Being hands-on with the care of your child/children is probably one of the most fulfilling things as a parent. However, there may come a time where you might need to ask a babysitter to take care of your child especially if no one else you know can do it at the moment. You may also see sample work schedules.

You might find yourself getting worried about whether the babysitter would know what they should do to ensure that your baby is well when you come back. One good way of easing your worries is leaving a babysitting checklist that has a schedule of your baby’s needs on a time basis. You may also like training schedule templates.

In this article, we would like to help you ease your worries by giving you tips regarding your babysitter checklist. We also have a few free checklist samples and templates that you can refer to and give you ideas about how you can make your babysitter checklist look organized and fun. Just remember to keep reading this article to find out more.

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What Your Babysitter Needs to Know

While you are away from the comfort of your home, you want to make sure that your babysitter is well aware of what your child needs. You want to give them everything that they need to know about how to take care of your child, from what they need to eat, the sleeping schedule, when to call the pediatrician, and what is considered to be an emergency. You are the best person who knows what and what does not work for your child, so you have to make sure that the babysitter also knows these. What we are trying to say is that you should plan ahead even when you are not getting a babysitter anytime soon. Preparing a checklist template for a possible babysitter would be a good idea. The more you prepare, the less worried you will become, the better you will feel while you are away, and it can even help alleviate some of the stress you are feeling.

Speaking of planning ahead, you would also need to stock up on your usual supplies such as baby food, snacks, medicine, emergency kit, and other household supplies. Your checklist should be comprehensive enough to ensure that you are not leaving out any important details for however long you are leaving your child for—whether it be for one night only or for a one-week vacation. You may also see baby growth chart templates.

So what do you include in your babysitter checklist? Here’s a quick list of what you should include:

1. Basic Details

The basic details would be the name of the child/children, your contact number, and emergency information (pediatrician’s name, hospital, and other details).

2. Food and Drinks

Include meal times, the drinks, and the snack items that are preferable. If you need them to cook, include recipes as well. If you have prepared food to reheat, include the amount of time it needs to be in the microwave or stove top. You can also include your kitchen rules. You can take a look at baby feeding schedule samples and templates as well as snack schedule samples and templates for a good guide on how you can make a feeding schedule that your babysitter can easily follow.

3. Daily Routine

If your babysitter will be able to follow the daily routine that usually goes on in the house, your kid/s will most likely be more comfortable and your babysitter will likely not encounter any tantrums. You can check out our printable daily schedule templates to gain an idea of how you can make a daily routine schedule for your babysitter.

4. Health Conditions

It would be good to let your babysitter know of any existing health condition of your child. This would include allergies and if he/she is susceptible to having frequent asthma attacks. Let your babysitter know what steps he/she needs to take in case any health emergencies occur like who to call first and where the first aid kit is located. If you have time, you can show the sitter where to find all the emergency health kits and what medicines can be found in the refrigerator. You may also like checklist samples in word.

5. Extracurricular Activities

This includes possible activities that can be done after school or during the weekends such as tutorial sessions and play date schedules. You may also see lesson schedule samples and templates.

6. Locations

Do not forget to print out maps regarding your preferred hospital, your child’s school, and parks where they can play.

7. Attach Medical Release Forms

Ask medical release forms from your doctor or hospital and fill these out ahead. Attach this alongside your babysitter checklist.

Once you are done writing the draft of your simple checklist, take time to review what you have written to ensure that you did not miss any important detail. Make sure that you proofread misspellings and ensure that you have written instructions in a clear manner. Print out the checklist and the rest of the babysitter instructions that you have prepared. Place this in a folder in a neat manner and make sure that there are no missing pages.

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Choosing the Babysitter

You want to make sure that the person who will be taking care of your child/children will be one of the best or has good experience with handling children. You want to make sure that he/she is qualified enough to handle your kids and you want to make sure that he/she is exactly what your family needs. Going over a few babysitter resumes can be a tedious task and narrowing down your options can be a bit stressful. So how do you choose the right one? Let us dig a little deeper.

1. Reference

Take a look at the references section of the resume. You want to make sure that you do a little bit of background check and that you get in touch with the families that she has listed down as her references. You want to ask them how he/she is with children and what are his/her strong points. You should also consider the ages of the kids that he/she has taken care of and are the responsibilities he/she has done the same with what you are looking for. You may also see activity schedules.

2. Interviews

Conduct interviews and make sure that the questions you will be asking are in line with what you are looking for. You can take a look at our Ssample Interview Questions article and get some ideas on how you can make your own interview questions.

3. Evaluate Your Kids

Take a look at your kids’ strengths and weaknesses. Hire a babysitter that would be a good fit with your kids’ weaknesses. If you feel like your kids need a little improvement in mathematics, you can hire someone who has a major in math to help you out.

4. Introduce to Your Kids

This is also called the Kids’ Test. Observe how she interacts with your kids and take note of these interactions. Do you like their interactions together? Do you like how he/she plays with your kids? Do you think they will be comfortable with each other? Seeing your kids interact with the sitter and vice versa will be a factor in evaluating whether or not you will be hiring that particular candidate. You may also check out weekend scheduled samples.

5. Intuition

Trust your intuition and we are sure that you will be able to pick the right babysitter that suits your family’s needs.

Need a better way of representing the eating portions of your baby? You should definitely take a look at our Sample Baby Feeding Charts.

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