When it comes to fulfilling any requirement in college or university such as academic papers, academic essays, and most especially your thesis proposal, you have to make sure that you are able to write it appropriately and in a manner that reflects professionalism. The writing style used for this type of write-ups is called academic writing style. Basically, academic writing style pertains to the writing style that is used when it comes to writing formal essays in a precise, semi-formal, and objective manner.

If you want to improve your academic writing style, we will help you out! We will go back down to the basics of academic writing to help you write each section of your paper in a more efficient manner. Continue reading this article to find out more.

Common Characteristics of Academic Writing

As mentioned earlier, a paper written in academic writing style is commonly used for items that are related to write-ups assigned while in an academic institution. However, this writing style is also commonly used for academic publications and research papers that teachers conduct. Other documents where academic writing style is used are as follows:

Now that you have a better idea when academic writing style is used, let us now give you an idea about the common characteristics of a paper written in academic writing style. Here a few characteristics that you should keep in mind:

  • An academic paper is carefully planned before it is written as it needs to be organized and analytical in nature. You can also like academic calendar samples.
  • Before writing a paper in academic writing style, you need to have an essay outline. An outline will help to make you make your paper more organized as you know what you will be discussing next in your write-up. You will also be able to know what topics need to be grouped together and which ones need to be separated from other topics.
  • Make use of a formal tone when writing in this style. Make sure you use formal language and avoid making use of jargon and shortened words.
  • An academic paper sample will more or less be accurately free from any grammatical errors, wrong punctuation marks, and wrong spellings. Make sure that you proofread your paper before handing it out to your professor or handing it out for publishing.
  • Keep it short and simple. Make your sentences short and easy to read. Make sure that you also arrange it in a way that the reader will be able to follow your argument easily. You can also like academic cover letters.
  • When writing in academic writing style, make sure you make use of a third-person point of view. This means that you avoid making use of “I” or “me.”
  • The approach you need when writing in academic writing style is the deductive reasoning approach. Deductive reasoning means that you discuss each topic in detail in order to arrive at a logical conclusion. You can also like academic petition samples.
  • References will help to make your paper more solid and more factual. It is important to back your statements with references and to cite these references in your paper properly as well.

Academic Writing Style Format

The writing format may vary depending on the format that is preferred. However, the basic content of an academically written paper is composed of the introduction, body, and conclusion.


An academic paper is going to be a long write-up with all the details that you will be writing. So the main point of your company introduction is to grab the attention of the reader in order to encourage him/her to continue reading your paper until the end.


The body of your academic paper is the part of your paper that will contain all the essential items that will make your conclusion as accurate as possible. You can arrange it in whatever manner you see is appropriate for your paper. It can be in chronological order or according to the importance. Since there will be a lot of paragraphs and sections that will be included in this part of the paper, you need to make sure that every paragraph is coherent with the preceding paragraphs. You can also like resume writing samples.


The conclusion of your paper will basically be a summary of what you have discussed. You will mention all the important points that have helped you come up with your conclusion.

We hope that by reminding you of the important parts of a writing paper written in academic writing style, you will now be able to assess properly if you are writing your academic paper properly and in a way where it will inspire future researchers to continue finding out more about what you have written about.

If you need a more in-depth guide to writing your paper, you can refer to Guide to Writing a Research Paper. You may also check out a few free writing samples and use these as references for whatever it is you are writing about.

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