Auto repair shops should be present anywhere; they fix cars that have broken down or repair any issues of a vehicle to avoid further problems and complications that may escalate that could result in accidents and mishaps. Auto mechanics are skilled people who are experts in handling and fixing vehicles parts and installing them safely into the vehicle. If you’re an auto mechanic and you want to open a business where you can repair troubled cars, one of the first things you need to do is create a business plan. A business plan will serve as your roadmap on which areas your business must follow to ensure you get to the right destination, and the destination is the success of your business. Read the article to know how to write an auto repair service business plan.

3+ Auto Repair Service Business Plan

1. Auto Repair Service Business Plan

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2. Tire and Auto Repair Service Business Plan

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3. Bike and Auto Repair Service Business Plan

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What are Auto Repair Services?

An auto repair shop, or also known garage or a workshop is an establishment where vehicles are repaired by auto mechanics and technicians. They offer various repair services for vehicles. Some common services they offer include:

  1. Refilling oil
  2. Changing oil filter
  3. Replacing wiper blades
  4. Replacing air filter
  5. Scheduling car maintenance
  6. Providing new tires
  7. Replacing batteries
  8. Fixing and maintaining brakes
  9. Adding antifreeze accessories
  10. Tuning up engine
  11. Balancing and aligning wheels
  12. And many more!

How to Make an Auto Repair Services Business Plan

1. Executive Summary

Start your business plan with a cover page where you put down your information such as the name of your auto repair shop, its address, your name as the owner, and the date when the plan is completed.

The next first section of the business plan is the executive summary. This section provides an overview of each section of your business plan. Make sure this does not exceed more than one page. It should highlight your mission statement, its business structure, its scope of work, the services you offer, the requested amount of funding from investors, your total investment in the business, and your long-term goals for your business.

2. Company Overview

This section is where you describe your auto repair shop company. Include details such as the location of the shop, its entity, details of your repair shop, the services you offer and its pricing, the history of your company, and the nature of your business. Include details of your target customers, the purpose why your business exists, and your advantage compared to your competition. Attach all the permits, certifications, and licenses you acquired that let you operate your business legally.

3. Operations Details

This section is where you comprehensively describe details of your fish farm, including construction costs, ease of operation, and productivity, the equipment, vehicles, tools, fixtures, furniture, and other inventory items that are required to run your business. Include other important details such as the topography and zoning details of your business location.

Don’t forget to include details of your data management and risk management. Explain how you store and use your data without a threat of breaching confidential information and explain your procedures on how you identify risks in your business and how you address them to prevent unfortunate circumstances from happening.

4. Staff and Management Details

This section is where you describe your organization details such as your staff and your management. List down the names of all your mechanics and include their professional background information such as employment experience, professional training, and education, certifications, or degrees held related to the auto repair services. Below the list, make a chart of your organizational structure where you describe each employee’s job position and to whom they report. Don’t forget to include information regarding your contractors (if you have one) who provide you with equipment or products that you will need for your business.

5. Marketing Plan

The marketing plan is where you describe how you’re going to advertise and promote your business to your customers. All you need to write is to describe your target market and the location of the business. Then describe your marketing strategies that relate to your target customers. Describe how your strategies can bring your target market to your shop and help you earn profit.

6. Financial Plan

The last part of your business plan is your financial plan. This is where you include details regarding your finances and your financial projection for your business in the coming years. Here are the following details that you should include in your plan:

  • competitive advantage
  • sales forecasts and  financial assumptions
  • measures of success
  • financial worksheet to calculate the money you will ask from investors or lenders
  • breakeven analysis
  • bookkeeping
  • rational analysis
  • business financing
  • personal income tax return
  • business and personal income statement
  • cash flow projections
  • profit and loss statement


Is owning an auto repair shop profitable?

Yes, an auto repair shop is highly profitable since most car owners will need services from the repair shop to fix their cars. Annually, a repair shop can earn $100,000 o average.

How much does it cost to open an auto repair shop?

The cost varies depending on the equipment, facilities, insurance, inventory, accounting, marketing, and administrative fees that you have. The approximate cost to open an auto repair shop is over $37,000.

After drafting your business plan, review and revise any errors or inaccurate information that you’ve spotted. Take note of how you write your business plan too. Make sure it sounds formal but it’s comprehensible and concise. If you’re head is swimming with too much information, leave your business plan for a day or two and come back to it and check if you need to add more information or if it needs more revision. To help you get started on making a business plan for your auto repair shop, download our free sample templates provided above!

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