Losing a loved one can be a very devastating situation to be in. It is one of the saddest moments that one may encounter. Some people opt to commemorate the memory of a loved one and make proper announcements about the wake and burial through death obituary templates.

When writing an obituary, it must be done with utmost care and must pose to be a thoughtful means of letting the people close to your loved one know about the details of the burial. Though the thought of making one can bring pain and remind you that you have lost a loved one, it can also be a reminder of the joy and happiness that was brought by their presence. You can also like death note samples.

Drafting one is indeed a big responsibility but you need not worry about forgetting any important facts and details about him/her. Obituaries may be short, but being able to write a good one will help to ensure that you are able to capture the highlights of your loved one’s life.

Still not feeling confident about writing that funeral obituary template? That’s okay. We are here to give you a helping hand! We will be guiding you with writing that obituary and help you finish as soon as possible. Just ensure that you keep reading this article.

Writing the Obituary

You may find it a bit difficult to think about what you will be writing in your loved one’s obituary especially since this is a situation that will definitely bring some pain. However, the obituary template will serve as a way of celebrating the life of your loved one including his/her achievements and how he/she was toward the members of the family.

Typically, the obituary will have the following parts:

  • The announcement that the person has passed away.
  • Biographical information such as birth date and death date.
  • Name of survivors such as spouse and children.
  • The schedule of activities such as prayer offerings, inclusive dates of the wake, the funeral program, and the date of burial.
  • Contribution and donation details.

Losing someone you love is definitely a struggle and writing that obituary will feel like a big responsibility. However, keeping in mind these basic parts will help you come up with an obituary that will properly embody the person who has passed on. We will now give you a step-by-step guide to help you out even more with writing a good obituary. You can also like death certificate samples.

1. Make All the Necessary Arrangement for Posting the Obituary

printable obituary is commonly posted in local newspapers. Despite not having a written obituary yet, you can start making all the necessary arrangements to have your loved one’s obituary printed in a timely manner.

You can start asking your local newspaper what the requirements are or you can also check out funeral parlors as some offer packages that include having an obituary printed in a local newspaper as part of their package. Some of the things that should be considered when having an obituary printed in a local newspaper are the following:

  • The amount you will be paying. Newspapers charge according to the amount of space you will be needing for the obituary.
  • When to send the obituary. Newspapers have a daily deadline in order to prepare the news for the next day. You have to make sure that you send the obituary before the cut-off. This helps to ensure that the editors of the newspaper have ample time to proofread and arrange the obituary in the newspaper. You can also like death obituary templates.
  • Schedule when to print the obituary. You want to send the obituary as soon as possible to ensure that people will be informed in a timely manner.

2. Refer to Other Obituaries

You can refer to a sample obituary or a couple of samples from websites and other newspapers. This way, you will have a good grasp of what you will be putting in your loved one’s obituary.

You may also ask if the newspaper you will be printing the obituary on has a certain format that should be followed to ensure that you abide by their requirements.

3. Basic Information

Before you go about writing the full obituary, list down the basic details of your loved one. This would include their name, birthday, residence or origin, the name of partner or spouse, as well as the funeral service details. You can also like funeral program format.

You may also want to include additional details such as his/her achievements, profession, the name of his/her children, vocation, as well as a few anecdotes.

4. Putting It Together

  • The opening of the obituary should be the death notice. What you put in the notice all depends on your preference and what the family prefers. You may include the details of the death such as the time and where it happened. You may format it in this manner:
    • “Alex Carter, 78, of Oakland in California, has passed away last 10 June 2008 in Kaiser Permanente Oakland Medical Center with his loving wife by his side.” 
  • You may also include his/her biographical information such as where he/she came from and who his/her parents are. Educational background and achievements along the way may also be included. You can also like funeral service samples.
  • You can include other significant people in his/her life such as his/her children and other family members.
    • “Alex is survived by his twin daughters: Sara, of London; and Helena, of Ukraine. He is also survived by his three grandchildren: Keira, 9; and twin boys, Arthur and Donnie, 1. 
  • Last, but not the least, you should include the obituary program. This would be composed of the date, time, and location of the wake, as well as the burial.

5. Reviewing the Content

Revise your obituary and make sure that it follows the requirements of the local newspaper. Make sure that it is free from grammatical errors and misspelled words. Ask for constructive feedback from other people, especially the family members of the deceased. You can also like funeral program samples.

It must give the vibe that you are honoring the person instead of emulating the pain that is felt because of the loss. It should be simple and yet elegant and respectful of the person when he/she was still with the people who mattered the most.

Now that you are done with the obituary, it is time to submit it to the local newspaper. It is now time to set up the funeral program with the use of templates to make sure that you make a good program in the nick of time. Do not fret because of this loss. Instead, celebrate the life of your loved one with people who matter most.

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