The purpose of Opioid conversion chart is to calculate the amount of Opioid needed to take and receive by an individual patient. This is a form of analgesic and there are factors that must be considered before giving any kind of analgesic and in general to all forms of drug. Proper dosage can be assured when computing for it using the baseline conversion system related to it.

Opioid Conversion Chart PDF


Opioid Conversion Guide


Opioid Conversion Chart to Print


Opioid Conversion Doses Chart


Opioid Conversion Chart Example


Opioid Comparison Chart Format


Opioid Comparison Chart Example PDF


Opioid Equivalency Chart


The examples found in the template website for conversion chart arefreeto download in a preferred format type and in Microsoft word/excel. These free samples can be obtained and be printed for future reference especially for pharmacist and nurses who are dealing with patients in severe pain.

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