Have the members of your union taken part in an activity that deserves an award for those who have done best? A participation certificate would be an outstanding gift to recognize the efforts made by these people. Your institution has to assume the responsibility of making sure that these Certificate Templates are out at the earliest.

To make the process quick, use participation certificate template. These printable Sample Certificates are already available for download. All you have to do is browse through the list of options provided, choose the one you believe will be best fit for you, download that and have your IT team help with the processing of the certificates.

Professional Certificate Bundle Set – in PSD, Word Format

Simple Participation Certificate Template

Sports Participation Certificate Template

Training Participation Certificate Template

Physical Fitness Participation Certificate Template

Shooting Participation Certificate Template

Tennis Participation Certificate Template

Sailing Participation Certificate Template

Badminton Participation Certificate Template

Yoga Participation Certificate Template

Basketball Participation Certificate Template

Golf Participation Certificate Template

Sample Certificate of Participation

Participation Certificate Template for Kid

The participation certificate template for kids is specially designed for kids. It has attractive print and colors on it. It also has designated spaces for details like the name of the kid, name of the coaches and date.

Free Certificate of Appreciation Template

The free certificate of appreciation template is designed to appreciate the efforts or work done by a particular person. It highlights the name of the certificate holder along with some words of praise for him/her. It also has designated spaces to write the name of the presenter/issuer.

Sample Certificate of Participation Template

The certificate of participation template can easily be downloaded from the internet. It has designated spaces for details like the name of the certificate holder, date and presenter’s names. It is very easy to use, only the details are needed to be filled in.

Football Certificate of Participation

The football certificate of participation template is specially designed for giving it to the participants of the football match. It features the name of the player to whom the certificate is presented and the team name he/she participated in. It also has designated spaces for writing the date and presenter’s name.

Certificate of Achievement Template

Certificate of Participation

Participation  Certificate Template

Why Is the Participation Certificate Template Needed?

The participation certificate template is needed for praising the efforts made by some of the participants. It can be used for many purposes like for participants in concert, meetings, training classes, various courses, competitions and more. Also, you can present this certificate to all the participants if you wish to boost the morale of every participant and encourage them to do better.

This does not dishearten any participant rather make them feel glad about participating. Different events may require different types of participation certificate so you can choose the best one for you amongst the various choices provided. You may like Congratulations Certificates.

When Is the Participation Certificate Template Needed?

The participation certificate template is needed at the time of appreciating the participant’s efforts and hard work even if he/she haven’t won. Also, it can be given to people for successfully completing the seminar or training classes for praising his/her efforts.

This also can be needed for professional purposes in order to acknowledge an employee’s dedication towards his/her work. It can also be needed if you wish to appreciate and encourage all the participants and not just the awardees. These Certificate Templates are very easy to use and you can add your own details/text on it.

Benefits of the Participation Certificate Template

The participation certificate template has various benefits. It is very helpful in boosting the confidence and encouraging the participants. By praising their efforts, it also enables them to keep working hard and succeed next time. These templates are reusable and therefore, save your time and effort as you can print plentiful of certificates with a single template in a very less time.

They are already formatted and provide all the mandatory details like the name of the participant, name of presenters, date and more. The various designs available also help you to select the best suitable one for you. You can also see Certificate of Appreciation Templates.

The participation certificate template is easily available on the internet and can also be downloaded with equal ease. It comes in various designs and you can choose the one that best suits your needs and purposes. These templates are reusable and you can print as many certificates as you want with its help.

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