Perhaps the sole impetus for human progress, be it individual or collective, is the inherent ability of human beings to assess a situation or an idea in an analytical way that allows them to formulate theories and opinions. In turn, these conclusions can then serve as basis for individuals to make decisions or take courses of actions that are deemed to be the most beneficial to them.

It is for such reason that this inherent mental process is being utilized in formal settings such as in educational institutions, government agencies, and businesses in the form of a formal summary, analytical, and responsive essays. To know more about this essay, refer to our website’s wealth of easily downloadable essay templates. We also have other analysis templates such as the business analysis templates and the behavioral analysis examples.

Steps in Writing a Summary, Analysis, and Response Essay

  • Obtain a high level of mastery on the topic that you are going to write about. You may do so by conducting research, gathering facts, obtaining opinions from authoritative sources, etc.
  • Observe the proper format and layout being followed by analysis sample essays you can find on the Internet and other sources of information.
  • Start your essay by writing your name and the name of the institution or entity that would read your essay.
  • State the purpose of your essay.
  • Begin with the summary of the topic.
  • Divide the topic into parts.
  • Make a thorough and critical analysis of all the facts of your topic that deserves cognizance and analysis.
  • After your analysis, put forward your opinion on the topic. This section would be your response to the topic or issue. You have a limited amount of liberty for emotional arguments as long as you are able to back up your response with substantial facts and logical arguments.


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What Is a Summary, Analysis, and Response Essay?

This essay is a combination of all the natures of the following essays:

  • Summary
  • Analysis
  • Response

To understand what this hybrid essay is all about, it is best to know the concise description of each of its components. Below is an outline of how different and similar each of these essays are:

Summary Essay

A summary essay is a condensed version of a certain topic. It narrates only the essential points of a topic. This essay is merely a statement of what has been observed. For example, a summary of a play would only consist of a descriptive narration of what has been witnessed during the performance of it.

Analysis Essay

An analysis strives to dissect a certain topic by breaking it down into different components. The interrelations of each component are being described. This type of essay is replete with objective and inferential statements that strive to understand a certain subject (a film, book, painting, etc.) by understanding its different parts.

Response Essay
The writer of a response essay posits value judgments on the topic being discussed. Subsequently, the writer would also state facts, logical explanations, and even personal experiences to support the position claimed.

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