3+ Business Investigation Report Samples

There are numerous components to corporate investigations, and they might differ greatly depending on your requirements. An investigation’s goal is to gather evidence to support or refute charges of fraud and corruption. It is a legally mandated fact-finding procedure that is performed in an objective and unbiased way with the goal of establishing important facts and making recommendations in this regard. Corporate investigations are used by businesses and organizations not just to establish alleged illegal conduct, but also to defend themselves against it. An investigation report is beneficial if you are concerned about the health of your business or organization. No need to look any further! In this article, we provide you with free and ready-to-use samples of Business Investigation Reports in PDF and DOC formats that you could use for your convenience. Keep on reading to find out more!

1. Company Business Investigation Report

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2. Local Business Investigation Report

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3. Business Claim Investigation Report

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4. Business Security Incident Investigation Report

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What Is a Business Investigation Report?

When there is substantial evidence of major wrongdoing, malfeasance, or ethical breaches, a workplace inquiry is performed. The goal of the investigative report should be to inform and convince. Businesses do a comprehensive examination to uncover any possible hazards or fraud. Preventive and countermeasure action are both part of a business investigation. By conducting an investigation, a company can avoid risks and limit losses in the case of a fraudulent activity. An investigation report serves a variety of objectives. It’s a document that, based on the official conclusions it gives, prompts some type of action. This might include dismissal, disciplinary action, training, counseling, or any other action done as a result of the investigation. The report should describe how the findings were arrived at. Avoid any suggestion of prejudice in the report by keeping it as brief and straightforward as possible.

How to Make a Business Investigation Report

A Business Investigation Report template assists you in writing a report that is consistent across investigators’ reports, gives investigators with a reporting structure to follow, and cuts down on the time spent producing investigation reports. Choose one of our excellent templates listed above so that you can be ensured that you have a well-written and complete report, and that you don’t have to go through with the hassle of writing one from scratch. Other than that, if you want to write one on your own, follow these steps below to guide you:

1. In order to identify the case, you’ll need to supply the following information.

Begin your report with case-specific information that identifies the case to which it pertains. Include details like the investigator’s name, case number, the date the case was entered, and the date the investigator was assigned to the case.

2. Provide the referral source.

The information provided by the complaint should be included in the next section. The complainant’s office phone number, e-mail address, employee number, office location, department, and job title all help to identify the person who filed the complaint.

3. Include the investigation’s accusation specifics.

What sort of complaint is being investigated: harassment, discrimination, or retaliation. Include as much information about the initial complaint as possible in this area. Provide the following below:

  • Determine the sort of situation you’re dealing with.
  • The complainant and the alleged victim may or may not be the same individual.
  • What method was used to receive the complaint: hotline, face-to-face, web form, etc.
  • Details of the allegation, including what happened, where it happened, and when it happened, as well as any other information supplied in the first complaint.

4. Make a scope of the investigation and case notes.

Include a statement that explains the investigation’s aim and goals. A summary of the duties assigned and actions done throughout the inquiry should be included in the case notes section. Include a brief explanation of the task, the actions required to execute it, and who and when the assignment was done.

5. Make a list of possible recommendations.

Make suggestions at the end of the report. Make sure your suggestions are backed up by the penalties stated in the business code of conduct or other workplace regulations. Include a plan of action that identifies the next steps in correcting the problem.


What is the procedure for conducting an investigation?

The investigative process consists of a series of actions or processes that move from evidence collection through information analysis, hypothesis creation and validation, reasonable grounds to believe formation, and eventually the arrest and charging of a suspect.

What is the role of a business investigator?

Corporate investigators, also known as financial investigators and fraud investigators, are trusted by businesses and organizations looking to prevent fraud, embezzlement, and misconduct.

How long does it take to do a business investigation?

An investigation should take between 24-72 hours, depending on how many witnesses are involved and how many individuals need to be interviewed.

In general, the role of the investigation report is to investigate the accusations in depth, analyze the evidence thoroughly, and decide whether workplace misconduct, fraud, or corruption has occurred, and if so, who is accountable and how serious the misbehavior is. To help you get started with this, download our easily customizable and customizable Business Investigation Report today!

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