Trucking companies and logistics agencies play a huge role in the business structure of the whole world. These companies take care of logistics in and around the country, making sure that everything is delivered to their clients on time. This is why operators would generally want to make sure that the units that they are operating are always in perfect shape. A malfunction on the road could easily lead to an impediment in the services that they are trying to provide.

Operating heavily with motor vehicles in general poses a great responsibility to the company owner or to the operators themselves. Of course, they wouldn’t want any of the trucks to break down in the middle of business, or at all. Like every vehicle in the world, a well maintained vehicle would ensure that operators don’t waste any more money  than they should in trying to repair bigger problems due to mismanagement. Most of the time, fleet operators have in house mechanics that deal with repairs and maintenance in any of their trucks. To make sure that everything is in perfect running condition. These maintenance sessions usually happen periodically, like every month or week, or sometimes every before and after a journey.

Making sure that the maintenance is a success is paramount, that’s why mechanics often use a document like a truck maintenance checklist to have a guideline and keep track of every component that needs repair and those that do not. Check out these truck maintenance checklist samples listed below to know more about the document. You can even use these as a guide or template for when you want to develop your own maintenance checklist for your trucks.

3+ Truck Maintenance Checklist Samples

1. Truck Maintenance Checklist Sample

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2. Power Industrial Truck Maintenance Checklist

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3. Summer Truck Maintenance Checklist

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4. Truck Prevention Maintenance Checklist

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What Is a Truck Maintenance Checklist?

Maintenance checklists are, checklists. It helps an individual, mort likely a mechanic, in inspecting and assessing the condition and possible mechanical flaws of a vehicle. It does this by providing the description of a part or a component along with a description of its optimal performance. A checklist should also keep track of every component that is being inspected to keep the process accurate and efficient. It essentially works as a guideline, that keeps every process precise and error-free. Vehicle maintenance is a meticulous task that requires a bit of concentration and commitment, to make sure that everything and every component of the vehicle is covered. Especially for trucking companies who generally want to keep their units on perfect condition. A well maintained vehicle would reduce the risk of having a truck that would leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere, and if worst comes to worst, may even lead to fatal accidents that could cost you the life of your operator.

How to Create a Truck Maintenance Checklist

Of course when making a checklist for the maintenance of your truck, you have to have a quite extensive knowledge of your fleet and all the trucks that you are operating. Usually, making a checklist involves a lot of design and laying out to make sure that it is actually comprehensible. To help you with that, you can use the samples and templates we have provided above. These should be more than enough to help you in terms of design. In terms of content, we’ll be giving some pointers and the basic components that your checklist should be able to cover.

  1. Contact details
    Always remember to include the contact information of the operator of the truck and the person in charge of the maintenance check. Details such as name, contact numbers, email, and their signature.
  2. Identification
    Reflect any identification of the person whose names you have included in the previous section, Driver’s license, valid ID, car registration, etc.
  3. Specify the vehicle’s details
    There are tons of different truck models and units out there. Each with a different component that make them unique from one another, except for the same brands. So make sure that the model and other details of the vehicle is specified. It helps make sure that every component repaired and replaced is compatible with the truck itself.
  4. Inspection
    This is the main part of your document as this is the checklist itself. Here are the basic components and procedure that your checklist have to cover.

    • Engine oil check
    • Battery check
    • Headlight and turn signals
    • Tire treads check
    • Windshield wipers
    • Belts in and around the hood of the vehicle
    • Make sure the auto emission sticker is up to date
    • Brake and rearview lights
    • Brake test

That should only cover the basics. Any more specific procedures and components depend entirely on the build of the truck that will undergo maintenance. Everything has to be unique and different from each other, take note of that as well.


How many cars are there in a fleet?

If a company has more than one vehicles to operate, then they technically have a fleet.

What is a daily routine check?

Daily routine checks are daily maintenance checks that inspect the fluid levels of the vehicle. Engine oils, brakes, clutch, steering, and transmission.

What company has the largest amount of trucks in the world?

AT&T with more than 65,000 units!

Operating a regular vehicle is already a huge responsibility in of its own, what more an entire fleet of trucks. But it is necessary and just overall a good business practice. Making sure that your truck is in perfect condition is the perfect way to avoid any sort of malfunction that might hinder your business.

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