Passport template is primarily for designing and creating new and improved passports that every passengers and foreign ministries of a country will benefit of. Mostly used by the foreign relation department and WordPress Templates . Usually designed with the icon and symbol of a country, all that is written must be unique and different with other countries passport. You may also see invitation samples.

Passport Invitation Card Template

passport invitation

File Format
  • Illustrator
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: 4×6, 5×7 Inches,+ Bleed


Design New passport Template

design new passport template

A simple and spectacular looking passport is the prime choice when it comes to choosing an ideal passport. And this Design new passport template fits into that category very well. Made by experts, this template is very well designed. The template can be downloaded for seeking ideas for free. This is also available in various formats.

Passport Template Photoshop

passport template photoshop

Passport template Photoshop is a template which can be edited, redrafted and used for a use since it is created using Photoshop. The best part about the template is that it can be reused by editing it. The template is available for free use by downloading it online.

Passport Invitation Template

Quite an interesting and appealing option is the Passport invite template. This template is essentially a passport invite constructed very well. Designed by experts, this template is available online for free download. Also, the template is available in various formats like PDF, Word, etc.

Passport Template Sample

passport template sample

Passport template sample is a quite useful passport template that can be used by Foreign Ministry and its departments when looking for face-lifting the passports. The template is made keeping in mind the regular and accepted pattern of Passports. The template is available online for free downloads. And it is also available in various formats like Word, PDF, et al.

Passport Template for Kids

passport template for kids

Passport Template for Students

passport template for students

Hospital Passport Template Word

hospital passport template word

Passport Template

passport template

Blank Passport Template

sample passport template

Why do we Need a Passport Template?

Passport templates are interesting and quite helpful pieces of templates that can be used by Foreign Ministries of national Governments. Every government requires improving its passport’s appearance. But at the same time they need not resemble the Passports of other countries. The governments and their Ministries can refer these sample Passport templates for taking an idea while preparing new formats.

When do we need a Passport Template?

Change is a mandatory part of life. Same looking things do get boring after a time. Same is the case with Passports. Government should innovate with the passports’ appearance but at the same time they should not ignore the formal expectations from the passport. The passports are a form of diplomatic exchanges at an international level. So they can refer to these Passport templates for future usage.

What are the benefits of Passport Templates?

Mostly these passport templates are of Foreign Ministry’s use, since they have the authority to change the look of passports. So these Passport templates are a great mode of collecting innovative ideas. Thus these templates are very beneficial for foreign departments seeking ideas collected from passports ‘of various countries.

All of what is designed and written in this template is for easy identification and security mark of each passport that all people will possess every time they will travel domestically especially in abroad. Must be legitimate and approved by the head of foreign relation of a country before releasing to public.

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