Christmas is the season of giving and the only time that employees get their Christmas bonuses. This is one of the reasons why a lot of employees look forward to December. It is not just because of the company Christmas party and it is not just because of the Christmas goodies and exchanging of gifts. It is all about the Christmas bonus! You can also see employee warning notice samples.

The thought of receiving and spending your Christmas bonus on gadgets, clothes, food, and all the stuff you have ever dreamed of buying will truly make every employee happy. This time of year is such a wonderful thing for everyone—not. There are also employees who are not qualified to get a Christmas bonus. You can also see renewal notice samples.

It is not always a sad thing. Sometimes it is just right, especially if it is according to the law. It is important that you know the reasons why such things exist and the reasons why they are done. You can also see employee notice forms.

When Is an Employee Unqualified to Get a Christmas Bonus?

There are many reasons why employees become unqualified for a Christmas bonus. These reasons could either be just or unjust, and this is all thanks to the employer or the company. There are also instances when the employee is the main reason why they become unqualified for the Christmas bonus. So when is an employee unqualified for a Christmas bonus? The answers to this question are listed below. You can also see layoff notice templates.

  • An employee is unqualified for a Christmas bonus if they have been with the company for less than six months. Probationary employees get regularized after working for six months within the company provided that they pass the job performance evaluations or employee evaluations prior to their regularization.
  • An employee is unqualified for a Christmas bonus if they fail their performance evaluations. Most companies base their employee bonus eligibility on their employees’ performance evaluation and this performance is often measured using a standard set of metrics that the company uses.
  • An employee is unqualified for a Christmas bonus due to attendance issues. Being too tardy and having absences that is more than half the number of days in a month can greatly affect an employee’s performance and a company’s productivity. No matter how you put it, this is something that is bad for business. Employees who have this record are not qualified for a Christmas bonus so that other employees will not follow them. You can also see notice of termination letters.
  • An employee is unqualified for a Christmas bonus based on the company’s or the management’s discretion. There are times that management really has to do things their way, either to save the company or for their own convenience. You may see it as something unfair, but it’s just the way it is. You can also see notice of termination due to false employee information.

Those are just some of the many instances that disqualifies employees from getting a Christmas bonus. Well, there are companies who don’t really provide Christmas bonuses and there are also others who are doing a bit of cost cutting and a Christmas bonus is just not something they could spare. You can also see meeting notice samples.

Things happen for a reason. You just need to know those reasons to be able to fully understand why such things are happening. You can use free notice templates to help you with sending this notice to your employees.

Why Do You Need to Send a Notice to Employees Who Do Not Qualify for a Christmas Bonus?

Giving bonuses is one way for employers to recognize the hard work and success of their employees. It motivates employees to do more and to do better every time knowing that they get something in return. This is an example of positive conditioning. But we all know that not all employees are entitled to this thing called bonus, especially if it is performance objective based.

Of course, these employees wouldn’t always know that they are not qualified for the Christmas bonus until the employer tells them. Below are some of the reasons why you need to send a notice to employees who do not qualify for Christmas bonus. You can also see notice letters.

  • A sample notice should be sent or given to an employee who is not qualified for a bonus so that they will not expect for it. If an employer does not reach out to their employees about not being able to get a bonus, they will expect for it. If the employees don’t get any, they will surely complain and rant about it. They will also tell their coworkers about it and that is bad. You can also see payment notice samples.
  • Employees should be notified if they are not qualified for a Christmas bonus so that they know what to expect, or in this case, not to expect. Well, not all employees will take this positively. Some employees will be motivated to work even harder so that they can get a Christmas bonus by the next year. Others may do what they usually do or leave as they see fit. You can also see death notice samples.
  • A notice should be discreetly given to an employee who is not qualified for a Christmas bonus so as not to cause confusion or cause low employee morale. A formal letter or a notice letter will be an effective way for you to be able to do this.
  • An employee who is not qualified for a Christmas bonus should be given a notice before the distribution of the said bonus. A two weeks notice should be given before the distribution of the bonus. This should be enough time for giving a notice, not too sudden and not too long.
  • The notice given to the employee who is not qualified for a Christmas bonus should include words of encouragement about how they are doing and on what things they are good at. For the employee to further understand the situation, the policies and qualifications for a Christmas bonus should be enclosed in the letter of notice. It is just the same as enclosing the standard operating procedures for a company.

Everybody can get a bonus, but not everybody is entitled to it. Those who worked hard to earn such bonuses deserve every bit of what they get. Those who just complained but did not do anything will definitely end up jealous of those who received their bonus. You can also see eviction notice samples.

There are a lot of things that employees can do in order to become qualified for the bonus. It is all up to them if they want to work hard to be able to get it. You can also see copyright notice samples.

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