In business, the external and internal procedures continue throughout the whole week, including Saturdays and Sundays. From delivering goods to tracking the sales and profit, the business operations do not end even when the clock struck closing time. When the assigned employee checks the inventory report from the previous shift, he or she requires a tool to know the progress and delays of the current company work plan. With that, handover reports come in the picture to assist the personnel. Learn more about the importance and uses of this tool by reading this comprehensive article.

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Handover Reports After Resignation

Employee Name: John Doe
Position: Senior Marketing Analyst
Department: Marketing
Resignation Date: March 31, 2024
Report Date: March 24, 2024

This handover report is prepared by John Doe as part of the resignation process from the position of Senior Marketing Analyst in the Marketing Department at Globex Corporation. The purpose of this report is to ensure a smooth transition of duties and responsibilities to the successor or temporary in-charge. It outlines ongoing projects, key responsibilities, important contacts, and any other relevant information necessary for the seamless continuation of work.

Key Responsibilities:

Daily Duties and Tasks:

  • Conduct daily market analysis using tools like Google Analytics and SEMrush.
  • Coordinate with the content team to align on SEO strategies.

Ongoing Projects:

  • Market Expansion Analysis: Currently in the data collection phase with a deadline for initial findings on April 15, 2024.
  • Contact information for project stakeholders:

Upcoming Deadlines and Priorities:

  • Finalize and present the Q2 Marketing Strategy by April 5, 2024.
  • Prioritize the analysis of competitor marketing strategies due by April 20, 2024.

Important Contacts:

Internal Contacts:

External Contacts:

Documents and Files:

  • Marketing strategies and reports are stored on the Globex shared drive under “Marketing Strategies 2024”.
  • Access to Google Analytics and SEMrush through credentials stored in the Marketing Passwords document.

Pending Issues and Challenges:

  • The Q2 Strategy needs more competitor data. Consider extending the research period or using alternative data sources.

Recommendations for Successor:

  • Keep a close eye on the SEMrush updates; they’re crucial for our SEO efforts.
  • Continue the weekly check-in meetings with the content team for alignment.

Additional Information:

  • The marketing team’s weekly meeting is every Wednesday at 10 AM; it’s a great time to discuss strategies and address any issues.

I, John Doe, hereby confirm that the information provided in this handover report is accurate to the best of my knowledge. I am committed to ensuring a smooth transition and am available for any questions or clarifications during the handover period.

Employee’s Signature: John Doe
Date: March 24, 2024

handover reports after resignation

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Accountant Handover Report

Employee Name: Sarah Johnson
Position: Accountant
Department: Finance
Resignation Date: October 15, 2024
Report Date: October 1, 2024

This report outlines key information, ongoing tasks, and responsibilities that I, Sarah Johnson, am transferring to my successor or the interim accountant following my resignation. It is designed to ensure a seamless transition and continued efficiency of the finance department’s operations at Global Tech Solutions.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Financial Reporting: Manage monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reporting to internal and external stakeholders. Ensure accuracy and compliance with GAAP and IFRS standards.
  • Accounts Payable and Receivable: Oversee the processing of invoices, receipts, and payments. Maintain updated records of all transactions in QuickBooks.
  • Budgeting and Forecasting: Contribute to budget preparation and financial forecasting activities. Monitor budget variances and report significant issues to management monthly.
  • Tax Compliance: Ensure timely filing of tax returns, including VAT, income tax, and other statutory deductions. Keep abreast of changes in tax laws and regulations, especially the recent updates in VAT compliance procedures.
  • Payroll Administration: Oversee the payroll process, ensuring accurate computation of salaries, benefits, and deductions using ADP software. Resolve any payroll-related discrepancies or queries promptly.

Ongoing Projects and Deadlines:

  • Financial System Upgrade: Currently implementing a new accounting software system, NetSuite. Expected completion date: December 31, 2024. Next steps include data migration and staff training scheduled for November 2024.
  • Year-End Closing: Preparation for year-end financial closing and audits. All accounts should be reconciled by December 20, 2024.

Important Contacts:



Documents and Files:

  • Financial Reports: Stored in the Finance shared drive under “FY 2024 Financial Reports”.
  • Tax Records: Archived in the cloud storage “Global Tech Tax Documents”, including previous years’ returns and receipts.
  • Invoice and Payment Records: Located in QuickBooks, categorized by vendor and date.

Pending Issues and Challenges:

  • Outstanding Receivables: A list of clients with outstanding payments past 30 days is maintained in QuickBooks. Follow-up actions include sending reminder emails and calling the top five clients with the highest outstanding amounts.
  • Tax Query: Currently addressing a query from the tax office regarding VAT discrepancies for Q2 2024. Relevant documents are filed in the “Tax Queries 2024” folder in cloud storage.

Recommendations for Successor:

  • Regularly update cash flow forecasts to manage liquidity effectively, especially during the end-of-year sales season.
  • Maintain open communication with department heads to ensure budget compliance and address any financial concerns early.

Additional Information:

  • Weekly finance team meetings are held every Thursday at 9 AM to review financial status, discuss issues, and plan for upcoming tasks.

I assure the accuracy of the information provided in this handover report and am willing to offer further clarification or assistance if needed during the transition period.

Employee’s Signature: Sarah Johnson
Date: October 1, 2024

accountant handover report

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Project Handover Report

Project Name: Green Horizon Initiative
Project Manager: Alex Rivera
Start Date: January 15, 2023
Expected Completion Date: December 31, 2023
Handover Date: November 1, 2023

This document serves as a comprehensive handover report for the Green Horizon Initiative, managed by Alex Rivera. The purpose of this report is to provide a detailed account of the project status, achievements, pending tasks, and key information necessary for the successful continuation and completion of the project by the succeeding project manager or team.

Project Overview:
The Green Horizon Initiative aims to reduce the company’s carbon footprint by 25% by the end of 2023 through the implementation of sustainable practices and technologies across all operations. This project is significant for the organization’s commitment to environmental sustainability and corporate responsibility.

Achievements to Date:

  • Completed Milestones:
    • Completion of the solar panel installation at the main office facility on March 30, 2023.
    • Successful implementation of a company-wide recycling program on June 15, 2023.
  • Deliverables Produced:
    • A comprehensive report on the company’s current carbon footprint and reduction strategy.
    • Employee sustainability training modules and workshops.

Pending Tasks and Upcoming Milestones:

  • Incomplete Tasks:
    • Finalization of the green procurement policy.
    • Installation of energy-efficient lighting in manufacturing plants.
  • Next Milestones:
    • Launch of the green procurement policy scheduled for December 1, 2023.
    • Completion of energy-efficient lighting installation by November 30, 2023.

Issues and Risks:

  • Open Issues:
    • Delay in delivery of energy-efficient lighting fixtures due to supply chain issues.
  • Potential Risks:
    • Potential increase in project costs due to rising prices of sustainable materials. Recommended mitigation strategy includes securing fixed-price contracts with suppliers.

Budget Status:
The project budget was set at $500,000, with $350,000 expended to date. The remaining budget is allocated for the completion of pending tasks, though mindful monitoring is required due to potential cost overruns.


  • Team Members:
    • Sarah Lee, Sustainability Coordinator
    • Mark Chen, Operations Manager
  • Tools and Technologies:
    • Project management software (Asana) for task tracking.
    • Energy consumption analysis tools.
  • Documentation:
    Located on the company’s shared drive under “Green Horizon Initiative/Documents.”

Stakeholder Communication:
Monthly project status updates are communicated to stakeholders via email newsletters and quarterly meetings.

Handover Items:

  • Access Credentials:
    Login details for project management software and energy analysis tools.
  • Contacts:
  • Contracts and Agreements:
    Copies of agreements with external vendors and contractors are filed in the project documentation folder.

Recommendations for Continuation:
Prioritize the completion of pending tasks while maintaining open communication with suppliers to mitigate any further delays. Consider exploring additional sustainable practices that could be implemented within the budget constraints.

The Green Horizon Initiative is well-positioned to achieve its objectives by the end of 2023. I am confident in the project’s future success under the guidance of the new project manager or team.

Project Manager’s Signature: Alex Rivera
Date: November 1, 2023

project handover report

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Shift Handover Report

Shift Date: October 5, 2024
Shift Time: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Handed Over By: Michael Chen
Received By: Laura Smith
Department: Customer Service
Location: Downtown Office, Suite 305

This report outlines the activities, occurrences, and status of tasks during the shift from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM on October 5, 2024. It aims to ensure a smooth transition between shifts and maintain continuity of operations in the Customer Service Department.

Key Activities and Tasks Completed:

  • Successfully resolved 25 customer inquiries via phone and email, focusing on subscription issues and product inquiries.
  • Completed weekly report on customer feedback trends, highlighting an increase in inquiries related to our new product line.

Pending Tasks and Ongoing Activities:

  • Follow-up needed with 5 customers regarding their ongoing complaints about shipping delays. Case details are noted in the CRM system.
  • Continue monitoring the customer service email inbox, which has approximately 10 new messages since 3:00 PM.

Incidents and Issues:

  • Experienced a brief internet outage around 10:30 AM, which temporarily disrupted our service hotline. IT resolved the issue within 20 minutes. Recommend reviewing our backup communication plan.

Observations and Recommendations:

  • Noticed an uptick in calls related to billing confusion with our new pricing plan. Suggest creating a quick reference guide for the team to ensure consistent information is provided.
  • Recommend additional training on our new product features, as several team members had questions today.


  • Received updated product FAQs from the Product Development team, which have been shared with all staff via email.
  • Informed by management about a planned system update tonight; no disruptions to customer service operations are expected.

Equipment and Resource Status:

  • Headset for workstation 14 is malfunctioning and needs replacement.
  • Office supplies, especially notepads and pens, are running low and should be restocked.

Health and Safety:

  • No health and safety incidents were observed during the shift. The newly installed ergonomic chairs have received positive feedback from the team.

Handover Acknowledgment:
All relevant information, documents, and tools have been handed over to Laura Smith for the upcoming shift. This report aims to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of the day’s events and ensure preparedness for continued departmental success.

Signature of Handing Over: Michael Chen
Signature of Receiving: Laura Smith
Date: October 5, 2024

shift handover report

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Work Handover Template Word Free Download

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Size: A4, US


Job Handover Template Free Download

job handover report template

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Handing Over Report Sample

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Size: A4, US

Free Download

Importance of a Handover Report

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A handover report is a critical document that ensures the seamless transition of tasks and responsibilities from one individual to another, particularly during shifts changes, resignations, or project transitions. Its importance lies in several key areas:

  1. Continuity of Operations: It provides the successor with a clear understanding of ongoing tasks, upcoming deadlines, and current project statuses, ensuring that operations continue smoothly without interruption.
  2. Knowledge Transfer: A handover report facilitates the transfer of crucial information, including insights, strategies, and specific issues or challenges, minimizing the learning curve for the new individual.
  3. Accountability: By documenting the state of affairs, responsibilities, and pending tasks, it holds individuals accountable for their areas of work, ensuring that no tasks fall through the cracks during transitions.
  4. Efficiency: This report aids in the efficient allocation of resources and prioritization of tasks, helping the incoming individual to hit the ground running and focus on areas of immediate importance.
  5. Risk Management: It highlights any potential risks or issues, along with mitigation strategies, allowing for proactive handling rather than reactive management, thus reducing the potential for setbacks.
  6. Quality Assurance: Ensuring that all relevant procedures, protocols, and standards are communicated, the handover report helps maintain the quality and consistency of work, even with personnel changes.
  7. Communication: It serves as a formal means of communication between outgoing and incoming team members or between shifts, ensuring that all relevant parties are well-informed and aligned.
  8. Closure for Outgoing Staff: For individuals leaving a position, it provides a sense of closure, allowing them to summarize their contributions and leave knowing they have provided all the information necessary for the organization’s continued success.

In essence, a handover report is indispensable for maintaining the stability, continuity, and efficiency of organizational operations during transitions, serving as a cornerstone for smooth changes in personnel or shifts in responsibility.

Handover Format in Word

free property handover report template

File Format
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  • Pages
  • PDF

Size: A4 & US


Handover Report Template

handover report template

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Size: US, A4


Handover Report Template Word

formal report template

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Size: US, A4


Handing Over Taking Over Format Word

professional report template in word

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Size: US, A4


Handover Report Example PDF

sample pdf handover report template

Key Components of a Handover Report

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  1. Introduction and Overview: Begin with a brief introduction that includes the purpose of the handover, the name of the outgoing and incoming individuals, and relevant dates (such as the handover date). This section sets the context for the report.
  2. Key Responsibilities and Daily Tasks: Detail the primary responsibilities and daily tasks associated with the position or project. This ensures the incoming individual is aware of what is expected in their new role.
  3. Status of Ongoing Projects: Provide an update on all ongoing projects, including current progress, next steps, and any deadlines. This information helps the successor manage and prioritize their workload effectively.
  4. Pending Tasks and Immediate Priorities: List tasks that have not yet been completed and highlight those that require immediate attention. This section helps the new individual to hit the ground running by focusing on critical activities first.
  5. Important Contacts: Include a list of key internal and external contacts, such as team members, clients, and suppliers, along with their contact information. This facilitates smooth communication and collaboration.
  6. Access to Documents and Files: Specify the location of essential documents and files, both digital and physical. Providing clear instructions on how to access these resources ensures the continuity of work.
  7. Issues, Challenges, and Recommendations: Outline any known issues or challenges, and offer recommendations for their resolution. Sharing insights and proposed solutions can greatly assist the incoming individual in navigating potential obstacles.
  8. Additional Information: Any other relevant information that might assist in the transition process should be included here. This could range from login credentials for systems to protocols for reporting and communication.

Each component plays a vital role in ensuring a thorough and effective handover, facilitating a smooth transition and maintaining the continuity of operations.

Handing Over Report

free pdf handover report template

Hand Over Report Sample PDF

best pdf handover report template to download

Handover Notes Report Template

example of handover report template

Handover Report Template in PDF

download handover report template in pdf

What Is a Handover Report?

On a regular working day, shifts take place in the workplace. The replacement receives the hand-off report or a shift handover report when the other employee leaves the office. Instead of guessing the next assignment or duty, the new worker can take over and continue the task. The handover report acts as the summary report of the activities completed by the previous personnel. It also contains the present responsibilities and functions of the other worker. The employees follow a handover format to make the writing process of the document easier. Additionally, the handover document can be for the transitioning period of two company workers—the one resigning from the position and the other taking the job offer.

Different professionals use handover reports for their respective work. For instance, construction projects have construction field reports to assess the improvements in the plans. In addition, nurses use nursing handover templates to complete their reports, which will be handed to the next-in-charge. The Covid-19 virus has been a constant threat in the past months. Doctors and nurses are using handover reports as part of the health and safety plan to continue checking the progress of patients. According to the Australian Financial Review, the verbal and handwritten handover reports from a doctor stationed in the Ruby Princess cruise ship helped determine the possibilities of virus infection happening in the vessel. Consequently, handover reports are necessary tools to use for various jobs.

How To Create a Comprehensive Handover Report

Besides workers using handover reports, the general manager of the establishment also receives a copy of the document. The officers have a handover form to organize the flow of information. Most companies use the contents in the report when making the management weekly report. Additionally, they have a quality assurance plan to go with the material to ensure the proper condition of products produced. So, what are the steps in creating a useful handover report?

1. Discuss the Progress of Projects or Plans

Before writing the contents in the official report, you have to create a list of the ongoing plans or projects. Using a handover list template, you can jot down the progression of each project handled by the management. For construction companies, the construction project report comes with a handover checklist for the convenience of the succeeding engineer or supervisor. When an employee leaves the company, he or she gives a job handover checklist containing plans to the next worker. When done, it should be enumerated on the document.

2. Include the Deadline Schedule

An essential aspect of a handover report is the predetermined schedules. Besides looking at the business control plan, the handover report should also include the deadlines of ongoing projects and issues within the work area. When revising the format of the work handover template, you should highlight the set schedule and target dates of the plan.

3. Set a To-do List for the Receiver

Next, you have to write down the duties to lessen the workload of the incoming employee. With the retail daily report and the distribution report, the following worker can analyze the results and determine the activities under his or her supervision. It may take some time to complete the list, but it will assist the transition of work from one person to another.

4. Mention Present Issues and Ongoing Difficulties

And lastly, the handing over report should also have a list of challenges in the workplace. From here, the workers can look at the operations management plan to settle the ongoing problems. If the current employee cannot complete the task, the document should mention the issue. The shift handover would run smoothly if the material has all the necessary information.


What are the Advantages of Using Handover Reports at Work?

By utilizing the handover report, workers can avoid overlooking specific activities and tasks. With the material at hand, all crucial information regarding the work will be acknowledged by the employees handling the project or program. In addition, the report can complement other documents such as financial status reports and quality reports.

Can I use a Handover Template for My Vehicle Business?

Yes, the business can use the handover document when finishing deals with buyers. Store owners use a vehicle handover form to complete the transaction. More than that, the document can also accurately measure the profits of the business in the weekly report.

Is a Job Handover Template Necessary for Construction Projects?

Every construction plan requires a project progress report. Part of the report is the handover template created to inform the incoming head officers about the improvements in the design. Many construction companies use a job handover report to avoid missing details and necessary information. Moreover, they make use of project completion report templates when the establishment is nearly done.

What is a Handing Over Report?

A handing over report is a document used in business or project management to provide a comprehensive account of the status, progress, and details of a task, project, or role to the incoming individual or team taking over responsibilities. It typically includes information about ongoing tasks, pending issues, completed work, and any necessary instructions or guidance to ensure a smooth transition and continuity of operations.

How Do You Write a Handover Report?

  1. Start with a clear title and date.
  2. List key tasks and responsibilities.
  3. Provide status updates for each task.
  4. Highlight pending work or issues.
  5. Include any important documents or contacts.
  6. Offer recommendations or suggestions for the successor.
  7. Conclude with a summary and contact information for assistance.

What is an Example of a Handover?

An example of a handover is when an outgoing manager or employee provides a detailed report or briefing to their successor, outlining their responsibilities, ongoing tasks, and key information to ensure a smooth transition. This handover helps the incoming person take over the role effectively.

What is the Purpose of a Handover Summary Report?

The purpose of a handover summary report is to provide a comprehensive account of tasks, responsibilities, and key information to facilitate a smooth transition between an outgoing and incoming individual or team, ensuring continuity and efficiency in operations.

What are the Benefits of a Handover Report?

  1. Smooth transitions.
  2. Continuity of operations.
  3. Reduced errors and misunderstandings.
  4. Effective knowledge transfer.
  5. Improved collaboration and productivity.

The growth of a company depends on different elements working together within the walls of the enterprise. With the right tools, the business will continue growing despite the challenges and changes in the sector. The company needs handover sample reports when assessing the situation of the production team, management, and other important stakeholders. By having this document, businesses and individuals save time, energy, and resources—and ensure a proper and accurate transition from one party to the next.

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