Leasing agreements are necessary for any binding contract whenever a lease is concerned. Whether you are the owner of property or the renter, protect your own interests with the help of our lease agreements. Being completely free as well as premium, it’s the easiest way to create your own agreement. Just download, fill in some blanks in, and take a print – creating a leasing agreement with these templates is easy as saying 1, 2, 3.

Lease agreements protect both landlords and tenants, whether of apartments or offices. These templates offer clear-cut terms that dismiss any confusion regarding repairs, maintenance or deposit of fees. Being in the form of easy digital downloads, they are largely configurable to suit an individual’s need: without requiring any legal knowledge.

Sublease Contract Template

sublease contract


Simple Rental Lease Agreement

simple rental lease agreement

Standard Basic Lease Agreement

standard basic lease agreement


Standard Rental Agreement Template

standard rental agreement


Sublease Agreement Form

sublease agreement form1


Leasing Agreement Template Residential

leasing agreement template residential


Free Rental Lease Agreement

free rental lease agreement


Free Leasing Agreement Template

free leasing agreement template

 Lease Agreement 1-0-1  to be Found in These Templates:

* Set of rules that define the relationship between the two sets of people: landlord and tenant, but in legally binding terms.

* A practical way of providing business details necessary for any transaction, protecting the interests of both groups.

* A good example of an agreement template is one that includes limitations regarding occupancy, names of all the tenants.

* The tenancy terms, which are set down in lease agreements and must be abided with at all times.

Why you need a lease agreement template

* Rent control: It would be unfair to both your tenant and yourself, depending on the situation, to have a template without rent related specifications.

* Deposits: Crucial to the making of a Sample Loan Agreement Templates . These lease agreement templates ensure that these terms are well laid out as well.

* Responsibilities: Clearly set out list of responsibilities can ensure that both tenant and landlord know who is responsible for what.

* Templates are particularly helpful as these Excel/Word sheets offer complete flexibility and customization.

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