Employees are actually the most important people in any company or organization. Their output determines the progress and success of any business. They play a major role in completing the tasks required, usually for the good of the company as well as their career development. But employees can’t execute their duties properly if there are no proper guidelines established. The management will be having a tough time resolving problems daily should employees miss the unseen marks (working protocols). That’s why the creation of a company¬†employee handbook is crucial for every company. So in this blog, we’ll share with you our Sample Printable Employee Handbook Templates. They can help in improving your company’s workforce.

FREE 6+ Sample Printable Employee Handbook Templates

Restaurant Employee Handbook Template

restaurant employee handbook template

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Free Employee Handbook Template

free employee handbook template

Employee Rights

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Employee HandBook Sample

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Employee Handbook Example

employee handbook example


Employee Manual

employee manual1


Construction Employee Handbook

construction employee handbook2


What Is an Employee Handbook?

An employee handbook, also called an employee manual, is a booklet consisting of rules and guidelines that employees must follow in the workplace or office. It contains important policies such as dress code, proper behavior, standard operating procedures (SOP), attendance policy, vacation policy, the chain of command, and many more.

An employee handbook helps in establishing order in the company. It ultimately prompts employees to act professionally and perform their duties effectively. Every company with a structured workforce, especially those with more than 50 employees, should invest in creating an official employee handbook. It’s important to ensure that every employee is on the same page with the company’s standards, rules, short term objectives, and long term objectives.

How to Structure an Employee Handbook

If you’re new to this employee management responsibility, chances are you haven’t created an employee handbook before. Managing human resources is a vital foundation in keeping your business afloat. Keep in mind that it’s the employees that drive a company towards success. But for that to happen, you have to make sure they’re abiding by the rules. And the best tool for that is an employee handbook. So take note of these basic steps in structuring one.

Step 1: Start with the Company’s Mission and Vision

To start off nicely, the first entry of the employee handbook contents should be the company’s mission and vision. It’s a good way to introduce employees to the company’s identity and enable them to adapt to it. Once the employees understand the mission and vision, they’ll wholeheartedly follow your practices, rules, and protocols, most of them at least.

If you haven’t made a mission and vision yet, start doing so asap. Make sure that they’re easy to understand and impactful. They should perfectly represent your company’s brand and provide a welcoming feeling to the employees. And also, see to it that they communicate your company’s short term and long term goals.

Step 2: Establish Policies that Bring Out the Employees’ Best

As an employer or manager, among your duties is to bring out the best in your employees. Sometimes, it’s through your words of encouragement, appreciation, and recognition. But most of the time, it’s through the policies you’ll establish. These policies should prompt them to perform well, follow standard practices, and show proper professionalism in the work environment. And, of course, they should be present in the employee handbook.

Policies that your company must have are dress code, proper conduct, attendance policy, SOPs, and vacation policy. You can also add other important policies if you see fit. When you write the policies, make them concise for the readers’ benefit. And don’t forget to use use a tone with conviction. It gives employees the impression that the policies are serious. Thus, they’ll follow them.

When you can bring out the best in your employees, your company will achieve many milestones.

Step 3: Highlight Your Employment Perks

Employee handbooks aren’t just about rules, regulations, and protocols. Well, that’s what they’re mainly known for. But they also discuss what the employees get in return for their services, which is their salary and employment perks. The salary is a given, however. The employees know they’ll receive their paycheck. So, you should highlight the employment perks more.

Employment perks encourage your employees to perform at their best. Who doesn’t want to receive bonuses on top of the salary? No one, of course. You can offer bonuses to employees with 100% productivity rates, no absences, no tardiness, and no violations. Employment perks make your workforce engagement consistent.

Step 4: Enhance the Handbook’s Presentability

An employee handbook not only contains your company’s rules and regulations. It also represents your company’s image and identity. With that in mind, make sure that they’re presentable before handing them to your employees. To do that, you can simply add some design to its book cover and cover page. And don’t forget to input the company’s official name and logo on them.


How much is the cost of making an employee handbook?

If you don’t have time to create an official employee handbook, there are HR firms that can make them for you. According to Zenefits, the price of their services range between $1,500 to $5,000. The amount depends on your company’s size, such as your number of branches, your workforce population, and lists of state-specific employment laws.

Can an employee handbook be revised?

Yes, you have the full authority to revise your company’s employee handbook. But before doing so, it’s best to consult with your co-executives. Revisions in the handbook mean major changes are bound to happen in the company. And you should know that reprinting a new edition of the employee handbooks isn’t cheap.

Is an employee handbook a legally binding document?

Yes, an employee handbook can be a legally binding document. That’s if it has a signature page where the employees affix their signatures implying their acknowledgment of its contents. In a way, an employee handbook is like a long and robust version of an employment contract.

An official employee handbook may just be the final piece to gearing your company for success. Your employees are one of your main assets. Without them, your company will cease to exist. So, manage them well and invest in crafting the best employee handbook.


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