When we come across buildings or structures of old and new, these are the works of architecture. The earliest form of architecture dates back to the prehistoric age, were builders of that period moved earth and stone into geometric forms, creating our earliest human-made formations. An amazing fleet in their time, as they created notable works such as the Stonehenge.

Through out a thousand of years, architecture has evolved, old ones valuably preserved to remind us of the evolution of art and design. In this modern era we live in, building structures and sculptures, some with such remarkable designs are more of the modern architecture with sharp and clean lines. But reminiscent of the old are still often requested by clients with the likes of a more gothic or perhaps Victorian style. However a client wishes to design their building or space, this is all part of the work done by architects. Yet with competition on the rise, it takes a good architecture marketing plan to push their firms on top of the market. Read more about this in our article below and don’t forget to check out our free architecture marketing plan below.

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What Is an Architecture Marketing Plan?

Like most business, whether they offer products or services would need a marketing plan. With a lot of competition on hand, more or less offering the same kind of services, architectural firms are no exception to this. Your team of architects may be skilled, but it needs a capable architecture marketing plan to help your firm get proper recognition. This will detail the strategy your firm will use to market your architectural services to the market. The plan will center on identifying the target market, the value proposition of your service, the campaigns to be initiated, and the metrics to be used to assess the effectiveness of marketing initiatives. It may look like a comprehensive task to do, but it will be of valuable help to boost clients engagement and help draw its attention to your firm.

How To Create an Architecture Marketing Plan?

Writing a successful marketing plan will need brainstorming amongst your team. An architecture marketing plan is an important tool to help grow your business and increase sales. If prepared effectively this will enable you to take a targeted and cost effective approach with regard to your marketing activities. Aside from increase of revenue, this also provides insights into your market, your ideal customers and how to engage them in meaningful ways. To start, here the steps to follow when creating an efficient and successful architecture marketing plan.

I. Mission Statement

Think of a mission statement that can serve as a guide for your firm noting the business’ practices you intend or are following, the values and services.

II. Identify Your Target Market

Distinguishing your target market is essential when you are about to engage in marketing activities. It would be a waste of time to simply start promoting without understanding who and where your architectural services are for. Knowing your audience is knowing how to best market them.

III. Description Of Your Services

To effectively market your services, you must be able to describe them. And since this is an architectural firm, then there must be a variety of services your company must be offering. Such as concept design development, preparation of construction documents, and construction administration. Architects also provide a wide variety of additional services including feasibility studies, architectural programming and project management.

IV. Marketing and Promotional Strategies

Since this is the main topic of your architecture marketing plan, so it is valuable to include this in your planning. For your promotional and marketing strategies, there are various outlets to choose from. There are the ever popular use of social media marketing, the conventional yet effective email marketing, content writing in blogs, architectural proposals and many more. Whatever you think is possible and feasible for your firm, tap into that. Remember, some may work others may not. That’s how it is when promoting your services to the market. It takes patience and a lot of trial and error.

V. Marketing Goals

Identifying your marketing goals will help your firm slowly attain success. Such goals can include the number of new clients you would like to acquire, the number of people you would like to reach, or the amount of income you would like to generate.

VI. Monitor and Evaluation

Once you set up your marketing strategies and promotion in place, careful monitoring is needed in order for you to assess your target audience’s engagement. From there one, you can evaluate if there is anything needed to be changed or amended.


What Is an Architectural Design?

This is a concept that focuses on components or elements of a structure.

What Is the Importance of Marketing?

Marketing helps create product and service awareness. And this drives potential customers to buy or try out your services.

What Is the Importance of Architecture in Modern Society?

Basically, architecture exists to create the physical environment in which people live, but other than that, it’s also a part of our culture. Architecture connects to economics and the sciences, and the people that practice it can both be detail-oriented technicians.

Architecture of the past has endlessly evolved and paved its way to modern society. Creating beautiful structures and livable, recreational and business areas. To ensure the continuity, architects are becoming more diverse with their talents, which needs to be showcased to the world. Start creating an architecture marketing plan to help your firm meet its goals.


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