Writing a research paper is one of the many academic activities you have to undergo in your educational life. Doing a research paper trains you to formulate ideas that can contribute and benefit not only the academe but also the society, as a whole.

research paper guide is a helpful reference in writing your research paper. Along your research process, an unprecedented situation may occur wherein you have to make your research paper at the last minute. This can’t be avoided especially if you still have many pending tasks to accomplish. Don’t put too much stress on yourself because completing your research paper is still attainable.

Steps in Writing a Last-Minute Research Paper

Writing a paper is more convenient if you have research paper formats and research paper examples as your references for the proper format and precise appearance of your research paper. Having these references will surely lead you to write an A+ research paper. To help you more of your writing process, here are steps you may follow.

  • Step 1: Pick Your Topic. You cannot begin your research paper without a topic. Select a topic that you’re passionate about. It’s easier to write your paper if the ideas naturally flow from your mind because you’re completely interested in what you’re writing.
  • Step 2: Research. Explore your topic. You need to have ample sources and references for your research paper. It’s not enough to have stock knowledge. Read and study different materials to support your claims contained in your paper.
  • Step 3: Develop Your Thesis. After you’ve researched thoroughly, establish the content of your paper. Create a rough draft by collating all the information and previous knowledge you have regarding the topic. No need to be strict with your writing. Simply build a strong foundation for your research.
  • Step 4: The Body. This is where you will write the primary content of your research. This section includes the problem, significance, scope and limitations, and methodologies of the study. Be detailed in writing the body because you’re explaining here what your research is about and its possible outcome and contribution upon the completion of your paper.
  • Step 5: Introduction and Conclusion. These two are the beginning and end of your research paper. The introduction presents a brief overview of your research. When writing an introduction, make sure you’re enticing the reader to continue reading your research. It’s your way of greeting your reader in an academic form. On the contrary, the conclusion contains your closing statements. This is where you wrap up the matters you have discussed in your research. Your conclusion must contain the important details you want your readers to remember.
  • Step 6: Works Cited. Some information in your research paper are not yours. Thus, you have to cite your sources properly. It’s okay to borrow ideas from other sources, but make it a point to give credit. As much as possible, avoid plagiarism.
  • Step 7: Sleep on It. Reserve a time to review and check the contents of your research. Even if it’s a rush research paper, you still want to produce a well-structured research paper.

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