Partying occasionally is great. If you get the chance to dance, dine, laugh and joke with friends and families, do it. Life is too short to start thinking whether to attend parties or not. But you have to be a bit more organized if you want to enjoy the party. Stop the random invitations and make them special this time round.

Beautiful Retirement Party Invitation Template

Bachelorette Party Invitation Template

Birthday Party Invitation Card Template

Tea Party Invitation Card Template

Naming Ceremony Invitation Template

House Warming Invitation Template

Engagement Party Invitation Template

Chalkboard Anniversary Invitation Card Template

Farewell Party Invitation Template

BBQ Party Invitation Template

Take advantage of the sample invitation template and use it to create the best invitation for friends and distant family members.Note that the free printable templates are not just for parties. meetings, church invitations as well as participation invitation. You can use them for any kind of invitations really.

Baby Shower Invitation Template

Babies deserve a grand celebration. With our Baby Shower Invitation templates, the workload is reduced by half. They have an easy user interface and some of them come pre-filled with welcome texts. Highly customizable, you can modify them to add your own personal touch as well.

Sample Baby Shower Invitation

Baby Shower Invitation Template PSD


Graduation Invitation Template

Use our sample Graduation Invitation Templates to make the invitation seem welcoming. With hundreds of colors and styles, our designing software allows you to add your personal memoirs to the invite. From choosing photographs to composing graduation passages, make this day a moment to remember.

Graduation Invitation Printable


Graduation Invitation PSD


Birthday Invitation Template

Birthdays always make you feel special. Hence, with our sample Birthday Invitation Templates, you can not only add your own images but also your own text making it a personalized affair. Furthermore, you can change the font, alignment, color and background to have the perfect invitation you always wished for!

Birthday Invitation PSD


Birthday Invitation Word


Bridal Shower Invitation Template

Our sample Bridal Shower Invitation Templates are free and emphasize the value of the occasion. They contain blank spaces against the fields to be filled up and come with customizable backgrounds and themes. Instructions are also added so that filling up the details doesn’t seem cumbersome.

Bridal Shower Invitation


Bridal Shower Invitation PDF


50th Birthday Invitation Template

Our sample 50th Birthday Invitation Templates help you customize the invitation with the help of our design center. With numerous options on the kind of card, the paper to be used and even the kind of envelopes available, the invitations are structured to have a personal touch.

Sample 50th Birthday Invitation


50th Birthday Invitation


Thanksgiving Invitation Template

This thanksgiving, be thankful for more than one reason. With our Thanksgiving Invitation templates, you now have the choice of designing your own card, complete with editing and preview options. From choosing the stamp to inviting guests, preparing an invitation never seemed easier!

Thanksgiving Invitation Example


Thanksgiving Halloween Invitation


Holiday Party Invitation Template

The holidays are here and you’re having people over? Fret not, because with our printable Holiday Party Invitation templates, you can invite people en masse at the click of a button. With customized content and images and additional accessories provided for, be assured of having an exciting Holiday season!

Holiday Party Invitation PSD


Night Holiday Party Invitation


Dinner Invitation Template

With our sample Dinner Invitation Templates, we assure you of personalized invites with the kind of paper you want it on, the envelope you want to send it on, the content of the card and the people to be invited. Go ahead; start planning for your dinner party today!



Printable Dinner Invitation


Ticket Invitation Template

Our Ticket Invitation Templates allow you to invite multiple people at a time. You can add your own images, symbols and mascots . They are completely free and require no registration at all. Furthermore, there are buttons embedded in the templates to accurately position your image.

Ticket Invitation Sample



Editable Ticket Invitation


Retirement Party Invitation Template

If you’re planning a retirement party, allow our sample templates to handle the designing and creativity sectors. Our easy to use templates will make your Retirement Party Invitation special and heartwarming. We also give you the option of sending your invites via mail or via the social media.

Retirement Party Invitation psd


Retirement Party Invitation Example


Birthday Party Invitation Template

Make your birthday party unforgettable with our Birthday Party Invitation Templates. You can save these templates on your computer and modify in-text editing software such as Word, Pages or Open Office. You can add your own text and images to add a personal touch or use our designs as they are.



Birthday Party Invitation


Holiday Invitation Template

Use our sample invitation templates to create magic! If  you know how to use text editing and photo editing softwares, creating your  personalized Holiday Invitation Template will be very simple. Furthermore, with our multiple themes on offer, you are assured of having an invitation that is personal and precise.



Night Holiday Party Invitation


Retirement Invitation Template

Our sample Retirement Invitation Templates which are of a high quality with full bleed printing on both sides retain the essence of retirement day. They come in 12 unique paper types and colors and also include a standard white envelope for free.

Sample Retirement Invitation


Retirement Invitation Wording


Wedding Shower Invitation Template

One of the important day in a family, is the day of their wedding shower. With our customizable Wedding Shower Invitation Templates, you can add custom photographs and images and print the same in high resolution. There are also a wide variety of themes and backgrounds to choose from.

Wedding Shower Invitation PSD

Bridal Shower Invitations Wording

Graduation Party Invitation Template

Our sample Graduation Party Invitation Templates celebrate the most important milestone in anybody’s life. These templates can be downloaded and sent via e-mail as well. Customizations are rather simple too with the user having the option of including their preferred choice of clip art, animations and images.

Graduation Party Invitation

Event Invitation Template

Letting your guests know about your event is can now be simply done with the help of our sample Event Invitation templates. Consisting of easy customizations, vibrant designs and free printable versions, they target a wider group of audience and are much more efficient and less time consuming.

Event Invitation Example

Event Invitation PSD

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