A ceremony arranged for showing respect of the life of the people who died is known as funeral. This generally involves cremation of died corpse. Funerary customs comprise the complex of beliefs and practices used by a culture to remember the dead, to various monuments, prayers, and rituals undertaken in their honor. Different cultures have different system of funeral of body. You may also see Funeral Program Templates.

Funeral Invitation Template

funeral invitation template2

Sample Funeral Memory Invitation Template

classic funeral invitation template

Funeral Invitation Template in PSD

funeral invitation template in psd

Funeral Program Invitation Template

funeral program invitation template

Funeral Obituary Invitation Template

funeral obituary invitation template

Elegant Funeral Program Invitation Template

elegant funeral program invitation template

Funeral Invitation Card Template

funeral invitation card template

An invitation card that all the information can be put it on the behalf; different culture has different aspects of sending invitation. It is burial body of people died and his/her relation people go there and offering peace and harmony of died people.

Funeral Reception Invitation Template

funeral reception invitation template

A prayer and honoring to die person at the time of reception which gives moral support and sympathy to died person and his/her family members.

Funeral Service Invitation Template

funeral service invitation template

It is part of closing service whom person got the information of died person with third person and it is situation where people feel more sad and depressed at the time of someone died.

Funeral Invitation Template

funeral invitation template

Simple Funeral Invitation Template

simple funeral invitation template

Different Countries have Different Aspects

Italy: – Italians are Roman Catholic and follow catholic funeral traditions.

Poland: – the funeral people usually gather before the mass for a wake by the casket in a church or funeral home

Spain: – a burial may occur very quickly following the death of a loved one.

Different Religious Funerals

Buddhist – A Buddhist funeral marks the process from one life to the next for the die person.

Christian – Christian burials generally occur on declared on ground

Islamic – it have different rituals process bathing the body, linen cloth, funeral prayer and burial of the body.

Sikh – it is a normal process of funeral of body as same as Islamic religions and after sung and final speeches are made about the die person.

When a funeral ceremony is performing body of the dying person is not available, it is usually called a memory which one person can think about him/her. Apart from this it is a holy place where person come and perform all rituals and prayers undertaken by honor.

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