During the recruitment process, one of the recruiter’s obligations is to provide a pre-employment checklist that would let the new hire know what he/she needs to do before he/she officially starts in the company. One of the things that the new hire may need to comply with before starting with the company is a background check. A background check will include checking the new hire’s basic information and credit score.

We would like to help you out with how you can properly terminate employees who have falsified information during the recruitment process or during their employment in the company. For one, you can issue a notice of termination letter to any employee you might find out who has falsified information about his/her employment. Just keep reading to find out more.

Falsified Information

One of the ways where falsified employee information can be tracked is through falsified documents. Falsification of documents is an offense that involves modifying or changing vital information with the motives of deceiving another person. In some states, it is considered to be a felony and is punishable.

Some of the most commonly falsified documents are the following:

Basically, falsification of documents would be the modification or editing or any official document.

Fired for Falsification of Documents

When a job candidate falsifies any of his/her employment documents, he/she is definitely at risk of getting sacked big time. It is one thing to lie about a previous employment termination and it is a totally different scenario when he/she opts to not include a temp job that is not related to the current industry he/she is applying for. Technically, a free notice form will be issued if the falsified documents or information will be found out during the recruitment process. With this, a rejection letter explaining the reasons for rejection will also be given. However, it will be a totally different scenario once the employee has been with the company for quite some time and then the falsified documents or information have only been uncovered recently.

In an employment contract agreement, it will basically let the employee know about the clauses where said contract will be considered as null and void. One of these clauses would include the falsification of employee information. For situations where the falsified documents were only discovered recently, the employer should first set a meeting with the employee asking for an explanation whether the said document or information is true or otherwise. A Notice to Explain (NTE) form should also be given to the employee in order to give him/her the chance to explain his/her side as to why there was a need to commit the falsification. The NTE will not guarantee that the employee will remain with the company. Once the decision has been made by the authoritative bodies of the company, an employment termination letter will be immediately issued to the employee asking him/her to leave the company on a specific date.

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