition of graduates’ achievements.

What is Graduation Ceremony Called?

A graduation ceremony is a formal event where students receive academic degrees or diplomas. It typically involves speeches, the conferral of degrees, and the symbolic gesture of moving tassels on caps.

What Happens in Graduation Program?

In a graduation program, students formally receive academic recognition for completing their degree requirements. This typically involves a ceremony where graduates receive diplomas, listen to speeches, and celebrate their academic achievements with family and friends.

In conclusion, the sample graduation program serves as a significant milestone in the academic journey, celebrating the achievements and accomplishments of the graduating class. It is a moment of reflection, inspiration, and anticipation for the future. As graduates embark on new chapters in their lives, the program not only honors their hard work and dedication but also instills a sense of pride, hope, and excitement for the possibilities ahead.

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