Safety should be the topmost priority for facilities that frequently operate with production machinery. Proper safety measures should be present to ensure that workers and operators and safe, and far from operational hazards. It’s an ethical and just smart business practice, granted that every employee has a legal right to be safe at work, especially those who continuously expose themselves to heavy machinery and mechanical engineering. A good step towards a safer and more inclusive work environment begins with creating a culture that prioritizes safety over all. Starting with the management setting an example for all members to follow. That is why it is imperative for machinery supervisors to conduct routing inspections of all the heavy machinery that an employee operates. These inspections are then supported by inspection checklists to ensure every component is covered and properly inspected, keeping the chances of it malfunctioning significantly low.

Having a comprehensive machine inspection and safety checklist lets the inspectors and operators review it regularly. Covering both safety equipment and components like limit switches on machines, and other equally important practices and policies that the workers and other employees should follow to avoid putting themselves in danger. Having an inspection checklist lets the workers, especially those tasked with the inspection, to review and verify if the worksite and the machine is safe to operate. It usually covers topics like mechanical hazards. electrical hazards. protective equipment, maintenance and repair, safeguards, and  training to use the machine. To get yourself properly acquainted with the document, review what it looks like and how it works, check out these machine inspection checklist samples that we have listed down below. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the document, feel free to use these samples as guides or maybe even as templates for your own inspection checklist.

3+ Machine Inspection Checklist Samples

1. Machine Inspection Checklist Sample

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2. Machine Shop Safety Inspection Checklist

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3. Printable Machine Inspection Checklist

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4. Standard Machine Inspection Checklist

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What Is a Machine Inspection Checklist?

Inspection checklists are tools commonly used by inspectors and supervisors or other personnel in charge with performing critical and routine inspections in a particular aspect or area of the workplace. In this instance, a machine inspection checklist. It covers everything from top to bottom to identify potential faults and hazards that may cause injury or harm employees and machine operators that usually work with the machine. A checklist ensures that the inspection goes smooth and proper by establishing a guideline for each component of the machinery and its environment that is to be inspected. The checklist can help thoroughly assess the safety of operating the machine and actively address hazards that could lead to fatal accidents or malfunctions. Inspectors should be able to examine all activities and variables that could lead to all sorts of safety hazards when operating a certain machinery, machine inspection checklists should be specific to the given environment or nature and model of the machine.

What Should Be Included on a Machine Inspection Checklist

Inspection checklists should be tailored to the given environment that the machine is working with or the nature of its function and operations. Some facilities might focus on fire and electrical hazards safety, emergency evacuation, ergonomics, PPE, manual and automated handling, and signage. Overall, it is imperative to make sure that every aspect, the ins and outs of the machinery and its environment, should be take into account. The best inspection checklist of any subject is one that has been developed for the worker’s or the environment’s specific needs. And whatever shape or form it may take, make sure to provide space for the inspectors name, signature, and contact details. Listed below are some of the most basic components that your machine inspection checklist should be able to cover.

  • Mechanical Hazards
    • Safeguards should be present at the point of operation
    • Take note of exposed moving parts like chains, belts, gears, etc.
    • Also with the mechanical parts that might be sharp or hazardous.
    • Machine anchor and stability
    • Limit switches should be installed and working
  • Electrical Hazards
    • Set-up the machine according to applicable codes and standards
    • Machine should be grounded  properly
    • Fuses and protection present in power supplies
    • All electrical connections should be tight
    • Shock hazards away from open connections
    • Labels and signage present on all hazardous wires and electrical components
  • Other Hazards
    • Noise protection
    • Environment should be conducive enough for workers to safely function
    • Proper lighting
    • Proper ergonomic features in place
  • Protective equipment
    • Proper protective equipment should be provided by the management
    • Proper training in using the protective equipment
    • Proper attire in operating the equipment. No jewelry, loose clothing, proper footwear, hair tie, etc.
  • Maintenance and repair
    • A maintenance log should be present at the machine
    • Maintenance workers should have proper training in conducting emergency actions like disconnecting the machine from the main power line
  • Training
    • All workers and operators should be trained properly to use the machine
    • Trained about the safety measures of the machine
    • Proper emergency response
    • Electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic diagrams should be present
    • Operating manuals and documentation in a language understood by the workers
  • Safeguards
    • A master switch should be present to quickly turn off the machine
    • These controls should be easily accessible
    • Safeguards against any hazardous materials
    • Adequate emergency response should be available, including a first aid kit


What is a checklist inspection?

A checklist is a list of items that the inspector needs to verify, check, or inspect. These are used widely in any imaginable field, from building inspections to complex medical operations.

What is a safety procedure?

Safety procedures are step by step plans of how to perform work safety inspections. It’s a document usually put together by groups or safety supervisors within the company.

What is machine inspection?

A machinery inspection or a mechanical inspection is usually conducted to ensure the safety and reliability of structures or heavy machinery.

Making sure that your workplace environment safe is a lot of work. But it can also be a deeply rewarding one. Making sure that your employees and operators are safe in the workplace will enable them to function more confidently and efficiently, at the same time, you’ll be keeping the integrity of your company by putting the safety of your human resources above anything else.

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