A chalkboard invitation is an invitation letter, can be of any purpose, written on a blackboard with white or colourful chalk to make it attractive. A chalkboard invitation template is usually a public invitation method, rather than an individual invitation. Generally, many restaurants use decorative blackboards to invite people to have taste of their food. There are various kinds of chalkboard invitations used in all over the world, regarding different purposes. This article jot downs few of the frequently used chalkboard invitation templates. Word limit for the article is 400. You may like Halloween Invitation Templates.

Blank Chalkboard Invitation Template

blank chalkboard invitation template1

A blank chalkboard invitation is a kind of invitation used by companies, where there is a rewritable blackboard, where the invitation idea or message can be re-written exclusively. This template may have a grey background chalkboard or a pure black coloured background chalkboard to be written with any colour of chalk, mainly white. One can draw invitation picture or message the way one wishes to in this template.

Free Printable Chalkboard Invitation Template

free printable chalkboard invitation template

This is a way of making one’s own chalkboard design and make it printable. First one needs to select a certain size of blank blackboard. Next one can make design and message of one’s own or may download catchy designs (like a famous song lyrics written in a beautiful font) to put it on the blank board. Lastly, to make it printable, one needs to have proper software files like Adobe Photoshop etc.

Chalkboard Wedding Invitation Template

chalkboard wedding invitation template

A chalkboard wedding invitation template is a chalkboard invitation template for a wedding. This template may have different variations- different invitation messages, different orientations, different fonts and many more. Usually this template is found for grand weddings, where the template hangs outside the wedding halls to help invitees to find it easily.

Chalkboard Birthday Invitation Template

chalkboard birthday invitation template

This template is a chalkboard template to invite people in a birthday bash or party. This template usually includes information about whose birthday, on which date, party begins, in which place, any special attraction of the party etc. Here also the chalkboard template may differ in designs, fonts, and orientations.

Chalkboard Graduation Party Invitation

chalkboard graduation party invitation

Chalkboard Christmas Invitation

chalkboard christmas invitation

Vintage Wedding Invitation Chalk Board

vintage wedding invitation chalk board

Chalkboard Printable Photo Birthday Invitation

chalkboard printable photo birthday invitation

Chlakboard Bridal Shower Invitation

chlakboard bridal shower invitation

Chalkboard Valentines day Invitation

chalkboard valentines day invitation

Wine Party Invitation on Chalkboard

wine party invitation on chalkboard

Housewarming Party Invitation on Chalkboard

housewarming party invitation on chalkboard

Chalkboard invitation is a very unique way of inviting people that has been frequently adopted by many parts of the world. The chalkboard invitation templates have a very big advantage that is it can be changeable and rewritable, which a printed invitation template cannot be.

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