It is true that in general, terms we call them formal invitations, however they are not just formal invitations. The term “official invitation” is an apt word for that. For instance, we can take the example of anniversary invitations. Anniversary invitations become a routine Invitation Templates after a point of time. The reason is quite simple, the same set of guests greeting the same couple rejoicing for the same achievement.

Formal Anniversary Invitation

This formal anniversary invitation can be used time and again because you cannot change much in the content, however when it comes to backgrounds and colors then it is a different ball game because this package offers four very interesting colors for that. You may like Holiday Party Invitation Templates.

Formal Dinner Invitation Template

It can be used for formal and corporate events. This particular invitation design is responsive in nature, because you can use it for print as well as for digital mediums quite effectively. You can also see Lunch Invitation Templates.

Vector Formal Invitation Template

It is an elegant design, where the soul of the design has some vintage elements attached to it, still the body and execution of this design follows current day patterns and makes it an interesting pattern by all the possible standards. You may also like Dinner Invitation Templates.

Baby Shower Formal Invitation Template

An oval in the middle for the invitation card where you can put down the text message and corners adorned with Polka dotted ribbons. This design has all the elements of feminism in place and it can be considered as an apt invitation for a baby shower party.

Formal Event Invitation Template

It is a plain and simple vector with a standard invitation format. This particular invitation format is very handy when you are going for a print medium and you are keen to print it on a shoestring budget.

Formal Autumn Wedding Invitation

Compatible with Adobe illustrator cs3, this particular invitation can be rated among free invitation templates. Here insertion of three autumn leaves makes it an interesting design that has simplicity and colorful elements going hand in hand.

Black and White Formal Invitation

Nothing in this world can beat the simple charm of black & white. If you think that it is far behind in the race of online invitations then you are wrong, here you can access both online as well physical samples from the promoters before making a purchase.

Formal Wedding Invitation Template

It is available in three options, you can get a single invitation with one insert, you can also add two more inserts if you want to highlight some extensive plans related to the venue and events.

Free Formal Invitation Template

Two free invitation templates are available at your disposal. Colors are soft and make sure that when you are printing them on a paper with a silky touch. It is a very simple, sober and classy design.

Formal Party Invitation Template

Loaded in a metallic envelope this invitation is a royal affair for your guests and they will love it to the core. It is a ready deal, which increases the volumes and helps earn a better price. This is the plain and simple mantra here.

Formal Gender Reveal Invitation Template

Gender reveal party might sound a whimsical idea to many. However, it is a great way to break the rut of boring parties. This invitation card has all the elements to build up the suspense, for the main party.

Formal Bridal Shower Invitation

You will get a thank note along with the main deal of the party. This invitation is available in both digital as well as in print format. The design carries an element of naughtiness in it and this factor forms the USP of this design.

Sample Formal Invitation

It is a cordial design and the color scheme is very soothing. This design belongs to the family of traditional designs in which elaborated border elements adorn the main text and add value to it.

Formal Engagement Invitation Template

The fonts make it look like a vintage design and the tri flag decoration on the upper part of the invitation adds a feel of festivity to it, and finally we have this slogan of celebrating love that sets the mood for a party.

Simple Formal Invitation Frame

A complex linear background makes it look attractive from all the quarters. A traditional design that never fails to attract the eyeballs of the viewers. As a designer, you can always use them when you are planning to expedite some last minute errands.

Vintage Formal Invitation

Who says that there are no free lunches, at least it holds true in the case of free lunch invitations. You saw some premium free invitation templates in the current gallery. In the similar fashion, if you wish to break the monotony of regular lunch invitations then, try our templates which you can relish big time.

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