Every business’ success lies on its management’s capabilities to attract the potential customer base and have them constantly engaged to the venture. It doesn’t matter if the business itself is a startup, or a huge company with countless branches and affiliates across different states. Marketing is what drives sales, and you need that drive especially in an industry that is fairly competitive such as accounting firms. There have been a constant influx of accounting firms across the country these past few years, each vying for a good place in the industry, and just basically aiming for success and long prosperous business. And without selling any of the services that your firm is offering, your own accounting firm won’t make it too far into the market. That is why it is important for business owners such as yourself to develop a well and comprehensive marketing plan. Though the document can bring countless benefits for a business, not every business owner devote the time and resources needed to make one. But since you’re here, I trust that you are one of those who knows and realizes the importance of properly developing a marketing plan. To always be one step ahead of the curve.

A marketing plan is simply a document that highlights how you and your company will sell your services to your clients. This is important because it generally makes the entire sales process a whole lot easier, and saves you a significant amount of resources by cutting down the costs of marketing by targeting your client base in a much smarter way.

One very particular example of a marketing strategy is when a company decides to put up an advertisement for their services in the local newspaper. Now you see, the only problem with this approach is that the company itself does not have any control whatsoever on who sees the paper and the advertisement in any given day. This is because most newspaper and magazine ads only offer general branding and not targeted marketing, which is largely more effective. Perhaps what the management needs is a marketing strategy that focuses on creating an ad that puts a specific issue forward, and then frames their own company and their services as the best solution for that specific issue.

Proper marketing plans can go a long way for the sake of your business. It makes sure that by having a constant stream of clients and customers, you will also have in turn, a constant flow of sales and revenue. Try to get yourself acquainted with the document more by checking out these accounting firm marketing plan samples that we have listed for you down below. Once you’ve gotten the hang of the document, familiarized yourself  with what it looks like and how it works, feel free to use these samples below as guides or maybe even as templates for when you develop a business plan of your own.

4+ Accounting Firm Marketing Plan Samples

1. Accounting Firm Marketing Plan

accounting firm marketing plan

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2. Sample Accounting Firm Marketing Plan

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3. Tax and Accounting Firm Marketing Plan

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4. Simple Accounting Firm Marketing Plan

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5. Accounting Firm Marketing Plan Example

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What Is an Accounting Firm Marketing Plan?

Accounting firm marketing plans, or just any iteration of a marketing plan, is a document that highlights and outlines the marketing strategies that the company or the business might implement to further generate revenue by reaching out to their respective target market. The document provides numerous details regarding the outreach and PR programs that will be put in place in a given period, as well as how the company will measure the effects of these efforts that were put in place by the plan. A marketing plan simply details the strategies that a business or company will take to promote its products and services to their customers.

While the document works well enough on its own, marketing plans are can sometimes work with business plans, another corporate document that outlines all the important components of a business such as the goals, values, mission statements, budget, overall finances, and of course, marketing. A well written marketing plan is a document that contains and presents the initial market study done to back the company’s pricing decisions and market entries, tailors messaging and promotions to target a specific demographic or geographic customer base.

Provides a wide selection of platforms in which the marketing and promotional campaigns may be distributed like the radio, digital, Internet, trade magazines, and how these different platforms can mix and match to create a unique marketing experience each time. As well as provide the criteria of success that can be used to accurately measure the results of the different marketing efforts and strategies that have been put in place. Marketing plans are ‘live’ documents, which means that it should be changed and updated regularly to get the best out of it.

How to Write an Accounting Firm Marketing Plan

Whenever you’re writing a marketing plan, you need to be able to recreate that ‘a-ha’ moment where your clients realize that you have the exact qualifications that they have been looking for to solve any accounting problems that they might have. If you make your clients aware of the issue that they are currently facing, and then present your company and services as the best solution for that issue, then they are more than likely to make business with you. If you fail to do this then your customer might have some difficulties trying to figure out why they need you. Listed below are some tips that we thought might be useful for the entire writing process of your document.

1. Analyze your market

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to get to know your market and understand their needs. Proper market analysis will help you understand your company’s strengths, your own weaknesses, and what opportunities can you take to better take advantage of the market. It should also provide you an insight of who or what the competition is and where you currently stand on the market. You can use a SWOT analysis to help you determine better where your business currently fits, what your unique selling points are, how the business is doing in general, and what you need to do to improve. Remember, not everyone is interested with what you are offering, so it is best to identify early on who or what is making that demand in the market.

2. Set your goals and objectives

When talking about goals or objectives we tend to flatly answer that you want your business to succeed. But what are you going to do for your business to succeed? We need you here to look internally. What aspects of the business will you need to improve to better provide for your clients? Set SMART objectives to make sure that your goals are perfectly feasible and attainable. Clear goals carve their own paths.

3. Outline your market strategies

Marketing strategies refer to the contents of your marketing plan. Sort of an umbrella term for the steps that you and your company will take or the methods that will be put in place to make your marketing plan effective. Try to choose marketing strategies that fit the nature of your business and your target market. For example, accounting firms may gear on towards the younger generation of business owners and operators. So the best strategy that may be put in place here is by circulating marketing and promotional campaigns around social media platforms or forums.

4. Set marketing budget

Marketing and promotion is not cheap at all. So you need to be clear with the amount of resources that you are spending and how these expenses are crucial to the success of your marketing plan. When developing a budget, make sure that you are allocating a good portion of the budget to methods that are actually effective, and are actually working.

5. Keep your marketing plan up-to-date

A marketing plan is a ‘live’ document, so evaluate your methods and analyze the results to see if the plan needs adjusting or not. Change and update your plan as much as necessary, as the business itself grows and evolves over time.


What is the essence of a marketing plan?

A marketing plan takes the marketing strategies that you have established to a tactical level to produce actual tangible results.

What are the five SMART objectives?

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Timed

What is marketing?

Marketing is simply the idea behind satisfying the needs of your clients by framing your services as a solution to their problems. A fundamental component needed to achieve competitive advantage.

Developing a well written marketing plan is not as simple as it may seem. The entire writing process requires a lot of input, insights, and feedback from sources like company personnel and key customers. The secret behind a good marketing plan and marketing strategies is understanding your target market. Understand their needs, where it’s coming from, and how your business can capitalize over that demand. If you are able to do that, then your business will be a success in no time.

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