A Bible school is a great opportunity to educate your community with the Word of God, and let them apply their learnings in their lives to live a fulfilled life and to avoid doing things that could harm them and their families. Furthermore, a Bible school can bring the community closer and establish solid friendships and support each other’s endeavors. If you feel like it’s your calling to form a Bible school, you need to keep in mind that it is similar to creating a business and you just need a solid plan to help you create it. While it’s possible to run a business without a plan, it’s also more likely your business is going to fail without one. This article will show you how to write a business plan for your Bible school and the importance of having one.

3+ Bible School Business Plan Samples

1. Bible School Business Plan Template

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2. Bible College School Business Plan

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3. Bible School Charity Business Plan

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4. Bible School Committee Business Plan

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Importance of a Business Plan

A business plan is essential for every type of business that exists out there. It serves as a road map for your business from flopping because it will keep you focused on the important aspects of your business to help you keep accountable, it will help you from doing fatal errors that will cost your business, especially if you’re still starting, and it allows you to set goals for the improvement of your business.

How to Write a Business Plan for Bible School

1. Choose the Values That You Will Apply in Your Business

Since you are starting a Bible school, it is just appropriate that the foundation of your business will be based around the Bible. Think of any Bible verses that you want to center your business around and you can also use as your motivation to keep going on your business, even when times are tough. Once you’ve chosen the Bible verses for your business, it’s time to choose some values that you want to use as your guide in shaping and operating your business.

2. Write Your Mission and Vision Statements

The next section is where you write your mission and vision statement. The mission statement is where you state what does your business does and to whom do you serve. Make sure your statement is straight to the point.

For your vision statement, you need to state where do you want your business to be in the coming years. This is where you state your long-term goals and your plans on achieving them. Make sure your vision statement is brief.

3. Business Background

This section is where you provide more details about your Bible school. State the name of your business, your business structure,  business address, business bank account, website address, social media accounts, etc. List also the licenses and permits you obtained that make your business operations legitimate. State what kind of insurance you need and other details regarding it.

List also all the operations that will be going on in your school. Mention the courses you will offer to your students, the number of students who may enroll, the class schedules, the grading system, programs and training you do for your student’s overall wellbeing in learning their courses, and any other operations that you do that are not mentioned here.  Present also your organization’s structure through an organization chart and the list of the faculty staff that will be working in your school.

4. Financial Plan

Every business needs a financial plan to succeed. It determines the viability of your business and helps keep you in check on your current finances and the budget you’re going to need to keep your business going. Below are some details to include in your plan:

  • The amount of capital you need to start your business
  • The current amount of  your capital
  • Your projected cash flow
  • Your strategies on how you will make money
  • Profit loss statement
  • Cost of operations for the first six months of the business
  • Break-even analysis
  • Projected balance sheet

5. Marketing and Sales Strategies

To attract customers who will be your potential students, you need to have marketing strategies to invite them on enrolling in your school. You can do paid advertisements, content marketing, cold calling, social media marketing, paid ads, or direct mail marketing to market your school. It’s up to you on what strategies you will use, after all, your strategies will depend on your type of business, your customers, and your marketing budget.

Don’t forget to work on your brand awareness to make sure people will recognize your school. Having recognition to a wider audience means more potential for generating revenue.



How long does it take to complete Bible school?

For anyone interested to major in Bible studies, it takes four years to complete the degree.

What are the benefits of Bible school?

The main benefit of studying in Bible School is that you just not only fulfilled your academic studies but you also solidify your foundational beliefs and nourish your spiritual life. You will also discover and understand more about God and His will to the people.

How do I start a Bible school?

Here is a summarized list of what you can do to start a Bible school:

  1. Fill out loan applications to raise capital if you don’t have enough capital
  2. Reach out to local churches for support
  3. Share your mission statement and course offerings with pastors and parishioners
  4. Explain how your school will train and educate students.

When you’re writing your business plan, set aside a lot of time to brainstorm, draft, review and revise your proposal. Even though the whole process can be tedious and mind-boggling, and even frustrating sometimes,  don’t pressure yourself to finish it in a short time; instead, take your time on writing and revising it to assure that your proposal is free from errors and inaccurate information and it’s written concisely. To help you get started on writing a business plan for your Bible school, download our free sample templates provided above!

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