An employment verification letter is an important piece of official document that certifies the employment status of a person. It typically includes information such as the name of the employee, his/her position in the organization, compensation agreement, joining date, and other relevant information. The letter is issued by the employer on the organization’s letterhead, and it bears the signature and contact details of the employer and the organization.The Employment Letters is usually requested when an employee is required to go through employment verification process while applying for visa, insurance, apartment, financial loan, or other financial commitments. Now you can get employment verification letters for your organization in these downloadable PFD and Word files given below.

Employment Verification Letter for Visa PDF Free Download

Here’s a sample employment verification letter template requested by Visa agency where they have asked to share the detailed job responsibilities of the employee for the purpose of providing visa.


A standardised document relating to the previous or current employment status of an employee is known to be the Employment Verification letter. It is normally written on the request of employers before hiring or promoting any employee to ensure that the details are properly matched according to the criteria.


Typically verification letters are meant to make out exactly one’s status of employment, designation, job history, salary, performance in job life and other details asked by the authorized person.

Employment Verification Letter for immigration Free Download in PDF

While talking about the requests of various departments, here is one more sample . The written letter talks all about the necessary details asked by the embassy for immigration purpose of the individual.

Current Employment Verification Letter PDF Free Download

Another sample template for the employment verification process where the requester wants to know about the applicant’s employment nature be it full time or part time and also with the designation.


There are two basic types employment verification letter.
Telephonic Verification- This type of verification is done just to verify the basic information.
Written Verification- A written letter is all about the authentication of an employee’s details as per requirement.


The main purpose of a verification letter is to respond to the queries made by a would-be employer, government organisation, bank etc about an individual before offering loan or lending credit, checking, leasing a property or many other projects where the reality check of the income and the employer is required.

Employment Verification Letter Format

A different format for you where tips are stated as to how you will appeal for a candidate’s employment verification to another concern as she has applied in your organization.

Employment Verification Letter Sample

Another template from the bundle. It is to be kept in mind that only to share that information as requested. A clear, précised and to-the-point answered verification letter sample for you.

Employment Verification Letter Template Free

Employment verification letter template which is kept simple and straight forward where the document is inked in a proper letterhead, dated and signature by one of authorized person of the concern.

How to create:

While writing an employment verification letter one should keep in mind that the writing must be done on a proper professional letterhead. Explanation is needed as to who you are, concisely written about the employee’s responsibilities and verify the job.


The only tip to be given is that while writing be specific in your words and give information only about the details that they ask you give. Otherwise, there is no need to give them additional news about the candidate.

Example of Employment Verification Letter

Another format of verification letter where the candidate is selected on-campus for the job. Such letters are very short with some minimum details transcripted over it with the most essential thing as signature and date.

Employment Verification Letter Form

Here is a form for employment verification letter which is easy to write with no difficulties. One of the simplest format where you need only to fill up the gaps as desired.

Employment Verification Form

Last but not the least of formats of employment verification kept not too lengthy and confirms about the employment of the employee in their company with the details only asked for.

Employment Verification Letter Example

Simple Employment Verification Letter

Printable Employment Verification Letter

Free Download Employment Verification Letter

Download Employment Verification Letter

Downloadable Employment Verification Letter

Sample PDF Employment Verification Letter

Employment Verification Letter PDF

Employment Verification Letter to Print

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