Writing a research paper requires a thorough investigation and exploration of varied sources. It takes a lot of time and effort to come up with a research topic that is beneficial and practical. Thus, writing an A+ research paper should be planned well. Achieving an A+ mark in your paper is not impossible if you only put hard work and perseverance along the research process.

Before starting your research paper, make sure to have a good overview of your probable topic. You should be passionate in making your research paper so you can conceive ideas that are useful to your research.

10 Steps in Writing a Research Paper

In writing your research paper, proper guidelines should be followed in order to produce a well-written research. Writing last-minute research paper is not advisable if you want to come up with a rich content. There are many research paper examples that are useful references for your research paper making. You may follow these steps in writing your research paper.

  • Step 1: Select a subject. The subject of your research paper should be based on your strength and interest. Never choose a subject out of force or suggestion.
  • Step 2: Narrow the topic. A general topic is not advisable for a research paper because you will have a hard time finding the right sources. It’s better to be specific with your topic so you can deeply focus on the subject.
  • Step 3: State the tentative objective (or thesis). The objectives of your research is your desired goals. What do you want to achieve by making this research? Be detailed in giving your objectives since these will be your guide as you complete your research.
  • Step 4: Form a preliminary bibliography. The bibliography is composed of your sources. This is where you state your sources such as books, articles, websites, videos, and other forms of sources. Citing your sources is important because you don’t own any of the information. You are only using the sources as your guide. Avoid plagiarism.
  • Step 5: Prepare a working outline. Your working outline is your guide for an organized task. Having an outline makes your work much easier and efficient. List down all the tasks you need to do and follow the order religiously.
  • Step 6: Start taking notes. Taking notes will help you remember the vital details of your research. If you want to highlight an essential subject, having a note will make you remember a certain detail easily.
  • Step 7: Outline the paper. Start organizing the flow of your research. Start from the introduction and end with your bibliography. Be sure that the arrangement is in chronological order.
  • Step 8: Write a rough draft. Writing a draft will give you an overview of your paper. You don’t need to write perfectly on your first attempt. Don’t be keen on your spelling and grammar. Simply write to compose your thoughts and ideas.
  • Step 9: Edit your paper. After your draft, edit your paper. This is the time where you check and correct any errors in your writing. Polished the draft you’ve written.
  • Step 10: Write the final draft. The final draft will be your final output. This is where you include important details after establishing your ideas in your rough draft. Continue editing if you find some mistakes in your writing. Make sure to proofread the final output before passing it.

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