The news report is used to inform the civilians about what is happening around the world and for that thing a proper structure is followed for the easy understanding and Newspaper Reports is used for this purpose. Also referred as inverted pyramid, this format is available in our website free of cost.

So if you are a new person in this job you can download it free of cost available in many formats. This News Report Sample Templates is editable so that you can use it directly without any problem and also this formats is used generally everywhere so use it for a good impression.

1. News Report Example

news report example

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2. English News Report

example of news report

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3. Sample Of News Report

news writing example

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4. Short News Report Example

short news report example

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How Do I Create a News Report?

how do i create a news report

Creating a news report outline involves several key steps. Since you’re looking for content for your website, here’s a simplified guide to help you create a news report in a simple, active voice style:

Title (H1):

  • Start with a concise and engaging headline that summarizes the main point of your news report.


  • In the first paragraph, provide the most critical information, often answering the questions: who, what, where, when, and why. This is known as the “lead.”


  • Expand on the story in the following paragraphs. Include additional details, quotes from relevant people, and any supporting information. Make sure to cover all essential aspects of the story.

Subheadings (H2, H3):

  • Use subheadings to break down your report writing into distinct sections. These can be based on the different aspects of the story or key developments.


  • Incorporate quotes from relevant individuals to add depth and credibility to your report.


  • Summarize the key points and the significance of the story in a concluding paragraph.

Keywords and SEO:

  • Incorporate relevant keywords and phrases throughout the article to make it SEO-friendly and increase its chances of ranking well in search engines.


  • Ensure proper spacing, bolding for emphasis, and formatting styles for a visually appealing article.


  • Always generate unique and non-plagiarized content.

5. Simple News Report

sample news report template

This sample news report template will prove to be of great help for a new reporter planning to write a news report. It gives a sample article on the first page, and a news report chart on the next page that has to be filled in by the reporter.

What are the 4 Structures of News Reports?

4 structures of news reports

In the field of journalism, news reports typically follow four common structures or formats, depending on the nature of the story and its content. These structures are:

  1. Inverted Pyramid:
    • In the inverted pyramid structure, the most critical information is presented at the beginning, often in the first paragraph (the lead). Subsequent paragraphs contain information in descending order of importance. This format allows readers to grasp the essential details quickly.
  2. Chronological Order:
    • This structure presents the information in the sample order it occurred. It is commonly used for events that have a clear, chronological sequence, such as breaking news or historical accounts.
  3. Feature Story or Narrative Structure:
    • Feature stories are more in-depth and often involve storytelling. They start with an engaging lead and then delve into the story’s details, often with background information, quotes, and anecdotes. This format is often used for longer, feature-style articles.
  4. Question and Answer (Q&A):
    • In this format, the news report is structured as a series of questions and answers. It’s particularly useful for interviews or when you want to present information in a conversational and direct manner.

Each of these structures has its place in journalism and is chosen based on the type of news and the audience’s needs. The inverted pyramid is the most common for hard news stories, but the other structures are used for more in-depth or specialized reporting. When creating a news report for your website, consider which structure best suits your content and the expectations of your audience.

6. Sample Newspaper Report

news report template pdf

This is an all-inclusive PDF template that teaches a reporter how to sample plan a newspaper report. With a number of sample phrases, this template allows you to create an attractive headline for a news report, and then follow with the rest of the story.

What is TV report?

A TV report, also known as a television news report or broadcast journalism piece, is a concise and informative presentation of news stories intended for television audiences. It serves as a visual and auditory medium to deliver current events, human interest stories, or investigative journalism. TV reports typically adhere to a specific format, featuring an introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction sets the tone, providing a brief overview of the story. The body presents the main information, often accompanied by visuals such as video footage, interviews, and graphics. The conclusion summarizes key points and may include a call to action or a segue to the next segment.

TV reports leverage the immediacy of television to deliver news in a dynamic and engaging manner. Journalists use various storytelling techniques, combining visuals, sound bites, and narration to capture and maintain viewer attention. The visual element is crucial, as it enhances the audience’s understanding and emotional connection to the story.

Reporters and news teams play a vital role in producing TV reports, conducting research, interviews, and on-site reporting to gather information. Editors then assemble the footage and narrative into a cohesive and compelling story. TV reports are broadcast on news programs, providing viewers with up-to-date information on local, national, and international events.

In the digital age, TV reports may also be accessible online through streaming platforms or news websites, allowing for on-demand viewing. The convergence of traditional television and online platforms has expanded the reach and accessibility of TV reports, catering to diverse audiences with varying preferences for consuming news content.

7. News Reporting Example

news report template free pdf

This one is a complete PDF news report template that gives a complete guideline on how to write a news report. Followed by the name and headline of the news report, you have enough space to write the lead, background, quotations and concluding statement of purpose of the report.

Why Do You Need News Report Templates?

Whether you are a data journalism student or a novice news reporter, these news report templates will definitely help you in getting a firm hand on the profession. Creating an attractive and enticing news story is not everyone’s cup of tea, and it needs lot of sample planning and designing before you send it out to the public.

These news report templates give you a professionally made background which you can use to create enticing news reports within seconds. You may like Summary Reports.

You can just download one of these templates appropriate to your news item, and fill in the news details. Your news report will be created within a matter of minutes. You can also see Management Reports.

Benefits of News Report Templates?

One of the most important benefits of using these news report format templates is that they allow you to create a professional looking news report even if you are a novice in the industry. Another benefit is that they save your time by giving you a ready-made platform to fill in the news details.

They are customizable as per your requirements and preferences, and the best thing is that no technical skills are required to use these templates.

As a news reporter or a journalist, you are responsible to brainstorm details and information, and write an informative news report for your audience. These news report templates are highly helpful in creating news reports that look professionally designed even if you are a novice.

General FAQs

1. What are the categories of news?

News is categorized into various types, including Breaking News (current events), Feature Stories (in-depth analysis), Investigative Journalism (uncovering hidden issues), Human Interest (emotion-driven), and Opinion/Editorial (personal viewpoints).

2. What is the full form of news?

The term “news” does not have a full form. It originates from the plural form of the Middle English word “new,” referring to information about recent events or developments.

3. What is headline in television news?

A headline in television news is a brief, attention-grabbing summary of the most important news story. It aims to quickly convey the key information and capture viewers’ interest.

4. How to write a news report?

To write a news report, start with a compelling headline, followed by a concise lead summarizing the main details. Include the who, what, when, where, why, and how, and maintain an objective tone.

5. What is the present perfect in news?

In news reporting, the present perfect tense is used to convey recent events with a connection to the present. It indicates actions or situations that occurred in the past but remain relevant.

In conclusion, [summarize the key points of the news report]. This [news event or development] is significant [for whom or in what context] and highlights [the broader implications or consequences]. As [experts, officials, or witnesses] have stated, [reiterate any important quotes or insights]. The [relevance or importance] of this news cannot be understated, and it will undoubtedly continue to [impact or influence].

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