What is a paper? A paper, commonly referred to as a research paper or academic paper, is a written document that is useful for those in colleges or in higher education. Writing a research paper is important in order to develop a thesis on a certain topic that an individual has chosen.

The main purpose of a research paper is to be able to gather information on a certain topic in order to create a statement or a theory. If you need to write a paper, you can download from the samples available. Read more below to understand the components and how to write one.

Forming Your Paper

Before you write a paper, it is important to know how to format one. You can also refer to the research paper examples available to help you.

  • Do your research and analysis – the first step you need to do when writing a paper is to research about the topic that you are writing about. After you have gathered all the information that you need, analyze the data. This will help you effectively write your research paper.
  • Create a thesis – a good paper should contain a statement or a thesis. Create a the main topic using the information that you have gathered, creating the main idea of your research paper. This is where you will be able to create an argument that will help build your paper.
  • Make an outline – a good paper should always have a properly formatted outline. Use your outline to make a draft of your paper, input all the information that you have researched about.
  • Organize – organize your outline. This should contain an introduction about the topic; a body, which is where you can explain all the important points that you have made in the introduction; and the conclusion, which is a summary or recap of all that you have discussed.

Components of a Research Paper

In order to write a good research paper, you have to be able to include all the necessary components needed in every paper. Check our sample papers to help you with the elements needed or you can refer to the information below.

  • Title – every research paper should contain a title.
  • Table of Contents – the table of contents contains the parts of your research paper. The table of contents should be in order in which the contents appear.
  • Introduction – an introduction contains the subject or topic of your research paper. It contains the hypothesis and the research question.
  • Methodology – this part of the research paper is where the methods and the process, based on the information gathered, are analyzed.
  • Results – after creating a method, discuss about the results based on your findings. Create an argument based on the results of your research. You can use several techniques like creating charts, incorporating illustrations, etc.
  • Conclusion – create a conclusion by summarizing all the information that you have discussed about and write the conclusion of your findings.
  • References – the references section contains the sources on where you got the information from. Writing your references makes a credible research paper.

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