Getting an investor to finance your project is not as easy as you think. You can’t use your charm to get them and help you. You need an effective and reliable investment summary. It is your trusted companion when presenting your ideas to your financier. Not only does this provide a detailed account of your objectives, but this will also help ensure your prospective investors that it works with the inclusion of research-based results and strategies. But as a presenter, how would you write an investment summary? Our downloadable templates can help you. Keep scrolling and learn more about this topic below.

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What Is an Investment Summary?

An investment summary is a document detailing a business idea and how it will turn into a company worth an investor’s support and financing. It can be an asset, a property, a new product and services, or any future funding-needed business opportunities.

What Is an Investment?

An investment is an asset or commodity acquired to produce revenue or appreciation. Appreciation refers to the overtime increase in the value of an asset. When a person buys a good as an investment, the goal is not to consume the good but rather generate wealth in the future.

How to Create an Investment Summary?

Creating and crafting an investment summary is not as easy as you think. It somewhat needs a long time to process and make. If you aim to create an effective investment summary, you must include only the most relevant and straight-to-the-point pieces of information about your investment project. Below are the key elements or parts that must be included in an investment summary proposal.

1. Include the Proposed Investment Project

The most important aspect of any investment summary is the investment proposal itself. You need to include a brief description of the business idea or marketing plan and write it as convincing as possible to make any potential investor want to find out more about your investment plan. It should also provide other information, such as pricing strategies, proposed venue, and recruiting strategies.

2. Include the Market Research

Another much-needed part of any investment summary is your marketing research. As the brain of the business idea, you must have already completed a comprehensive and precise market research analysis. It is because investors will ask you a lot of questions about the potential of your idea, its rivals, how the market or niche in which your project operates appears, etc. To answer these questions, you need to be ready for them, and then, the investors will know that you did a good job.

3. Include the Financial Report

When you already included the marketing studies, you must also include a precise financial report for the planned business project. Be truthful with your predictions. Share the proposed project’s potential gains and losses, and an investor will appreciate this. If you already have a company or business of your own, you can also include financial reports about these projects as these can help the investors in making the decision.

4. Include the Business Managers

You can also include the organizational chart of your company. Investors may want to see how it looks like. It is because investors want to know whether or not qualified people are running the business.  Note that the principal objective of an investor is to earn money. If they found out that competent people are handling the investment project, they will conclude that they can trust your business.

5. Include the Exit Strategy

Investors understand and know that not all businesses can succeed. They know there’s a risk in every investment business plan. That is why you must include a business exit strategy in your investment proposal. It allows an investor to see the possibilities of future results and to realize that there are ways to minimize any potential losses. Exit strategy plans are not developed simply as a contingency plan for a failed investment. It is also the way out of the investors if they wish not to continue investing in your project.


What is the investment process?

An investment process is a set of protocols that control investor conduct in a way that enables investors to stay true to the principles of their investment philosophy, which are the core principles that they expect to promote success.

How can you earn money through investing?

There are two ways or strategies that can help you earn money through investment. Listed below are the following strategies:

  • Selling your investment higher than you paid.
  • Collecting payments in the form of stocks and bonds.


What are the kinds of investments?


There are a lot of investment types that can help you achieve your financial goals in the future. Each of them has its own general set of features, risk factors, and ways in which they are useful for the investors. Listed below are the different types of investment.

  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Investment Funds
  • Bank Products
  • Option
  • Annuities
  • Retirement
  • Saving for Education
  • Alternative and Complex Products
  • Initial Coin Offerings and Cryptocurrencies
  • Commodity Futures
  • Security Futures
  • Insurance

What are the three types of investors?

There are three types of investors. They are the pre-investor, the passive investor, and the active investor.

Investing money in companies is as risky and difficult as writing an investment summary. Although they are different in their own ways, both of them have the same goal. It is to succeed. Writing an investment summary is very much challenging. It requires to be brief but detailed and too much work. The next time you will write an overview of your investment proposal, you can use our templates. We have downloadable investment summary templates that can help you get started. Download it now!

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