Quotations are considered as the first documents that are handed by a business to its consumer or clients. As the first corporate touch point that provides information about the deliverable of the business, quotations are commonly created in a precise and comprehensive manner. However, there may be cases where details included in the quotation may not be enough, may not be suitable for the needs of the customers, or may be hard to understand. This is where the inquiry about the last quotation takes place.

Depending on the transaction where a business or consumer is involved, inquiries about last quotation may be formal or informal. If you are having a hard time identifying the best way to inquire about the details handed to you by a corporate establishment or an individual whose expertise you need, the best thing to do is to browse through inquiries of the same nature so you can be guided on how to properly create one. Being knowledgeable about certain guidelines and tips can also be helpful along the way.

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How to Inquire about Last Quotation

If you truly want to have a smooth flow of transaction that involves a consumer and a business, it is important for you to be keen on the details within the entirety of the processes involved in the transaction development. Inquiring about the last quotation can be any of the following:

  • A business asking for the updating decision of the consumers with regards to the quotation that have been given to them previously.
  • A consumer who would like to get more details about prices, products, and/or services that a business can provide them with. You may be interested in price quotation, product quotation, and service quotation.
  • A consumer who wants to identify additional items or services which can greatly affect the entirety of the decision for the transaction where the quotation will be used to continue.

Since there are different kinds of inquiry about the last quotation sent by an entity, there are also different ways on how you can inquire about the last quotation, which can be any of the following:

  • Provide an email where all your inquiries are professionally stated so you can ensure that corporate values and respect can still be reflected in the document even if it only includes inquiries. You can also write a letter of inquiry.
  • Send a direct message to any online or social media accounts of the entity involved in the discussion of the quotation so you can have a faster and more informal response, which can be followed up by another email or not.
  • Leave a note of inquiry in the main office of the business that you are currently transacting with and provide your contact information where they may reach you if they are already ready to provide the answers to all your quotation inquiry.

As mentioned above, there are different ways on how you can inquire about the quotation that either you have given or was given to you. Depending on the situation where you are currently involved, it will be best to identify certain factors that can affect the proceedings of the transaction based on your inquiry. You may also see event quotations

Why Is There a Need to Inquire about the Last Quotation?

A quotation serves as the official document that includes the details of the transaction related the purchase acquisition or service provision. There is a necessity for this document to be reviewed accordingly so that no misunderstandings or misconception may occur between the customer and the business. A few of the reasons why it is considered important to inquire about the last quotation that the business and the customer is aware of include the following:

1. Quotations are only the initial statement given by a business to entice customers.

With this, there may still be changes that can occur depending on how the transaction goes. An inquiry is essential on the part of customers so that they can be aware of the items that they can be provided with and those adjustments that could not be done. You may also check out purchase quotation samples

2. Having an inquiry about the last quotation can actually provide clarification of the content of the document specified.

If all parties who will use the quotation are aware of the details of the last quotation that is considered as the pattern for the transaction, it will be easier for them to come up with a resolution that can help the particular transaction be realized.

Items Included in an Inquiry about the Last Quotation

If you are a consumer or a client who would like to know more details about the quotation that was handed to you, it is essential that you have prior knowledge of how to write an inquiry. Your document with regards to your questions and specifications about the last quotation should be complete so that it will be easier for the business to give you the details that you actually needed. Listed below are some of the items or information that should always be present in an inquiry about the last quotation. You may also see travel quotations

  • The date that the last quotation has been received by your end
  • The date when the inquiry for the last quotation has been sent
  • The name of the person responsible for the inquiries thrown at the business
  • The reason why the quotation is necessary to be made
  • A time frame where the response of the business is expected
  • The information that the letter sender would like to clarify, add, or ask about
  • The name of the business that sent the quotation
  • The particular specifications of what the customer would like to achieve in relation to sending the inquiry

Since there are different kinds of inquiries that may occur in various circumstances, the information listed above may change. It is your responsibility as a person who is doing the inquiry to ensure that the details that you will place in the document are based on how you would like the transaction to be treated and how you would like changes to occur or information to be relayed. Follow the items that we have discussed so that you can end up with a well-formulated, professional, and appropriate inquiry for last quotation.

Aside from that, if your are interested in quotations, we have sample quotations that you can find here on our website such as business quotation, sales quotation, and more.

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