Goodbyes are never easy, but a heartfelt and sincere farewell letter can mean a great deal. Whether it is a retirement letter, or you are moving on to a different job, it is important to let your erstwhile colleagues how much they meant to you, and that they will be missed. There is no point writing a Hardship Letters that comes across as insincere; these samples will give you a better idea of how to go about drafting them.

Why you Should Write a Farewell Letter:

– Whether you will be starting at a new job, have decided that it is time to retire, or are simply moving on, a letter saying goodbye will give you and your erstwhile colleagues a sense of closure.
– Take this opportunity not just to say goodbye to your co-workers, but also to tell them what a privilege it has been to work with them, and to thank them for the same.
– These letters aren’t just for your co-workers, either. Your clients and other business contacts should also know that you are moving on.

How these Free Templates Might Help You:

– We know that farewell letters cannot be easy to write. But these examples may give you a push in the right direction.
– All you have to do is to download in either Word or Excel, personalize and print out the letter before sending.
– If you aren’t the one moving on but know someone who is, then you should look at sample congratulations letters instead.
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Farewell Letter Sample

Farewell Letter to Boss

Funny Farewell Letter



Formal Farewell Letter

Farewell Thank You Letter

Farewell Letter Format

Farewell Letter To Friends

Sample Farewell Letter in PDF


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