Chores are important and they need to be done. They are part of those activities that are necessary for everyday living, just like how we need food, shelter, and money to get by. That is why it is a must that children or kids learn how to do their chores at a young age. The earlier they start, the more learning they get from doing chores. It even helps mold them into responsible and reliable adults in the future. We have here chore schedule samples & templates for kids that parents can use to start their kids with doing chores. The sample templates we have can be viewed and downloaded for free.

Kids Chore Schedule Template

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Chores are part of our everyday lives, whether they are big or small. When we wake up in the morning we make our beds. Mothers would prepare breakfast for the family. Fathers would send the children to school and make sure that they get there safe and sound. These are daily chores that a lot of people and families do on a daily basis. These are simple daily activities, but when not done or missed out, can definitely disrupt the activities for the entire day.

Daily Chore Schedule Template for Kids

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Simple Chore Schedule Template for Kids

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Age-Appropriate Chore Schedule Template

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Printable Chore Schedule Template for Kids

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Weekly Chore Schedule Template for Kids

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Why Do Kids Need to Do Chores?

Children will always complain when told to do their chores and not miss it. Remember the time when your mom told you to wash the dishes, sweep the floor, pick up your toys, or make your bed every morning? Those times you know for sure that once or twice or all of the time you have complained about being told to do so. But now that you’ve grown up, there are just times when you feel glad that your mom or parents had you do all those things when you were young. This just shows how important and beneficial it is to give chores to kids. Below are some of the benefits that kids can get if they start doing chores early. You may also like kid’s chore chart templates.

1. Chores teach kids to become responsible and reliable individuals. Making kids pick up their own toys after playing helps them establish a routine. This makes them become aware that they should keep things after using them. Giving them praise for doing so will motivate them to continue doing what is asked of them. They will also find more ways to how they can get their praise and attention from the people they like through the chores that they remember doing and getting praise from. You may also like sample chore charts.

2. It gives them a sense of importance and belongingness in the family or group. Kids are very observant. We often get surprised by the things that they do, ask, and talk about. This is one reason why they should be given a role or a part of doing chores at home or in school. House chores make them feel like they are doing a very big role at home by helping mom do the dishes or sweep the floor. In school, being able to help in group chores make them feel that they belong to the group because their group mates and teacher will appreciate and praise them for what they have done. You may also like kid’s charts.

3. It molds them to become a trustworthy person. Being trustworthy and being responsible should start at a very young age. Allowing kids to do their chores and trusting them to do it on their own will help and teach them to become a responsible and independent individual. Being responsible is how we get trust from different people. You may also like chore list.

4. It helps them learn a lot of new things on their own. Kids learn many things by just doing a single chore and just by observing other people do chores. Chores allow them to explore on their own and this exploration will feed their curiosity. Some of what they learn may not always be good, so guidance and a little supervision from their parents or guardians will help them make their learning experience worthwhile. You may also like chore list templates.

5. Chores teach kids to become independent. Parents always want their kids to be able to take care of themselves one day with minimal help from their guardians. The best way to start training kids to be independent is by giving them chores. How does this help them? Chores are activities of daily living that needs to be done by both children and adults. Teaching your kids to make their bed every morning, brush their teeth, clean the house, put out the trash, and much more are activities that they will have to do even when they’re grown up. Kids who are used to doing simple chores will learn to be independent at the right time. You may also like timeline template for kids.

6. The parents or guardians of kids or children who know how to do their chores will have more time for themselves. When kids know how to do a lot of things at home and in school or just about anywhere, this means that their parents will have more time to do other stuff. It lessens the time they spend doing most chores that can easily be done by their kids and give them more time to either do heavier and more difficult household chores, more time for work, or more time for leisure. You may also like printable behavior charts.

7. It is something to brag about and be proud of. Parents would love the idea of going out with family and friends and be able to brag about how their kids are able to do house chores. This is a dream come true for most parents, especially those parents who know the importance of giving chores to their kids. Not only the parents can feel proud of it but the kids themselves. They can show other people what they are capable of doing and they get praised or appreciated for that. You may also like lesson schedule templates.

8. Children or kids can easily be coached and taught new things if they do chores. Since they know how to do simple chores, it will be easy to coach them and teach them other new stuff or even more difficult chores. This is because they learn to be patient with learning and doing the simple chores that they are told to do. They learn patience and interest in new things, which is an essential ingredient for learning. You may also like study schedule samples.

9. It makes kids or children feel more successful. A lot of people think that school and all those complex things that kids do and accomplish at a young age are the signs and keys of them being successful in life. That might be partly true, but not entirely. These talents might just be temporary, and pampering kids to a certain level might just be the cause of them losing the capability of being successful. Having kids do simple chores and giving them praise will make them feel accomplished. It also motivates them to work even harder. Kids might appreciate not doing any chores at all, but this is just temporary. Soon they will get jealous of their friends and classmates who are being praised for doing their chores that they know nothing about. This will make them jealous and feel hatred until they grow up. You may also like printable chart templates.

10. Chores help kids learn skills that they can use for life. Life skills can’t always be taught in schools. Some of them are learned by kids at home and with their everyday experiences. Children who fail to learn these set of skills may become unsuccessful people or lazy people that society hates. Life skills are what an individual needs to survive the harsh real world. You may also like work schedule templates.

Planning to use a chore schedule for your kids’ chores at home? Then the easiest and most convenient way for you to do so is use kids chore chart templates that you can download for free. You can also download chore chart samples as your reference or guide to using a chore schedule.

Candy Themed Chore Schedule Template

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Monthly Chore Schedule Template for Kids

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Chore Schedule Sample for Girls

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Colorful Chore Schedule Template

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Benefits of Chore Schedule for Kids

If chores can do something good for kids, then chore schedules can too. As adults, we follow a certain schedule of activities every day, although not really in a very strict manner. Following this schedule helps get things done and has proven to provide a lot of benefits.

1. Chore schedules for kids help them establish a routine. When kids are tasked to do chores regularly or on a daily basis, they become accustomed to doing it that it no longer becomes a chore that they hate to do but something that they must do either to help their parents or take care of themselves. Kids need to establish a routine to help them learn and practice doing activities that are required for daily living. You might be interested in an hourly schedule.

2. Chore schedules for kids allow them to manage their play time and time for chores. Most kids follow what their parents tell them, so giving or setting a particular schedule for them when to do their chores and when to play is very helpful. This helps them manage their time well and will bring them good things when they grow up and become adults. Time management is not something that can be learned overnight. Having kids learn it at a very early age will be to their advantage. Utilizing a time schedule should help.

3. Chore schedules for kids serve as a visual aid to remind them of their chores. Aside from being able to help them manage their time, a chore schedule intended for kids can be used as their reference as to what chores they need to accomplish on that day and time. Also, chore schedules for kids can be designed or embellished with their favorite cartoon characters or superheroes. This will catch their attention and thus, remind them of their chores. You may also like weekly schedule samples.

4. Chore schedules for kids make kids obligated to do their part of the chores. Give kids obligations as early as you can. Well, not the heavy and difficult ones though. Again, start them young. Setting up a chore schedule and having your kids oblige to it will effectively have them working on their chores. Check out some cleaning schedule samples.

5. Chore schedules for kids show the chores that they have already accomplished. Stars and your kids’ favorite stickers can be added to each chore your child has accomplished. You can do this as some form of reward or recognition for a job well done. Every time they see it, it gives them the feeling of accomplishment and will motivate them to continue doing their chores without fail. You may also like printable daily schedule templates.

6. Chore schedules for kids foster discipline. Having a chore schedule prepared for each member of the entire family helps in teaching them discipline by following what chores their parents tell them to do. Soon they will no longer be asked to do what they must but will do that on their own. It is teaching discipline at its finest.

One can’t deny the importance and benefits that one can get with scheduling their tasks and activities. Everything can be done in a timely manner if they just do their schedules. Other schedule templates that we have available on our website are staff schedule templates, construction schedule templates, and school schedule templates to name a few.

What Are Age-Appropriate Chores?

Age-appropriate chores are chores that children or kids are given based on their age. Even if chores are good for kids, they can’t always do everything the first time. Chores are given to children based on their age to ensure that their learning capability and interests are compatible to their motor, emotional, and mental growth so that they can get the most out of the experience. Below are some examples. You may also see event schedule templates.

1. Kids ages 2–3 years old

  • Assist in doing very simple household chores
  • Picking up their toys with adult supervision
  • Help in making their beds
  • Help in feeding their pets
  • Assist in doing the dishes and handling the silverware

2. Kids ages 4–5 years old

  • Can make their beds on their own
  • Help in cleaning the table after meals
  • Can follow instructions and can be taught to use a chore schedule chart
  • Can pick up their toys without supervision
  • Can put on or change clothes on their own
  • Wash their hands on their own

3. Kids ages 6–7 years old

  • Brush their teeth and comb their hair
  • Choose the clothes that they want to wear
  • Get and fold clean laundry or clothes
  • Do the dishes on their own
  • Assist in preparing food
  • Answer telephone calls
  • Throw the trash or bring the trash outside
  • Sweep or vacuum the floor

4. Kids ages 8–11 years old

  • Can take care of their personal hygiene
  • Do their homework without supervision
  • Help in washing the car
  • Make their bedroom clean
  • Use alarm clock to wake them up in the morning

5. Kids ages 10–11 years old

  • Can help assist in mowing the lawn
  • Change their own bedding and curtains
  • Assist in cleaning the kitchen

6. Kids ages 12 years old and above

  • Can help in doing the groceries provided that they have a grocery list
  • Help in looking after or babysitting their younger siblings
  • Cook simple fried meals with supervision
  • Can wash the car on their own

Useful Ideas in Making Chore Schedule for Kids

The chore schedule that you should plan on making is one that is useful and effective. You should be able to motivate kids or help kids get interested in doing their chores with the use of a chore schedule. Below are some of the ideas that you may find both helpful and effective. You may also see schedule samples.

1. Use themes or designs that catch children’s attention. Kids just love it when they see their favorite animal or cartoon character on anything. They just want it no matter what it is even if they can’t use it. Having a themed chart or chore schedule will get your kids interested in doing their chores, especially if is the theme or design that they want. You may also see work schedule samples.

2. Use stickers as a form of reward. Every time your child has finished their chores, you can put a sticker on their part of the schedule. The sticker can be a star or any object that shows them or represents that they did a good job. This is a form of reward that the child will be looking forward to every time they finish their chores. A very good motivation plan indeed. You may also see blank schedule templates.

3. Use big letters, simple words, and pictures. Some kids learn to do chores even before they learn how to read and write. Having pictures of the chores that they need to do would be a good thing. For those who just learned to read and write, big letters would be a good embellishment to the chore schedule you would want to make as it would be easy for them to read and recognize the letters. You may also see class schedule samples.

4. Make it interactive. Kids just love it when they are involved with stuff. You can make your schedule interactive by letting your kid put a check mark or draw a start on every chore that they have finished. As an alternative to the traditional pen and paper, you can use magnets where you make the schedule on a surface with a metal sheet and have your kid put a magnet on the chore that they have done. You may also see time schedule samples.

5. Use color-coding schemes. Provide a color for each chore that your child needs to do. It will make it fun for them to deal with all those different colors.

6. Give them a score or rating for every chore done. Use whatever method of scoring you can think of and apply that to your chore schedule. Give them a score or rating for every chore that they have finished. It will be a great motivation scheme for them. Kids would always want to get a hundred or a perfect score. You may also see vacation schedule templates.

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