Death certificate templates are used by medical practitioners to certify the death of a person. This document has several uses, both for the government as well as for the relatives of the dead person. A Death Obituary Templates contains all details regarding the time place and cause of death. This certificate is used for collecting burial evidences and for obtaining insurance claims or for settling all other types of financial claims.

Death Certificate Template PDF

This Death certificate template PDF has a simple and artistic design with soft pastel colors. Maple leaves and book images are used at the corner of the template for decorative purposes. Besides consisting of usual information like the name, time, place and cause of death, this template also has provision for mentioning the name of the parents of the deceased along with his weight and length at the time of death.

Death Certificate Template Download

This haunted mansion death certificate template comes with a brown border on a light blue background. The image of the haunted mansion is printed on the background and details regarding the death, time and place are specified in very artistic fonts. The template is signed by legendary Madame Leota and Master Gacey.

Death Certificate Template Word

This design of death certificate template in MS word format has a much simpler design and format. This template has thin blue borders with artistic corners. The font used is a formal font. The certificate begins by acknowledging the name of the deceased and then goes on to mention the date, time and place of death of the above-mentioned person. The right-hand bottom corner of the templates reserved for signature by the doctor.

Free Death Certificate Template

This is a custom designed free death certificate template is made from 10X12 inches cardboard pieces and have handcrafted designs. The cardboard is professionally cut and sealed while the edges are sealed and sand polished. The board has a one-inch wire hanging from the rear end to allow users the ease of hanging the certificate.

Death Certificate Template

This is a semi-formal kind of death certificate template designed with only monochromatic colors. The template has broad artistic borders of four sides and sports two different types of fonts, namely italic and more formal Calibri font. The body is written in a formal font and has a simple format. It acknowledges the death of the person and specifies the date and location of the death. At the bottom, there is a provision of signing the document by two witnesses.

Death Certificate Sample

This death certificate sample is more of an invitation for the Halloween party rather than a formal declaration of death. The certificate comes with an outer envelope that is made from yellow paper and has all the details regarding the person. The actual card or certificate is designed in a black and white ink is used for writing down all the details regarding the venue, time and host of the party.

Death Certificate PDF Template

This Death Certificate PDF Template has a very unusual design and unlike other templates there is no provision to mention the name, occupation, and other details regarding the death. This template has a simple blue background along with the images of the Holy Cross and a chalice in the background. The template has red borders and is used for recording personal events of death in the family. The inscription on the bottom of the template reads “Blessed Are the Dead Who Die in the Lord”.

Sample Death Certificate

This sample death certificate is not just a death certificate template it is in fact, a file to record all major life events of family members including, birth, marriage and death. The size of the image is 9X11 inches and sports 300dpi. This PNG file is compatible with all most all photo editing programs and has a beautiful calligraphy design which gives it an eerie as well as vintage look.

The above-given death certificate templates are mostly meant for fun or invitation purposes. The innovative design and format would surely prove a unique means of sending an invitation for any party or event.

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