Whenever you find yourself resigning from a company, or assigned in a different location or position chances are your manager or the HR department would hand out a job handover checklist to help you organize the handover process. Handovers are really important and essential process for any organization. This is order to ensure the smooth and proper transition to the next employee who will be taking your place. Continue reading more about job handover checklist and don’t forget to check out free job handover checklist samples below:

3+ Job Handover Checklist Samples

1. Job Handover Checklist Template

job handover checklist template

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2. Job Handover Checklist

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3. Staff Job Handover Checklist

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4. Kitchen Job Handover Checklist

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What Is a Job Handover Checklist?

First of all, job handovers are essential for new employees to settle in with their team and their job position. With a handy handover checklist, new employees are able to gauge what is it they are required to do, continue and finish any pending work from his or her predecessor. A job handover checklist is a document that contains various task, endorsements and activities that will be needed to passed on during the handover period. This is part of the employee exit process or employee off boarding process and is a mandatory procedure. With this new staff  should be able to gain rapid understanding of their new role’s key objectives as well as the people, processes and systems important to the performance of the role. They should also gain understanding of their role’s impact and influence areas internal and external to the company.

How To Create a Job Handover Checklist?

Organizing a job handover is often discussed between an employee and his or her manager or team leader. Depending on your job and how your manager likes to work, you may be asked to contribute extensively to the handover. Once you have mutually agreed on the terms, a job handover checklist will be drafted for you to accomplish. Job handover checklist may differ per organization. So, in order to facilitate the employee exit process, the handover framework is divided into the following topics.

I. Basic Details

Every effort should be made to ensure an adequate handover period between the incoming and the outgoing person. This will help to avoid disruption to the ongoing business.

  • Job Title
  • Outgoing Incumbent Name
  • Newcomer Incumbent Name
  • Handover Period: from the starting date till the last day

II. People Involved

This portion of the checklist should contain the different aspects concerning the employees. The checklist must include a person who is assigned or responsible for the task, when it should be implemented or has been implemented and the progress or status of the task. Here are some of the fundamental aspects of this section:

  • Organizational charts
  • Building internal/external relationships and understanding (e.g. Staff, Peers, Key Contacts, Stakeholders, Clients)
  • Individual Development & Performance Management tools
  • Employee Training Programs
  • Performance Evaluation

III. Key Process and Procedures

In this section, it is imperative that the job handover checklist indicates the different work flow and procedures in accordance of the company’s policy and administration.

  • Review of Job Description: responsibilities, performance expectations and business strategic plans
  • Other potential roles or responsibilities
  • Knowledge transferred: lessons learned, insights and suggestions, ability to troubleshoot common problems
  • Process Requirements and Workflows: full understanding of deadlines and meetings, management and work flow, awareness of procedures and controls, account reconciliations. Main procedures related to the area including routine and seasonal tasks.
  • Cultural environment
  • Current main challenges and issues
  • Safety plan and key issues to be addressed
  • Delegation of authority

IV. Office Assets and Technology

Identify the different assets and technology that needs to be endorsed to the next employee. Here are some factors to consider in this section of your checklist:

  • Desk Manuals, Data Bases, Files: location and access to critical information and reference documents
  • Software: under these are computer softwares in which should be reassigned to the new staff, what should be taken by the outgoing employee and what should be instead reassigned to another employee so it may remain in the department
  • Access: determine the level of access of the new staff
  • Any computers, laptops or office related equipment that may be needed
  • Tools and processes for sharing information among team members and external stakeholders

V. Knowledge and Activities

These are the list of items that needs to be handed over to someone other than the new incumbent.


What Is a Checklist Tool?

A checklist tool helps create checklists that can be used to highlight important or required assignments, readings, or other items to complete. Checklist are also used in some instances as a requirement for a release condition.

What Is an Employee Exit Process?

These are set of procedures that are followed when an organization is offboarding an employee. The steps are essentially the same whether the employee leaves voluntarily or involuntarily.

What Is an Employee Exit Clearance?

This is a form and requirement that exiting employees need to complete to ensure that the employee is held reliable for his or her act. Its  purpose is to allow the employee to leave the organization formally and properly.

In order to ensure the smooth transition process of the outgoing and onboarding employee, a well executed job handover checklist can assure that all the necessary details, procedures and task are endorsed properly to the new staff. Allowing the out going employee to leave the company with clear conscience and mind. A process that will benefit both parties either way.

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