Blank cheque or Cash Receipt Template is for banks that want to give their clients unique cheques and will give easy access in dispersing money to them or to persons they want to give. Usually each cheques is with their unique trace number and bank numbers in which each bank use for identification in the cheques they give especially the part of the signatory of their clients and the amount written by them.

Each cheque has its own designs, but can be personalized like putting the name of the client on the cheque for security purposes; the important is that the money that is asked in the cheque can be easily got by their clients.

Blank Cheque Template Printable


A printable blank cheque template is a ready to print template design for issuing professional and presentable cheques. It has a lot of blank spaces to be filled in by the user of the template as per his personal and business intentions.

Blank Bank Cheque Template

This professional looking blank bank cheque template comes in very handy for making professional and business oriented transactions. It’s sleek design and presentable formal look is sure to catch the eye of the people receiving the cheque.

Sample Blank Cheque Template

Sample Bank cheque templates are not exactly bank cheques though they look like one. They can be used for a variety of other ways, such a book clubs, board games, class funds, etc.

Blank Cheque Template Presentation

This template too, looks like a cheque but isn’t. They cannot be used for transfer of funds from one person to another or for making professional payments. But they can be used as an instrument to practice writing cheques so as to reduce errors. This can also be used wherever there is no involvement of transfer of funds under the banking authority, such as club donations, etc.

Blank Cheque Template Editable

A blank cheque template is a printable template designed for issuing presentable and professional cheques. It provides blank spaces for people to fill out the details required either for their personal or business intentions.

Blank Personal Check

A personal blank cheque is a type of check found in website template for customization and utilization then after. The template is useful in terms of time management for it creates easy access of money transaction.

What is a Blank Cheque Template?

A blank cheque template is a design or a template which looks exactly like a cheque which is a document which orders some specified banks to the pay a specified amount of money from the account of the drawer of the document to a person whose name has been mentioned in the document. You can also see Receipt Templates

So blank cheque templates are blank bank Cheque designs which may be used for a variety of purposes as deemed fit by the users. These templates can be of a variety of designs and shapes and sizes and users may choose the most desirable ones according to their needs.

What are the uses of Blank Cheque Templates?

The primary and most important use of blank cheque templates is education. Blank cheque templates can be a great way of teaching the kids as well as adults the dos and don’ts of issuing cheques. There is no scope of making a mistake in writing cheques as because overwriting is not allowed in cheques and leads to cancellation. You can also see Deposit Slip Templates

Apart from that, cheques can be used for various other purposes such as board games, class room funds, donations for charitable institutions, etc. All in all cheque templates are a fun way of inducing and introducing banking culture among the masses at large and kids respectively.

How To Create A Blank Cheque Template?

Creating a blank cheque template can be really tricky as it involves the operating knowledge of designing software and familiarity with cheques in general. People, who are well acquainted with both, shouldn’t have much of a problem replicating the design of a blank cheque using one of the many design softwares available such as Adobe Photoshop, etc.

One thing to be kept in mind here is that one can under no circumstances replicate the name and logo of the bank in his/her template as it is punishable by law. Only the bank is allowed to design cheques with their names and logos.

Blank Cheque template although complicated to prepare can be a fun and exciting way to learn about cheques and its dos and don’ts. Even now, a very small portion of the population actually undertakes banking transactions. So inducing banking habits among the citizens is a major responsibility.

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