Has it ever happened that you’ve run out of cash at the market, because you thought you had enough and didn’t pick up more? Have you ever run out of flour when baking? Or ink while writing a test? We’re being reductive here, to give you a better idea of it – but issues are bound to creep up in life, and they’re even worse when they crop up during your work or school projects. With the use of an Issue Log and Log Templates , escape glitches and risks. After all, some issues can affect more than just a single life.

Issue Log Example

issue log example


When working in a big firm, time and again issues keep on cropping. Keeping a track of the issues helps a firm to know its resolution if the same thing happens again later. All this helps a lot to save time. In this template, issues can be saved with their number and all the details like the description of issue, how much time it took to get resolved etc.

Issues Log Sheet

issues log sheet


This template is basically made to keep a track of all the issues that may crop up related to power. Here, you can store the device name and the use for which it was made. Also, the details of the location where this happened can be saved. You can also track down the earliest indications of the issue for dealing it in the earlier stages in future.

Risk and Issue Log Template

risk and issue log template2


This type of template is mainly for the hospitals or medical care centres. In hospitals, many complicated cases come on a daily basis. Such a case log can help the doctors to deal with the similar cases in lesser time and hence help them in saving the life of critical patient.

Project Management Issue Log Template

project management issue log template


Project management is an important vertical of every company. In this type of template, specific project related information can be stored. Here, the detailed description about the issue, its impact and resolution can be saved for further reference. All this will help the management save a lot of time.

Issue Log PDF

issue log pdf


Issue Log Template Download

issue log template download1


Issue Log Template Word

issue log template word


Why Does a Firm Need Issue Log Template?

Everything we do in life has certain risks associated with it. Like they say, you learn from your mistakes. On similar lines, when issues crop up in a firm, it is important to keep a track of the resolution of it and why it has cropped up. For this reason, a firm must keep a record of every issue whether small or big, that has cropped up.

Moreover these issue logs help in calculating the final output of a company too. Many people work in a company at the same time, so there is full possibility of recurring issues coming up which can easily be dealt with the help of such templates. You may like Change Log Templates.

When Does a Company Need Issue Log Template?

These templates are required if you wish to simplify your life and not get stressed up even when certain issues crop up in an organisation. Such kinds of templates are of a great help if you wish to analyse an issue that happened in the past.

A project management issue forms an important part when dealing with a big project in hand. Also, such issues log templates are of an utmost importance to the hospitals where time and again casualties arise.

Usefulness of Issue Log Templates

Download from these free/paid/premium templates if you want to simplify your life. With risk log templates, you can make sure that a problem does not affect an entire system – and also prioritize.

Issue log samples will make you realize how simple the entire process can be, even without the use of issue log software. A risk register template is all you need, to protect your work. You can also see Research Log Templates.

Forms of an Issue Log Template

Issue log templates are found in the form of issue log template xls files, in an issue log template prince2 form, or as issue log download files for word. A project management issue log template is all that you will need when working on your project, and the fact that it is entirely customizable is a huge bonus in the use of templates from our collection of the best across the net.

Found in the form of excel or word formats, these templates come in many avatars. Risks, project management issues and other problems fit perfectly into these top ranking templates. With its ability to conform to norms as well as full customization, the templates are everything you could ever need.

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