What is a research? A research, as defined by the dictionary, “is an examination and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions.” Writing a research paper requires a thorough and in-depth study or analysis of a particular topic. Researching is important in the field of business and medicine.

The purpose of a research paper is to gather information on a certain topic to be able to analyze and examine them and create a logical argument about it. When creating your research paper, it is important to have a research paper guide to help you format and create your research paper.

What Are the Two Major Types of Research Papers?

Before writing your research paper, there are two major types you can use depending on what fits the topic you are writing about. We have research paper examples that you can download if you need a guide or a reference for your research papers.

  • Analytical research paper – when writing an analytical research paper, it entails gathering all the relevant information about a topic. The individual writing and researching about the topic has to do an analysis of the different data collected. An analytical research paper is an unbiased type of research paper since it doesn’t lean on one side of the argument. It analyzes based on factual information gathered before creating the research paper. An analytical research paper analyzes all the viewpoints of the argument and is not based on his or her opinions.
  • Argumentative research paper – unlike an analytical research paper, which is an unbiased type of research paper, an argumentative research paper presents two sides of an argument and the writer assumes one side of the argument. The writer of the research paper presents facts based on the research that he or she has done, and supports or defends one argument.

How to Write a Research Paper

  • The first step in writing a research paper is to understand the topic that you are writing the research paper about. There are a range of different topics that you can choose when writing one.
  • Research about your topic. You can gather your information from a lot of different resources. You can go to the library or search the Internet in order to get a thorough review of the topic that you are researching about.
  • Write your thesis or research paper statement. A thesis statement is going to be the basis for your research paper. Your research paper will contain several arguments to support this statement.
  • Create an outline for your research paper. It is important to know how to outline your research paper to be able to understand how to write it. You can download from our research paper outline available here.
  • Based on all the information about a particular topic that you have gathered, you can now start writing your research paper. Analyze and input your data using the outline that you have made.
  • After you create a rough draft of your research paper, you can create the final one and have it printed or typewritten.

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