Ever wonder why people without experience and fresh graduates get hired, or why are they even hired in the first place? Most companies, especially companies that are well-established, offer employee training programs for new and old employees alike. This is mainly the reason why inexperienced applicants and fresh graduates get hired.

An employee training program is important because it teaches and equips the employees with the knowledge and skills that they need to be able to provide the company the results that they are aiming for. A lot of stuff get incorporated in training. It not only teaches the employees on what to do, but it also lets them know what is expected of them and what attitude they need while working in the company.

In this article, we will help you develop an employee training program or training plan that is not only useful but one that is definitely effective and worth your time. After reading this article, you will be equipped with the knowledge that you need for the task. Included in the topics below are the importance of training your employees, and the advantages and disadvantages of an employment training program.

What Is an Employee Training Program?

There will always be new stuff going on in every company. That would be new employees, new positions, or new work to do. These new stuff can only be handled properly through an employee training program. An employee training program is a program used by a lot of companies to train their employees on specific skills or the skills that they need to learn for work. The design and implementation of the employee training program varies greatly from one company to the other. It also depends on the nature of the business of the company, as well as the type of work that the company and its employees do.

The main goal of an employee training program is to make employees do better with their job performances while they are working within the said company or organization. To make the training effective, specific steps need to be followed. The said set of steps is called the training process. The training process consists of the needs assessment, setting of objectives, designing, implementation, and evaluation. Each of these steps are briefly discussed below.

  • Needs Assessment – This is the very first step done to be able to determine if the employee needs to be trained or not. The employees’ needs can be identified through their job performance if they are performing below or above the standard requirements.
  • Setting of Objectives – The next step to the training process is the setting of the needed objectives. Since you have already identified if the employee needs to be trained and what type of training they need, you will need to set the necessary objectives that should be met after the training.
  • Designing the Training Program – The methods used in a training program is important as this is how the objectives and the needs of the trainees will be met.
  • Implementing the Training Program – The next step of the training process is the implementation of the training program created. The goals and everything that has been carefully laid out and prepared in the training program should be followed in order to make its implementation successful. This success is determined by how well the trainees respond to the training and how much they have improved with their job performance.
  • Evaluation – This is the last and the determining part of the training process. The employees’ learning can be evaluated through written and oral tests conducted by the trainer. Another evaluation method that can be done is by doing a return demonstration. Conducting an employee evaluation about the training helps determine if the training process done was effective or not.


How to Develop an Effective Employee Training Program

Did you find the training process useful? If you do, then you will definitely find it easy to develop an effective employee training program. Why must it be an effective employee training program and not just an employee training program? Well, you can create any type of training program that you want and even add frivolous stuff in it, and it will still be a training program. An effective employee training program will give you good and satisfying results, that is why you should aim in creating it. Let us show you how with the steps we have prepared below.

  • Just like in the training process, the very first thing that you need to do to be able to develop an effective employee training program is to assess the needs of your company or organization. Determine if there really is a need for you to develop a training program and if the employees really need to be trained.
  • Determine who needs to be trained. You need to know first the employees who need training and those who don’t. That would be all employees who need training regardless of position. This will help you develop the appropriate training program and prepare the appropriate training materials.
  • You will need to acquire the needed training materials for the training program. This will aid and stimulate the employees’ learning throughout the training.
  • Have a schedule set for the training. Review the company’s and the employees’ daily tasks and activities to help you determine which time is favorable to have the training. You wouldn’t want to have a training session when there are a lot of things that employees need to do or when all hands are needed for the job.
  • Look for a trainer. You need a trainer to train your employees about. An experienced trainer would be good because they already know what they need to do in order for the trainees to get the most out of the training conducted.
  • Inform the employees about what the training is all about. You need to communicate the information to them properly so that they will know what it is all about and why they need to undergo training.
  • Keep track of every employees’ progress. This is one way of knowing how they are doing and if the employee training program is effective. You will also be able to determine which part of the training program you need to make changes on or which part you have to replace.
  • Get the trainees’ or the employees’ feedback. The best way to know if the employees are learning something or if there is anything wrong with the training program is by getting feedback directly from them.


Now that you know the steps on how you can develop an effective employee training program, you should be able to create your own. With some practice and a lot of feedback, you should become real good at it. You can also check out program templates and samples, like program proposals and audit programs.

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