If you are hiring a DJ for musical accompaniment for an important event, you should do it in a proper way – by signing a DJ contract. Oral agreements are not worth the trouble – if you get the details down in formal writing, it is more hassle-free for everyone involved. If you are a DJ getting hired for a night, ensure that you are signing a proper Catering Contract Templates, to avoid unnecessary trouble and customer dissatisfaction later – you need to be professional in order to enhance your reputation.

DJ Contract Template in Google Docs

DJ Booking Contract Template to Edit

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Simple DJ Service Contract Template

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Simple Performance Contract Template

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Wedding DJ Contract Template


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Blank DJ Contract Template


DJ Service Contract Template


Sample DJ Contract


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Numerous Templates for DJ Contracts are Available

– These DJ contract templates are available in both Word and Excel formats – you can choose whichever fits the bill in your case.
– These Simple Contract Templates can be easily downloaded for free, though some are premium requiring some fees.
– Simply download these DJ contract templates, print them out and fill in the provided blank spaces.

Choose DJ Contract Templates for Easy Paperwork

– The basic structure of a DJ contract includes details for example – payment terms, duration of the event, number of days’ notice in case of cancellations, type of event and the kind of songs desired, the equipment the DJ will be bringing, etc.
– This agreement is also essential for a DJ to ensure protection of his setup and to receive compensation in case of damage.
– There are also clauses that allow the customer to inspect the DJ’s equipment before the event to make sure everything is in working order to avoid glitches during the event.

DJ contract templates are an excellent tool that makes sure that your event is conducted smoothly and your business relationship with the DJ is a healthy one. If you are the DJ it assures full payment at the time agreed upon in the contract and allows you to provide maximum satisfaction to your customer.

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