When you’re writing a business letter or sending an email message it’s important to close your letter in a professional manner. The following are a list of letter closing examples that are appropriate for business and employment related correspondence. The word “earnestly” as a Sample Business Letter Closing indicates a level of familiarity between yourself as well as the recipient.

It is as close to a term of endearment as business etiquette will allow. Variations of the “earnestly” closing that are satisfactory are “truthfully yours,” “Yours earnestly” as well as “Very sincerely yours.” Down load this it in a file formats like PSD, PDF, and Word file for your better understandings.

Closing Business Letter to Customers

Closing Business Letter to Clients

Closing Business Letter to Suppliers

Free Closing Business Letters to Employees

Sample Business Closing Letter

This template shows that a company is going to be closed and therefore, sending business closing letters to the shareholders. It is also evident from the template that the shareholders must be informed much ahead of closing; otherwise, any sudden closure can affect the shareholder’s investment.

Business Closing Letter Format

This template shows how a company approaches to the customers when it shifts from its previous place to a new one. The company must inform its customers about the new outlet and can make their departure exciting by offering special deals to the customer on the farewell day.

Typical Business Closing Letter

This template shows how the format of a business letter should be. It is clear from this template that a formal business letter has three paragraphs. The first paragraph deals with an opening and states the main point of the letter, while the second one justifies the purpose of the letter. Finally, the third paragraph restates the purpose along with gratitude and sender’s contact information.

Business Closure Letter

This template shows how a company deals with its relation and dues with other companies it has previously connected. It also states how a company assures its early connections about the dues and assures them to make contact further for any queries.

Example Business Closing Letter


Closing Letter for Business


Basic Closing Business Letter


Sample Business Account Closing Letter


Why Business Closing Letter Is Needed?

In the business field, business closing letters play important role to inform shareholders, customers and other companies about the organization that is going to be closed or shifted. The closing company must state the reason of their decision clearly on the business closing letter. If the closing companies don’t inform much ahead of their decision, that can create problems for the investors and shareholders as well as for the customers.

Also it is very important to send such letters to the companies you are associated to for assuring them that you will pay all the dues. The closing company must provide options so that their associates can keep contact with them if necessary. You may like Business Letters.

When to Send Business Closing Letter?

If a company has decided to close permanently or to shift from one place to another or to close a specific branch, business closing letter is needed. This letter is sent to the shareholders, investors, customers and all other associates of the closing company so that they can withdraw all connection to it.

Business closing letter must be sent much prior to the closing day. A company must send it to the associates at least 1-2 months ago so that they can get time to arrange everything. Also, it is the duty of the closing company to give reason of their decision. You can also see Standard Business Letters.

Benefits of Business Closing Letter

A company is closing a business doesn’t mean it is closing permanently. Maybe it will return in new avatar. It can also happen that the closing company is shifting from the place and getting a makeover. So, the most important benefit of sending business closing letter to the customers is that they can wait for the new one or look for the new branch.

A company also doesn’t want to lose its trusted shareholders and investors. A business closing letter can make them informed about the present status of the closing company and they can remove their shares on time.

While writing a business closing letter, it should be remembered that you are stating your points clearly. The company must be easily available to its associates so that they can get reasonable answers. In commerce field, business closing letter is really important.

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