What is requisition? A requisition is a formal written request for something. It could be a request made to the company’s financial arm for the materials that are needed by a certain department. A requisition form usually includes the name of the brand, the model number, description, quantity, etc.

When writing a requisition letter, you need to follow guidelines that are provided by the company or institution you work in. If you have no idea what a requisition form or letter is, you may check the sample requisition forms and letters available on our website. They are easy to download and others are for free.

What Is a Letter of Requisition?

A requisition letter is a letter of demand that is used by anyone in a company or institution to request for supplies, materials, or services that are needed to by a certain individual or department to accomplish a given job within the company. Once a letter of requisition is received, it will notify the financial arm of the company so that they can make the appropriate actions regarding the request being made. Through the use of a requisition letter format, all requests are done in a uniform manner. All of the requests made are catered or attended to as a result.

Types of Request Letters

There are a lot of different types of request letters, so we have selected four request letters that you might find useful. They are discussed briefly below. You can also check requisition letter samples.

  • Request for an interview – The writer requests in writing that they want to make an arrangement for a job interview.
  • Request for a raise or promotion – Written to provide a reason why they are qualified for such request.
  • Request for information – Used when there is a need for someone to legally acquire information.
  • Request for materials or supplies – Used to request supplies or services needed for work.

Writing a Business Request Letter

  • A business letter should be written with your company’s name on top as the header and it should be written larger than the rest of the contents. To guide you with writing, you can use requisition form examples.
  • Use a formal greeting followed by the recipient’s last name. Avoid using their first name as it may seem too friendly and less formal.
  • First introduce yourself and your company. Then explain the reason for your request. Make your explanation brief and detailed. Only include related information.
  • Also write your letter in a direct and concise manner to avoid confusion.
  • Use simple words and make it easy for the receipt to comply to your request.
  • Thank the recipient for their time and close your letter.
  • Write your name and affix your signature at the bottom.
  • Spell-check and proofread your work for any spelling and grammatical errors.

Benefits and Usage of Requisition Letters

  • Makes making demands or requests for supplies and services organized within a company or institution.
  • Allows all requests to be catered and attended to appropriately and in a timely manner.
  • Helps making requests easy.
  • Information can be requested and acquired legally by writing requisition letters.
  • Requisition forms in PDF are readily available and can be downloaded online.

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