Ever had to submit a project in school? Well, odds are one of the projects is a research paper. What is a research paper, you ask? A research paper is basically your output of a topic you were required to study and learn, typically having some questions that you need to answer, hence, the need to research.

On this site you will learn a few things, namely, a research paper guide in making a research paper, the exact contents of a research paper, and even the format to use when making a research paper.

The Purpose of Writing a Research Paper

Writing a research paper may seem mundane and pointless; however, the purpose of writing a research paper is actually quite beneficial to you as a student and to the rest of humanity. The main purpose of writing any research paper is that it is a means of creating information that can be used by future generations, thus, leaving our mark in history.

Writing a last minute research paper may seem impossible, considering that most research paper outputs must be unique. So how should you approach this problem? By simply using some research paper examples that you can find on this very site as a means of reference and start inputting data.

What Needs to Be Included in a Research Paper?

In making a research paper, you can use a research paper outline, but if you have no content, then your outline would be useless. Below are contents needed in a research paper:

  • The title of the research and the purpose of the research written on the cover letter.
  • The name of the professor you must submit the output to, including the professor’s title and position, as well as the school’s logo and full name on the cover letter.
  • The next page you should add a table of contents indicating the topic on each page, depending on the size of your research paper.
  • Add the acknowledgment letter that is used to allow you to research your topic while giving due credit to certain individuals.
  • Add your actual research output; depending on your topic, you should probably start with an opening statement about the topic itself, then followed by the type of research you have done and a short summary of the purpose of a research paper.
  • Then the main content begins. Start by adding topics that are relevant to the topic itself and indicate key points in the topic; key points being important facts or lessons that will be taught to the reader of the research paper.
  • Writing the conclusion requires you to state the relevance of your research paper to your study and the importance of your research paper.
  • Indicate where you have gathered your information and data, specify whether it is from books, articles, journals, or the Internet.
  • Attach a letter of appreciation for the teacher at the end of the research paper.

Tips for Writing a Research Paper

Now that we know the exact research paper format we should follow when making a research paper, here are some tips when making a research paper:

  • Keep the research focused on the topic and objectives of the research.
  • Avoid citing phrases or sentences from unpublished sources.
  • Avoid plagiarism.

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